Beelink U55 Windows 10 Mini PC Review

com to review here, it's powered by the Core i3. 5500. You yes, it's an old chip, but in my experience, even though it's old, it is actually better than the gym, and I like in 4100, in terms of single threaded performance and graphics performance. So the mini PC is actually a little bit […]

Honor V20 After 4 Days – Battery Life SOT, Vs Galaxy A8S & FAQs

Thank you so much for your comments on my review, video. Yes, I was missing the battery stats so that's, something that is actually very hard to get it's gon na take about 3 to 4 days, because what happens is every time I plug in this phone to remove a video or a photo. […]

Xiaomi Mi 6X – After 24 hours FAQ, Battery Life, Low Light, Vs Redmi Note 5

Now, I probably will actually do a full comparison, but a lot of people have been asking me things like better life, camera performance, which one should they get so I'll, try and cover that now, because I have been using this phone now for the last 12 hours Or so well actually know a […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 CN Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Comparison

Now. Both of these phones have phase detection dual pixel face: detection autofocus, which works really quick, very similar sensors because they have the same pixel size of 1.4 micrometers. So in this review here, i'm going to compare the rear cameras side by side – I was crop in to 200. Crop also compare […]

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Unboxing & Hands-On Review

This is their latest release the redmi 5. Now I decided to skip the redmi 5 and go for the readme five plus version, which I have here, because it has a better screen on it and better specs. So the screen is 5.99 inches it's that now popular 2017 trend, which is an 18 […]

So Why Don’t All Apollo Lake N3450s Perform The Same?

The Apollo Lake cell Ron M 3450 that's got a maximum into about 2.2 gigahertz and has Intel HD 500 integrated graphics. Now there is a reason why this is happening and mostly it's down to one thing, and that is BIOS settings from the manufacturer really on the options they decide to go with […]

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review – Full Detailed Review Covering It All!

This is the successor to the Mi Max which I've been using for the last year, and I really do like this phone I've always gone back to it because of its am innocent, large screen and very good battery life. So this really isn't a success of the me max it's more, I feel, […]

Jumper EZBook Air Review – Light, Thin & Flawed

6 inch notebook that has a atom x50 thousand 300. A super common chipset. But what is in common to see is wireless AC and a hundred and twenty eight gigabyte e MMC for storage. So it weighs only 930 grams super light and the front of it is only seven millimeters thick and the […]

UMI Super Review – Helio P10 4GB Smartphone

So this is a mediatek helio p10 powered mobile phone with four gigabytes of RAM let's have a look in detail and see whether the phone is any good or not. The super has a 5.5 inch 1080p screen on the rear you see, it's has a metal housing, we have a fingerprint scanner, do […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Review – Flagship Killer For $200?

Now that has the snapdragon 650 in it an upgraded camera and, most importantly, a micro SD card slot now can be used in that dual SIM slot. So show you quickly: we have our recent apps home and back key here and in front facing five megapixel camera there's, our proximity and ambient light […]

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