LeEco Le Pro 3 Unboxing With Detailed First Look

Well, this now is the successor, and this one here has a Snapdragon 801, which clocks up to two point: three five gigahertz. So this is the Ali pro 3 from Lee eco, another mobile that I picked up from Aliexpress seller, goldway and those guys do quite a good job of packing packaging things […]

PiPo X10 Review – Fan cooled Hybrid Mini PC with 3:2 Ratio Screen

We also have the tablet screen, meaning we don't need to connect a keyboard up there to launch applications, and you can also use the on screen keyboard to type things and which is one of the advantages. So what has changed in the x10? Well, we now have a 3 by 2 ratio screen […]

RedmiBook 14 Unboxing & Review – A Winner For The Price?

So what is very attractive about this as the price of course, so that 617 euros? I bought this one here from trading chins in and its input of course, so it doesn't have English and Chinese. You need to either reinstall that yourself in English, the chinese CD key that's in there for windows […]