Entry Level Dell G5 SE (Ryzen 4600H + 5600M) Gaming Benchmarks!

The results were very interesting.. Ive got the more budget friendly, lowest specced model here, which currently starts at 880USD, which means theres a 6 core AMD Ryzen, 5 4600H processor, Radeon, 5600M graphics, 8gb of memory in dual channel and a 60Hz 1080p screen Ill test response time. Too., You can get a better […]

Why You Should Repaste Laptops – Now 15 Degrees C Cooler!

So I had a really good price to it and in my review, if you've seen it, you would have noticed that thermals just got way too hot. I mean it got up to 96 degrees with thermal throttling, and it also ran into some issues with performance because of this playing some titles like […]