CHUWI HeroBook Pro 14.1 inch Laptop Intel Gemini Lake N4000 Intel UHD Graphics 600 8GB LPDDR4 RAM 256GB SSD Notebook- Gray EU Plug

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KUU Xbook Intel Celeron J4115 Processor 14.1-inch IPS Screen Office Notebook 8GB RAM Windows 10 256GB/512GB SSD

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Taotronic Soundliberty 92 Review – Airpod Style IPX8 Earbuds

Why you've probably never seen any reviews in this channel of a tws earbud that has the airpod style to them? And you know what i'm talking about the design of them, that they don't actually have the silicon tip they're, not really full in ears but more like a half in air. These are […]

Lenovo Legion 7i Vapor Chamber Cooling – Thermals Tested!

Air comes in through the vents underneath towards the back and is exhausted out of the back corners and on the left and right sides towards the back., There are a couple of fans inside and a vapor chamber. Cooler, though, it seems that the cheaper 7i, with 2060 graphics and below just has standard […]

Lenovo Legion T730 Gaming PC Review (9900K/RTX 2080)

In this review, well check out gaming performance, overclocking, thermals and, basically everything else to help you decide. If its a system, you should consider buying.. The Lenovo T730 is available with different hardware configurations. My unit here has the 8 core Intel: i9 9900K CPU Nvidia, RTX, 2080 graphics, 16gb of memory in dual […]

Huawei HONOR Magicbook 14 2020 New Laptop 7nm Ryzen 5 4500U/ Ryzen 7 4700U 8GB/16GB 256GB/512GB 14inch 1080P IPS Display Notebook Backlit Keyboard PC

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Chuwi Corebox i5 Review DATED Core i5 Mini PC With Iris Graphics

. Chewy thought it would be a good idea to sell a fifth gen. No, i didn't make a mistake. Fifth gen. This is a cpu that's in this that was released in september 2014.. It is the core i5, the 5257u. It does have iris graphics, the 6100 and, as you see in this […]

ASUS Zephyrus Duo 15 Review – 2 Screen Gaming Laptop!

Tell you everything you need to know about it in this detailed review., Im testing the highest specced configuration here, but the Duo 15 is available with some different specs. You can see examples and check updated prices with the links in the description.. What makes the Duo 15 unique is that it has two […]

Teclast F5 Laptop 11.6 inch 360-degree Rotating Notebook 8GB / 256GB

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AUKTION 2020 Laptop 15.6 inch Notebook AMD Ryzen R7 Protable Mental Laptop AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 GPU Study Office Business Game Computer

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Original Huawei HONOR MagicBook 15 2020 AMD Ryzen 7nm R7 4700U/R5 4500U Processor 15.6inch Laptop 8GB/16GB RAM 256GB/512GB SSD Notebook

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Lenovo 7i – How Does It Do In Games?

So just how well does it run in games? Ive tested 20 different games at all settings and compared it against some other laptops to find out.. My 7i has some nice specs inside, but it is available with different options. You can find examples and updated prices linked in the description.. The Lenovo Vantage […]