The ULTIMATE Laptop Cooling Comparison – Pad vs Vacuum vs Stand

Lets start out with a brief look at all of the different cooling options. Well be looking at here., You can find updated prices for all of them, linked in the description. Ill, be testing with nothing, so just the laptop sitting on a table which will be the baseline. Ill test, a basic metal […]

Lenovo Y540 Worth Buying In 2020? Game Performance Compared To 2019

. Ive done a similar video to this with the Y540 already, but that was back in July 2019 with older games, older BIOS, older Windows and older drivers.. Given I still often recommend the Y540. I thought it would be useful to provide updated test results, including newer game titles that didnt exist back. […]

External Monitor Boosts Laptop Gaming Performance!?

Lets discuss why this is the case and find out just how big the difference is in a number of different games.. Most laptops these days have Optimus.. This basically means that the lower powered integrated graphics within the processor are used to send display signal to the screen.. This has the advantage of improving […]

Ryzen 4000 Laptop Performance? Price? 4900H? Battery? Undervolting? Details With @Hardware Unboxed!

Why are we here, though? Oh yeah that's, probably worth mentioning we're here for the AMD new Rison 4000 series CPUs, so they invited us out to check them out cuz. Both of us do laptop content and yeah we'll just be answering some of the questions you guys left for me about the new […]

Laptop vs Desktop – GTX 1660 Ti Gaming Comparison

Despite having the same names. In this video Im, going to compare Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti performance between a laptop and desktop to show you the differences to expect in games. Lets start by looking at the differences in specs between the desktop and laptop 1660 Ti.. For the most part, they share a lot […]

MSI GS66 First Look – An Improved GS65?

Lets check it out in this initial. First look and see whats on offer. Ive got an engineering sample here, as the GS66 hasnt officially launched. Yet so things could be a little different compared to the final product which isnt yet available at the time of making this video., The GS66 is all matte […]

Intel i7-9750H vs Ryzen 7 3750H – Laptop CPU Comparison and Benchmarks

But what are the actual differences between them In this detailed comparison? Well, look at everything from gaming 3D, rendering video exporting power draw thermals price differences and more to help. You decide which CPU you should get in your next laptop. Lets start off with the differences in specs before getting into the benchmarks.. […]

GTX 1660 Ti vs RX 5500M – Gaming Laptop Comparison

You decide which is worth it. Lets, take a look at how the laptop GTX 1660 Ti and RX 5500M differ in terms of specs. Things like clock, speeds, CUDA cores and Stream Processors arent directly, comparable simply due to architecture differences. Its worth, noting that the 5500M has 4Gb of GDDR6 memory, while the […]

Aftershock Terra 15 Review – Lower Cost 2070 Laptop?

Lets find out if any compromises have been made to keep price down in this detailed review, but first … Aw man, everything in Australia is just so expensive. It'S, not fair websites like Newegg generally seem to offer better prices than what I can find locally, but we're too far aware from everywhere else […]

Eluktronics MAX-17 vs MAX-15 Gaming Laptop Comparison

You need to know. About. In this detailed comparison, Ill look at pretty much everything to help you decide which one is right for you.. The major specs of both laptops Im testing here are the same. Both have an Intel: i7 9750H CPU, Nvidia, RTX, 2070 graphics, no Max Q. Here, 16gb of memory […]

MSI Prestige 14 vs 15 Comparison – BIG Difference!

Choosing one. In this detailed comparison Ill look at pretty much everything to help you decide which laptop you should get., Starting with the specs. Both of these laptops have the same 10th gen Intel i7 10710U CPU, which is a 6 core 12 thread. Cometlake chip. Theyve both also got the same Nvidia GTX […]

Realme 6 Pro Vs Realme 6 Comparison With Camera Comparison

If you're on a budget, you get the cheaper model, maybe their room is six or is it worth paying the extra to get the real me six pro, which does have the snapdragon 720 G in it versus the Halle og9 tt that's? In the real me, six there's a slight difference in the […]