Original Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 II Laptop Intel Core i7-1065G7/i5-1035G1 Processor MX350 8GB/16G DDR4 512GB SSD Notebook Ultra-thin Work Study Computer

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Jumper EZpad Pro 8 2 in 1 Tablet PC 11.6inch IPS 1080P Laptop With Keyboard N3450 Quad Core 8GB DDR4 128GB Windows 10

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Jumper EZbook S5 14.0 Inch Laptop Apollo N3350 6GB DDR4L+64GB eMMC Windows 10 1920 1080 FHD Ultrathin Notebook

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2020 NEW Jumper EZbook S5 14.0 Inch 8GB Ram 256GB SSD CPU N3450 1920 1080 FHD IPS 1.25KG Light 4600mAh Windows10 Notebook Laptop

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The $700 AMD Ryzen 7 4800H POWERHOUSE Mechrevo Code 01 Review / SCHENKER VIA 15 Pro Review

A lot of people ask me to review. It is probably the fastest. At the time of this video risin, 7 4800 H laptop you can buy. Why is that? Well, they've set quite a high power limit with this particular model. Now it doesn't come with a dedicated GPU. This is called the MEC […]

The BEST Gaming Laptop In 2020!

. This is the Infinity W5 as sold in Australia and New Zealand markets. So lets find out what makes this machine so impressive.. My unit has an 8 core Intel: i7 10875H processor, Nvidia RTX 2070 Super graphics and thats full power, no Max Q, here 32gb of memory in dual channel, a 15.6 […]

Coolest Ryzen Gaming Laptop? Eluktronics RP-15 Thermal Testing

These are. The specs were looking at so Ryzen, 7 4800H CPU, Nvidia, RTX, 2060 graphics and dual channel memory. Air comes in through the large vents underneath which are positioned above the fans. It then gets exhausted out of the left and right sides towards the back, as well as from the back corners.. […]

AMD Ryzen 3 3100 vs Intel i3-9100F – Budget CPU Comparison

But how does the cheaper 75 i3 9100F from Intel stack up Lets see what the differences are in games and applications at stock and, while overclocked to see which is worth it. Starting out with the specs? The new Ryzen 3100 is a 4 core 8 thread part, while the Intel i3 9100F has […]

Dimensity 820 Heat PROBLEM? Redmi 10X 5G One Week Later Review!

So when I first did my first review and I've been using this phone now for a well over a week. I called it a game. Changer has my opinion. Change. Definitely not. This is a an absolute game. Changer this one here now would have called it the best 5g phone for the price. […]

Teclast X98 Air 3G Win 8.1 Gaming Fifa 14 Bay Trail z3736F [4k]

3G. The resolution I'm running here is 1152 by 864 and, as you can see here, this is just halftime replay frames per second is right up here. It runs really well actually it's running on the lowest very low graphics settings. I have been playing with a xbox360 controller. I'Ll just play a little […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Snapdragon 650 Benchmarks, AnTuTu 6, Geekbench 3 & 3DMark

So you don't have to wait for my final review I'm overall using the device. It feels very quick, very snappy. Everything seems to pop up really quick. I haven't experienced any lag yet I'll just show you the antutu 6.0 for scores. I thought they were exceptionally well for the price range of this […]

Eluktronics RP-15 Gaming Performance – 20 Games Tested!

. These are all the specs of my RP 15. So some good options for a gaming laptop, which starts from around 1140 USD. The Gaming Center software lets you select between different performance modes, Ive used the highest turbo mode with maximum fan speed for best performance.. This is what triggers eluktroboost and should […]