Teclast X16 Pro Unboxing, Keyboard And Hands on

Now I did refer from the side of the box just to confirm it was the x16 probably been waiting for just get to see. I ordered the keyboard as well. Now this is the pro model. There is a power version of this which has the the same atom chipset that the Microsoft Surface […]

Mi Notebook Pro (2020) 10th Gen Unboxing Hands-On Review

It has a very poor screen in it. Thermals are not great and it's just missing. A lot of features to me show me: wants you to buy this model, which is the me notebook pro it's, the 2020 model, the refresh, so it also has 10th giant Intel in here. So it's got the […]

MSI Prestige P100 Review – A Small PC For Creators?

It can also play any game. You throw at it too and Ill be testing some out at 5K to see what it can do. Starting with the specs. My unit has the 8 core Intel: i9 9900K CPU Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti graphics, 64gb of memory in dual channel, a 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD. […]

Asus Transformer Book T100HA Multitasking Demo – Atom X5 Z8500 + 4GB

Now my vision also has a 64 gigabyte eating m.a.c drive, but that's not going to really make a difference so I'm running here the news application and you can see there it's scrolling quite fluid, but at the same time I also have a lot of things open Here I've got Crohn's open scrolling […]

Asus T200TA: How to fit standard 2.5″ HDD/SSD in The T200TA dock

Now you can actually fit in a larger Drive here. This is not an object. Slim Drive. I have a vertex port here that I managed to fit in to the hard drive bay, but I did not use the adapter at all. So I'll show you how it looks fits in here quite snug […]

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Hybrid Wired & TWS Earbuds – BGVP Q2 Review

They are from a company called BG VP they're called the cue twos they've got Knowles audio drivers in them, but what are setting them apart from really everything else, I've reviewed. In fact, everything is because they can also be used as wired in ear monitors, because they do have that MMSE X connection […]

Acer Triton 900 Review – Thinnest RTX 2080 Laptop?

, My configuration of the Triton 900 has an Intel: i7 9750H CPU, 180 watt, Nvidia RTX, 2080 graphics, 32gb of memory in dual channel, a 17.3 4K 60Hz screen with G Sync and a 1TB RAID 0 array made up of two NVMe M.2 SSDs. For network Connectivity theres 2.5 gigabit ethernet, WiFi, 5 […]

Mi Notebook Pro GTX Review & Unboxing. Nvidia GTX 1050

This is the vision ii model hersens november en het is been a fantastic laptop, ribbon, cable, red, bull quality life touchpad en jezus precision drive is het fingerprint reader en hij is waar. Jullie hetzelfde screen is het, is een de better life is als, een, god en de performance, amro and change this […]

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Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Keyboard Review

The new Thermaltake Level, 20 RGB Titanium Mech keyboard arrived at home back in Australia for review, while I was at CES checking out the same keyboard, but now Im back so lets find out whats On offer., The Level 20 keyboard has a silver titanium colour scheme, although its also available in black., The […]

Jumper EZBook X4 Unboxing & Hands-On Review – A 25% Faster Teclast F7

Not actually this model right here that I have in front of me. This is the Teclast F7, which turned out to be the best. A polar lake laptop, so we now have this successor of the Apollo Lake, which is the Gemini Lake there's, slightly faster 200 megahertz, more that's. The N4100 it's also […]