We have been oem and odm manufacturer from njtv falls and related products for more than 10 years. You can see behind me, there are other certificates we have got, and today i would like to introduce our new list. X3 pro model with enlogic s905x32 support ak, auto hd, with both removable, dynamic, rp lighting, one of the units for x, ray Music. She is the neutral package for the tv box, let’s unbox, and see what is inside the tv box and the accessory better ir remote control, hdmi, cable and the username it’s a clean slate, arrogant, design, tv box, one of alibaba, private, tooling housing. The top housing service is oil. Classic painting here is the lime. Pine is made by laser current. There are 15 pieces programmable dynamic, rgb lights inside the prime. From the two sides. We can see the input and output interface. This part hdmi pearl ethnic pearl, article, audio and video port, the other side. We can see two usb ports usb 2.0 usb 3.0 for faster transfer and our sd card reader support measurement, 64 gigabyte, Music. One of the unique design for this tv box is frameless led displaying design full screen led display with 12 millimeter high fly is almost the same height as the first large cover loose optical, slim and compact. At the bottom. We can see locate emission holes around perfectly. This patient, the tv box, is quite weighted with good texture. Music, the in the epic are removed based on customers.

Requests now let’s see. One unique feature of the launch algorithm launch supports. The wallpaper images is now let’s see a 4k video Music. The moral brightness speed of the light can be adjustable or switched off. According to customers, preference, there are more than 30 modes, three levels of brightness 5 levels of speed for customer’s portion, Music, one of x3 exclusive technology – is infrared, remote control, enhancement technology. What does it mean? It means the ir mode can still work when it’s longer distance and wide angle towards the tv box.