Xiaomi RedmiBook 16 Laptop AMD Ryzen 4700U/4500U 16.1 Inch Full Screen Display 100% sRGB 8GB/16GB DDR4 512GB SSD Notebook 65W Type-C Charger Computer

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Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro 16.1 inch AMD Ryzen 3750H/3550H 8G/16G DDR4 512GB SSD Laptop 100% sRGB 1080P IPS Screen With Hidden Camera Notebook

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ASUS TUF A15 (4800H+2060) – Hot or Not?

. Ive got the FA506IV model here, which means weve got these specs so expect different results with different hardware.. I will also be testing the 4600H 1650 Ti and 1660 Ti options in future videos, but for now you can find updated pricing for available options linked in the description. Air comes in from […]

Xiaomi RedmiBook 13 Laptop Ryzen Edition Notebook AMD Ryzen 4700U/4500U 13.3 Inch Display 512GB/1T SSD Windows 10 Computer

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Ulefone T2 Review

So where are the reviews of the other phone brands that you used to do? Well, I pretty much have given up on them and this phone right here from yulie phone. That t2 is another perfect example of why I'm, not really bothering with these phones anymore, I mean there's, some positives there's, some […]

Red Magic 3 Unboxing & Review – Fan Cooled Gaming

We have a Zeus: they also have their own gaming phone, raise their gaming phone to two as well. They kind of started it and then red magic. So this is the red magic, three, their latest phone, that has a Snapdragon 855, eight gigabytes, around 128 gigabytes of storage, a 90 Hertz screen and […]

Zenfone 6 Review – Flip Camera is NOT A Gimmick!

So they've changed things really have shaken things up a lot when it comes to their skin and their UI. Zen phones and the Zen UI used to be absolutely terrible, full of bloat a little bit slow their launcher. No one really liked it, but now they've gone with basically stock Android and it […]

Xiaomi Redmibook 14 II Ryzen Edition Laptop AMD Ryzen 5 4500U 14 Inch 1920 x 1080 FHD Screen Windows 10 16GB/8GB DDR4 512GB SSD Full Size Keyboard

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VAIO SX14 Review – Even Lighter, Type-C & Whiskey Lake-U CPUs

This has a slightly larger screen in it. So it's up from thirteen point three to fourteen now with slimmer side, bezels, new CPU configuration as well so they're, going with a slightly faster Core, i5 80 to 65, with a maximum turbo of 3.9, all the core i7 85 65. This configuration that I […]

Mi 9 & Mi 9 SE Quick Hands-On Xiaomi MWC19 Launch Event

Shall we did talk briefly on 5g, their plans and they showed us the mix. Three 5g version had some hands on time with it. It feels exactly the same and looks and is exactly the same as the mix. Three. The only thing that's changed is the chipset. Now, with the Snapdragon 855 and, […]

Jumper EZBook X4 – Gemini Lake TDP Unlocked No Power Limit Test

So there have been quite a few questions about the power limits that I showed in my unboxing video. The fact that you could disable them so the level 1 power and it can be disabled and what I found out is that when you run, for example, right now, I'm running HW info just […]

Top 3 Budget Windows 10 Laptops Of 2017

So all these models have the same chipset in them, it's the Intel Celeron in 3450, the Apolo 81 – and these two models here have six gigabytes of RAM. So we have the chewy lap book 12.3 here with its surface pro screen, so you can see why it looks a little bit square […]