Shiftscreen App Review: Is Shiftscreen Useful? | iPad Pro Apps 2020

If your case doesn’t have one the hdmi, cable and the monitor so let’s get started. So now, basically, what we’re going to be covering first is an overview of the app, and this is just in case if you were watching this – and you have not seen this app already so we’re going […]

HarmonyOS 2.0 esta basado en Android? , El Smartphone más potente del 2020, Mate 40E.

A personas de equis de a que armoniosos 2.0 parece ser que sigue estando basado en android por lo menos en el marco de android por ahora se encuentra en una fase, temprana es decir, se ha lanzado solamente la fase, beta y solamente, un par de modelos son Elegibles al momento, para instalar armonioso […]

RCA Voyager Pro+ 2-in-1 Android Tablet With Keyboard Unboxing & 1st Impressions! (2nd Gen)

Now this is what i like to call as the successor of the voyager pro that was available in 2018. So i like to call it the voyager pro 2. but it’s. It is officially called the voyager pro plus on the sides. You got some of the specs here, which is a 7 inch. […]

Mini PC gaming RAM 16GB Core i7 MÀN TRƯỢT CỰC NHỎ GỌN

Li trn iPhone 12 rock ln iphone12 pro max lock c bit: hn sau khi c th b, sim ghp ra khi, my lock mt c th dng bnh, thng ging ht, my quc t khng lo rt Sng khng, lo tng Active Clickbuy, hin v cc, nhiu iPhone, Lock: mi nguyn tiu gi, siu […]

Unboxing Wacom Intuos Pro Small + Huion hate/rant reel

So far, i am coming from using the huion canvas gt152 version. Two. This thing is an absolute beast, it’s huge, but i had a few very glaring issues with this model, so i decided it was time to actually downsize. The wacom is about a fourth of the size of the huion tablet, not […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 Experiencia de Uso para clases en línea y vídeo juegos

Lo que es la samsung galaxy tab de 8, pulgadas hasta el ao 2019, esta tablet, tiene gran potencial y le puede servir ms que comprar un telfono celular les voy, a explicar un poco por qu; ok, esta tablet, tiene un procesador de cuatro, ncleos 2.0 en killers. Es un snap dragn 429 y […]


Iptv application for download on your fire stick and your streaming media box. It has incredible live content from the us, uk and canada, as well as an excellent selection of latino, global sports and movies let’s, look at it Music, so once again, thanks for stopping by the channel and if we are meeting […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 & S7+ Keyboard with Trackpad Cover vs Keyboard Cover

It actually uses a type c. Cable that’s, one of the big differences um standby time on the left, is a hundred days and the one on the right is 30 days. The reason why the one on the right has less standby time is because it uses more energy due to the fact that […]

Painting GROGU and AHSOKA from THE Mandalorian! ✍️ New Drawing Tablet GAOMON MK10 Pro!

You may have realized that uh. This tablet here does not have its original protective packaging on it, and this is for a very good reason. I have lost some of the footage in my unboxing video, so i kind of had to reshoot it, but here is the contents of the box. Now you […]

Samsung Tab A7 2020 Part 2

U an izim blmn deyiz evimizde tebesiri, Plus aabey restoranlar alyor, mu, Hayr, bir adet satlan gibi resmen alyordu, Hayr, Bu, grdnz, gibi, Esma, destei, yok, Ancak ben videoda, basyorum bazen aknt, Universal olan, skele, var, kremler, var, bu, kauuk, gibi, lastik, gibi, bir, sistem, asla, bakarsnz, bu, taraf, Kemal kalem veya Kurun kalem veya […]

15.6" Portable USB-C IPS Touchscreen! | WIMAXIT M1560CTV2 Review

6 inch 1080p ips usbc touchscreen monitor in this review, i’ll be taking an in depth. Look at this monitor its display quality and characteristics, functionality, design, build quality and more special thanks goes to wimaxit for providing this review unit. Let’S start off with the design and build quality. This portable touch monitor has […]

ASUS UX330U Notebook PC Disassembly "No RAM" SSD Hard Drive Upgrade Repair Battery Replacement

Ux330U. Notebook pc, okay, so first thing you want to do is take a t5 screwdriver and remove all the screws from the bottom. Okay, i don’t know if there’s any screws hidden underneath the little rubber feet, hopefully not, but we’re gon na try and remove all these screws. Okay, all right so there’s, […]