Review Dell latitude 5590 | màn hình 15.6" cảm ứng full hd ips, máy có thời lượng pin lâu

My phi c l cm ng no m thm mt ci na mt ci, my m chng l, nhn thy l v, thi lng pin, khong lm bn vi, mt ci, vin khc, l dng, my mt ci ging, mi, ca, n l bn b; v, l, chc chn Th hm nay mnh s, gii […]

Notebook Lenovo com Linux? Vale á pena? (Ideapad s145) Ano novo, PC novo!💻

Oi me eu pensei em fazer um review da do satux Linux, Mas sinceramente, assim, como, eu no podia, fazer vdeo, no dia que ele chegou eu eu no ia, conseguir usar aquela disso muito tempo por mais que eu percebi que a disso tambm bem resolvida vem com. Nome praticamente puro ali mas eu […]

PC Emulators vs Android x86 [PopcornTime Episode 2]

We’Ve also covered how some of the big tech companies like Jide Technologies, saw a future in android x86, but then ended up giving up on their various products. But in this episode, we’ll be taking a deep dive into android emulators like bluestacks and memu player, and how these pc emulators are different from […]

ver anime no es un trabajo :(

Pues menudo ocular en lo digital de original que explot en lbano no mam mam, aqu, bueno, jugar, pues, estaba, jugando y sin, querer tocar, ac mira, ac esto, hace, un cucharn me jugu, el menudo, manuel o, es el redondo es el redondo, postal cada, punto, casa y Claro que habr una piedra pero […]

Heavy gaming on Raspberry Pi 400

.. before I was born when people thought of personal computer, they would not think of this, but rather of this. Computers came integrated into keyboards with ports on the back for any needed connections.. Now it is this spirit of that past. That is all over the newest Raspberry Pi model, the Raspberry Pi […]

Can this DEVICE replace a KEYBOARD? Tourbox Review

So the question is that can this little device replace the keyboard for me, while i’m painting let’s find out? But before that, if you’re interested in content related to art and illustration and haven’t subscribed to my channel yet please hit that subscribe button. Alright, then let’s do this. So first things. First let’s […]


You could be missing out on., Even though the first secret has nothing to do with the icy mountain, theres, mora and materials waiting for you provided youre ready to get back to basics.. Now, depending on where you are in the game, you could have easily missed this new addition from the update, since […]

HP Spectre x360 14 (Late 2020) Review: Amazing!

. Yes, i’m. Talking about the hp spectre, x360. 14. it’s, the two in one with a 13.5 inch display three to two aspect ratio. You can get it with an oled display, which is the one i have, or you can get it with a full hd ips panel to give you better battery […]

Lenovo Smart Tab M8 Gaming Test

M8 let’s get it started. Okay, so i picked up the lenovo smart tab m8 on black friday for only 59. However, if you’re still interested in this tablet, it will cost you 89 now on the walmart website, but um. I haven’t really covered a whole lot about this tablet, since my unboxing i’ll […]

Wacom Cintiq 16 vs iPad Pro (using Sidecar)

I think that the ipad pro is a great standalone tablet, but what it can or can’t do changes quite drastically when it’s connected via sidecar, with that out of the way let’s take a look: the cintiq 16 retails for 650 dollars, while the cheapest ipad pro available Is priced at 800, the cintiq […]

This Tiny $19 SBC Is Pretty Good! Orange Pi Zero 2 Review

. Now this is a very inexpensive little single board computer, going anywhere from 15 to 19, depending on the ram version you get, i would definitely recommend getting the more expensive one with one gig of ram it’s, just gon na perform much better across board with all the Operating systems that are available […]


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