ASUS ZenFone 5 Review – NOTch A Midranger

Luckily, if you don't like it, you can actually hide it. They released an OTA update just recently that allows you to do that, so it puts black either side and you won't see it so much so this is a Snapdragon, 6, 3, 6 mar 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage. Just […]

Xiaomi Redmi S2 / Y2 Unboxing & Hands-On Review (English)

So this is an entry level phone from them with not a full HD resolution, so it's still that two by one aspect ratio, but this one is 1440 by 720. So I don't even know what that's going to look like stretched out at five point: nine nine inches now this mobile here is […]

Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming Review – Better Than Others? (English)

First gaming mobile phone, so it's gaming focused, you can see we've got this add on joypad. If you haven't seen on my unboxing, this is a bluetooth joypad that you can clip onto it, but you have to have the case on the phone. So in this video here I'm just gon na focus […]

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Unboxing Hands-On Review

So this is just a revised model. The S models always are their just revisions, based on the original design tweaking and improving things slightly. So with this model here, what they've done is they've put dual cameras on the rear of it. Now, unfortunately, that comes at the cost of an ugly camera bump, […]

Xiaomi Mi 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Comparison, Benchmarks & Speed Test

This particular model is the Exynos version, so the optical one. This is the European model, this Snapdragon 835, that we have in the Xiaomi Mi 6, so six gigabytes of RAM on the v6 and we get four gigabytes on the Samsung Galaxy s8. This has a 64 gigabytes of storage. U FS! 2.0! […]

Teclast F6 Plus Review & Unboxing (in-Depth)

Well, this is the tick last f6 Plus that a lot of you did ask me to review so this and then the B max is 15 it's a 15.6 inch laptop will, be it that'll, be the last German O'Lakes ever I promise laptops errors. I might look at the new chewy mini PC, […]

CES 2020 Q&A – Answering Your Laptop Questions!

So the first question is: what is currently your go to for gaming, and why and what do you think, will be your next one well, I'm, not exactly sure if you're talking about gaming, pc or laptop I'm going to assume laptop as I'm, a laptop based channel To be honest, I don't really […]

Titan RTX Power In A Laptop!? ?

Lets check out the StudioBook range from ASUS at CES 2020 and find out more about these powerful beasts. This is the StudioBook One, a laptop from ASUSs new ProArt series and it means serious business.. The StudioBook One is available with Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000 graphics, which is essentially a Titan RTX for laptops. […]

Acer Ryzen Updates? Triton 300 and Triton 500 Improvements At CES 2020

So Ive finally had a chance to get a first look at that, as well as the edition of 300Hz panels and the new ConceptD 7 Ezel Pro, which features a much better designed hinge mechanism compared to the older model, lets take a closer look. Acers Predator Triton, 300 gaming laptop was actually announced […]

Acer KG251QF Gaming Monitor Review

The monitor has a twenty four point: five inch screen with a 16 by 9 aspect ratio and runs with a 1080p resolution so 1920 by 1080. Nothing special about that here's where it gets interesting. The panel runs with a 144 Hertz refresh rate, has a 1 millisecond greater gray response time and features […]

A 17” MAG-15? Comparison with MAX-17 At CES 2020!

Basically, the company that build the laptop now Tong Fang have a new 17 inch version available, which should offer even better performance here's what they told me at CES, 2020 and what's on the way all right. So this 17 inch tongcheng chassis, recently started selling through electronics. As the max 17 – and […]

Huawei Matebook X Pro Hands-On – 2019 Refresh Faster With More Storage

It has a very nice screen, so 13.9 it's. The resolution is three thousand times. Twelve thousand resolution: one percent srgb color gamut coverage, it's powered by eight generation, whiskey, Lake CPU, so you've got either the core a 785 65 you or the I 580 265. You and storage options of 256 gigabytes right […]