KUU K1 Laptop Intel Core i5-5257U Processor 15.6 Inch IPS Screen Office Notebook 8GB RAM Windows 10

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Intel i3-10100 vs Ryzen 3 3300X & 3100 – Budget CPU Comparison!

. All three processors have 4 cores and 8 threads with a 65 watt TDP granted those arent really directly comparable.. Both Ryzen CPUs have more than double the cache of the Intel option and the base clock of the i3 matches the 3100. While the boost clock of the i3 matches the 3300X., Both […]

Lhmzniy A9 Review $349 16GB RAM Budget Laptop

I don't know how to pronounce their brand name. It'S. Really a weird brand name there, but I'm, just gon na call it what it is: they're a nine. So this a nine, the 15.6 inch version is one I have here retails for about three hundred and eighty nine US dollars. The smaller version, […]

RedmiBook 14 Review Part 2 & Thoughts After 5 Days Use

This is a laptop that has the Core i5 80 to 65. You that's the whiskey, like you, processor, 8 gigabytes, a single channel ram, sadly, and it does have up to 512 gigabytes of storage, which is the model I have here. It'S only set a three storage and a dedicated NVIDIA, MX, 250 […]

4K Type-C Portable Monitor – The C-Force CF015C

The model of this one is the CF 0, 15 C. So what it is, is a 4k 15.6 inch monitor. It does not support touch, unlike that other monitor that I had a look there. Their portable one had at least the touch support, but unfortunately not here, but what the screen does have. […]

OnePlus 5T Unboxing & First Impressions

So the changes which disappoint me because well, they didn't add any IP rating to it. They have not added wireless charging and really the cameras are kind of the same. So we've got a 16 megapixels sensor as the main sensor, then a secondary one, which is no longer optical anymore. By the way, […]

Onda v116w Dual Boot – Unboxing, Hands on Look and Benchmarks

Now this is a dual boot tablet. That is an 11.6 inch screen on it. Now this isn't a traditional unboxing because I've actually already opened it up. I had a bit of a battle, but the box and it didn't work out too well on my video. So I will do like an unboxing […]

Top 5 Best Flexible Phones 2019

$299 Barebone Whiskey Lake U Core i7 Mini PC NVISEN Y-MU01 Review

That was a core i3 model. It did have support for dual channel RAM, which was great, but it lacked a little bit in terms of performance with only two cores. So I have with me now a bare bones mini PC that I got from banggood.com and this one has 4 cores it's. Another […]

Chuwi Hi10 Benchmarks, eMMC Speeds, Thermals and Charging

This is the okk Geekbench 3 score it's more or less the same as the chewy VI, 10 and other atom Z at 8300 table it's that I have tested or reviewed as the pc mark 7 score. Well: gate: 1.1. It'S! An OK score for this type of tablet and the ice storm 1.2 […]

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Android PDF Test

These are ones here that I tested from Mike Kane with a Mike Kane eyx blog. These are some of the files he recommend to download for his PDF tests. I'M gon na try out. First, the American magazine 1 it's a fully megabyte file. First up we'll try, Adobe Acrobat Reader CC is relatively […]

Cube iwork8 Ultimate and Onda v820w CH internals

How are you doing so? This is the onder at the top. Here they onto V 820, w CH and below here is the cube. I work eight ultimate CD, both cherry trails above how they Adam x5z 8300 in it, and both of them actually get hot. They both get up to 85 degrees. […]