Ebee Brown Laptop Table Unboxing & Review #nainitrails

I’Ve got a table for gagi, so this is the laptop come back table basically winter. I also want to do a lot of work on my laptop and gargi wants to do her homework and writing and stuff like that. So for her studies and for my laptop work, i’ve got a table. Let’S […]

Remarkable 2 Review (Unboxing)

This video is for you. Basically, i got this remarkable 2 tablet for christmas and the moment i got it. I ran upstairs and i filmed an in the moment, unboxing video, to give you my authentic reaction. I open it up. I set it up. I show you the packaging. I test it out […]

Huion PW517 stylus for pen displays

This is the huion pw517 that uses tech 3.. So on their website they say that this pen has a lower positioned pen. Nib supports tilt sensitivity as well as up to slightly over 8 000 levels of pressure sensitivity. This pen is included with selected pen displays and pen tablets released by huion in […]

I like iPad Air But the Pro is Better… Here's Why!

First off you’re, the type of person and i’ve talked about this before you’re the type of person that wants to replace your laptop with a tablet or you’re the type of person that wants a tablet, for the sake of it actually being a tablet, so meaning you’re. Going to use things like the […]

2020 put us on the edge of a CPU revolution | Upscaled

It is a great time to buy a new processor, but there are some big shakeups looming on the horizon. Welcome to upskilled our explainer show where we mostly just seem to break down why amd is good. Now this is a special year. End episode and i wanted to look back over the year […]

M1 macbook. vs iPad pro air review

This is it right here, the 12.9 inch as a replacement for your laptop, and we would cover how possible that was, and all that sort of thing and obviously ipad os and the hardware, particularly with the magic keyboard for ipad, have come a long way to making That somewhat more possible, but then […]

Lenovo FALTET TABLETS – ThinkPad X1 Fold | Deutsch

Das die tastatur, hinkommt, wenn man, das, gert, nicht, braucht, all diese dinge zeige, ich euch ihrem video, fr diejenigen die wissen mchten wie, ich damit zurecht komme, ich darf das jetzt die nchsten ein zwei wochen ausgiebig testen das werde, ich auch tun ich werde damit bloggen, ich Werde mit den ein oder anderen […]

Super Mario 3D All-Stars – Blissful Laziness. (Review)

You know world famous, mario 64, speedrunner and 1960th on the mario 64 16 star. Leaderboard, listen! My point is i like mario 64., you know what i don’t like super mario 3d. All stars well it’s, not that i don’t, like the game it’s that it’s lazy and has a ton of wasted potential. […]

10 Best Computer Speakers 2021

Let’S get started with the list starting off our list at number 10, while its satellite speakers have been a favorite budget option for quite a while. The creative pebble plus 2.1 set includes a downward firing. Subwoofer all are powered via usb, so wiring is kept to a minimum and they’re as good looking […]

Ich tausche mein iPad gegen dieses geile Tablet ein! Mein neues reMarkable 2 | Dr. UnboxKing

Lsen wird was fr. Mich persnlich im ipad, oder anderen tablet, noch nie, lsen, konnten, bei, dem ein oder anderen, schaut sicherlich, so aus der macht, notizen, auf dem smartphone das reicht die es gibt da drauen menschen die machen und sitzen mit einem notebook das, reicht schreiben live mit, fr die, dir, Auf dem […]

Unboxing HUION H950P drawing tablet | quick review

This is a quick and complete overview of unboxing hui on h950p drawing tablet. This is not sponsored by anyone Music. This is my brand new huion tablet. You can see all the product details printed on the box. The model and pen details Music, wow, a cool artwork here, let’s peep into the unboxing […]

2000 – 3000 TL arası en iyi tabletler 2021

Nar gayet ilemcilere bunlarn zerine kmamz lazm, kimselerin, zerine, gidiyorsak ben bunu, iyi akl ettin, bir model iin zaten oraya gelince sylersin de gncel, iletim sistemi Onun iin de bunu, yapmann setim cihazlar belli, kriterlere, zaten, salyorlar, zellikle, bir, kurtar, belirlemenin ilk, yaznz, Wave mutfak 10.42 bin 400 TL’ye Satlyor oyun listesindeki 1500 TL’ye satlyor […]