Jumper EZBook 3 Unboxing, First Look & Internals

And now that one is dual core turbos up to 2.4 gigahertz and the standard kind of spec that we normally see so 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte, emmc 1080p screen that's 14 inches and it is running Windows 10. So I got this one here from a give Escom and coming into New […]

Roborock S5 Max Review – The Best Mopping Robot Vacuum Reviewed

So, two years ago, almost to the day, I started to use and reviewed the Robo Rock s5 it's, a great robotic vacuum cleaner, not those older, jean ones that just bounce around all over the place and guess where they need to clean this thing, just like the Newer model, I have right here […]

AMD Ryzen 4000 CPUs + Radeon RX 5600M/5700M Are Coming To Laptops – My Thoughts

So lets find out what this means, what improvements we can expect and how performance could stack up to the Intel and Nvidia competition.. The new Ryzen 4000 series CPUs are based on the Zen2 7nm architecture, so same as the desktop 3000 series chips that came out last year. Like in the past AMD, […]

Dual Screen Laptops + Portable PC Gaming?

Lets start out By looking at one of the dual screen laptop designs, this one is known as concept Duet, which is basically two 13.4quot displays connected together and that's the whole laptop. From the demonstration. It seemed useful if you need plenty of screen real estate. As both are touch screens. You can easily […]

Intel Hades Canyon NUC (NUC8i7HVK) Review and Benchmarks

Let'S start with the specs as there's. Some really interesting hardware in use here, there's an i7 8800 9g processor, which is an eighth generation. Kb Lake G CPU with AMD Radeon Vega, graphics on the same chip and we'll, see how this performs soon in the gaming benchmarks. It'S got four cores with eight […]

Mi Gaming Laptop Review – 2nd Ed Core i7 8750H & GTX 1060

So I have this right here with me. This is show meas me, gaming, laptop that I've been testing for the last couple of weeks. Now this is the second edition I reviewed the first model that was released that had the seventh gen Intel chips in it. This now has the 8th, gen ones, […]

Mi Notebook Review After 2 Weeks (New 2018 Cheaper Model)

So this I have been using for the last almost two weeks and it's. The budget version cut down version where they did cut some definite corners compared to the mean up, but pro model. So we have a metal lid on this one alloy that's, the only metal you're gon na get on this […]

ASUS TUF FX504 / FX80GE i7 8750H Unboxing & Hands On Review

So this is ASUS laptop here is a gaming one that now has the eighth generation CPUs and them so ever since that upgrade. But now they've moved from four cores to six I've been keen to check out one of these particular laptops. Now the configuration of this model here, the key feature you […]

Mi Notebook Pro Vs Mi Notebook Air 13 Core i5 8250U Comparison – Which Is Best For You?

Can you please compare this Xiaomi Mi notebook Air? The 13 inch version the new revised one with the i 5 8250U 8 gigabytes of RAM and the 256 gigabytes of storage to the larger Pro model, which I have right here now. If you've seen my review of this one, you would have probably […]

Jumper EZBook 3L Pro Vs Teclast F7 – Best Apollo Lake Laptops The Key Differences

This is exactly the same as the Teclast F7, but not quite. There are some key differences that I'm going to outline here in this video. So if you've seen my review of the tick last, if seven, this to me is still the best Apollo Lake N34 laptop that you can get N3450 sorry […]

Teclast F7 – 48 Hours Later, Questions Answered.

Just give you some feedback on that, because I've been getting so many questions about this people asking me about the screen protector on the display, the battery life, the thermals, how it is, should they get it instead of the jumper Easy Book Pro I'll, try and cover That here, before my full review, […]

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro V4 – One Of The Best Budget Laptopd Just Got Better

So all the revisions they've made minor little tweaks and changes this time around. We have a new touch pad it's, a precision one there's, now a little tiny hatch on the bottom to easily install and upgrade and add your own SSD. It has to be twenty two by forty to spec, so it […]