Vivo NEX S Review & Unboxing – Full In-Depth Review

, The NEX is next.. Okay, bad jokes, aside, you've, probably all seen it. This is the well, they say, bezel is fun, but we know there's, bezels and it's got an in fingerprint scanner, which is probably this is actually going to be the first one. I thought it was going to be the […]

AUKTION 14.1inch Notebook 8GB DDR4 RAM Windows 10 All Mental Ultrathin Laptop Intel Celeron N4100 CPU Processor

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MSI WS66 Laptop Review – The GS66 of Workstations!

. These are the specs. My config has well take a look at how it holds up in various tests throughout the video, but there are other configurations available. You can check out examples and updated prices linked in the description.. The finish is called carbon grey and it almost has a little blue tint […]

BMAX Y13 Laptop 13.3 inch Notebook Windows 10 Pro 8GB LPDDR4 256GB SSD Intel N4120 Touch Screen Laptops

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AUKTION Tbook7 15.6inch Laptop PC Intel Core i7 4500U Integrated Core HD Graphics Card 5500 8GB DDR3 RAM 128GB-1024GB SSD Notebook

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AUKTION A11 Intel Celeron N4100 Processor 14 Inch 1080P Screen 4 Cores All Metal Shell Office Notebook 8GB RAM Windows 10 256GB /512GB/1TB SSD Laptop

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Mechrevo S1 Pro Review – A 14″ Mi Notebook Pro?

I don't know how popular they are in China, it's the s1 probe. Now this laptop to me is like an alternative. You could say to Xiao Meis me not, but pro, because it has a similar spec to the 2019 model and in some cases is even better, but it is smaller. This is […]

Xiaomi Mi 8 Vs Mix 2S Comparison (In 5 Minutes)

So these are both flagship phones from xiaomi. They both have the Snapdragon 845 six to eight gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of ufs 2.1 storage on both of these right up to 256. Neither of these have 3.5 millimeter, headphone, jacks or micro SD card slot, so performance wise. They are really identical now […]

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Unboxing & Hands-On Review. Mi Mix 2S unboxing soon

My first hands on., SO it's, the successor to the me mix from last year, which I reviewed. Now that was the phone that rekindled the trend really to started again: the trend of going for bezel, less phones, that sharp started quite a while back, but now it's very popular in 2017, with all […]

MIUI 8 On The Xiaomi Mi Max – New Features Overview

They might disclose randomly there'll, be bugs you name it problems. It is an alpha, but so far so good. I haven't really had any problems. So you see, if I go back here into the settings menu that that has now changed their new icons and you look to it and if you're the […]

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air + Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD

So what I decided to do was pick up. One of the 950 pros now I know this is a complete overkill. I have one of these in. My desk tops it's quite a good Drive, but it does get quite hot and throttle, but anyway, I'm going to try and install this now. In […]

Worlds First Bendable Smartphone is Finally Here. (Flexible Display)