Arctic Freezer 33 TR Review and Cooling Benchmarks

But how well does it perform let's test it out with a 16 core 1950 ex, while overcooked a 4 gigahertz and find out after finding out about this cool I reached out to Arctic to see if they'd be able to send one over for review and they Kindly agreed inside the box, we […]

MSI Z370 Gaming M5 Motherboard Review + Overclocking

That looks really plain and cleaned it's, all grey and black, which is a bit different from msi as usual, red and black color scheme. In any case I'm, a fan it's an ATX board and comes in a thirty point. Five centimetres by twenty four point: four centimeters, starting with the rear, io there's, […]

1080 vs 1080 Ti – Worth Upgrading? Gaming Benchmarks!

To answer these questions, specifically: i'm testing, with the EVGA for the winter 1080 and msi at 1080 TI gaming exterior i have done for reviews on both of these before links, are in the description. Both cards were tested in the same Windows 10 system, which is running an Intel 8700 K overclocked to […]

Motospeed V30 Gaming Mouse Review

Also running a giveaway for two of these mice. So stick around until the end. For details on that Music, alright, so full disclosure. Before we begin this mouse was sent over from a few weeks ago, they're a Chinese company which is where motor speeds sell their products. I chose this mouse as […]

Xiaomi RedmiBook 16 Laptop Intel I7-1065G7 / I5-1035G1 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD Windows 10 Notebook 16.1 inch MX350 Computer

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Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 Ⅱ Laptop Intel Core I5-1035G1 / I7-1065G7 NVIDIA GeForce MX350 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD 2GB GDDR5

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AUKTION Business Laptop 14 inch Intel Core N3450 CPU HD Graphics 2500 8GB RAM 128GB – 1TB SSD ROM Notebook 1080P IPS Screen Windows 10 PC

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AUKTION 15.6inch Notebook Game PC Intel Core i7- 6567U Ultra-thin Laptop 8GB/16GB DDR4 Intel Iris Graphics 550 GPU BT4.0 Notebook

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MSI GE75 Review – Crazy Gaming Power ??

Inside. Ive basically got the top end configuration with 8 core i9 processor and more interestingly Nvidia RTX 2080 Super graphics, which runs up to 150 watts. Definitely no Max Q here. Theres 16gb of memory in dual channel plenty of storage and the fastest screen Ive ever tested.. The lid is a matte black […]

Lenovo Y530 Repaste – Improved Temperatures?

But just how much of an improvement can we expect from a repaste In this video Ill? Take you through the repasting process and show you the before and after temperatures, to see if its worth doing.. Just as a reminder, my Y530 has the quad core, i5 8300H CPU and Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics, […]

Surface 3 Atom Gaming: Tomb Raider 2013 Fraps

Maybe that might help and everything else is low, so everything's hit to low low as possible. Really let's put it. What you want to keep it on definitely running a more modern game like this, you can see there's a few framerate dips, they're running a little bit low. Did I roll it's, a […]

Jumper EZbook S5 14.0 Inch Laptop Apollo N3350 6GB DDR4L+64GB eMMC Windows 10 1920 1080 FHD Ultrathin Notebook

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