. So, a couple weeks back, i came out with my long term, quote: unquote: review of the apple macbook air m1 base model and, if you’re interested in seeing it i’ll, put a link in the upper right hand corner. But in a nutshell, this has been my favorite laptop to use basically ever and what it really boils down to is the combination of speed power and a fanless thin and light design. Now a lot of you commented on that video asking me is the base model gon na, be enough for my usage, is the eight gigs of ram 256 gigs gon na be enough, or should i bump up – and i received so many questions about this – that i Realized this is a hot topic, so i wanted to address it and see. If i can help you decide whether the base model macbook air m1 is going to be enough for your needs or if you should bump up to a higher spec out, macbook air or go macbook pro and as much as i’d, like to. I can’t tell every single person whether the base model is going to be enough for you, because it really depends on how you use your computer. But what i plan to do is just tell you how i use the macbook air and how it’s performed for me, and you can kind of take my experience and apply it to how you’re going to use it and hopefully that’ll help.

You decide whether this is enough for you, and i just want to preface this by saying that i know that most you are not video editors or content creators and i’m going to mention video editing a lot in here, but i’m. Only doing that, because video editing software and content creation, software are typically large and demanding software, so that’ll just kind of give you a base for how this will perform if you’re, using similar, large and demanding software or programs. So just a little background. I picked this up when it was released, so i’ve been using it for a few months now and i use it for professional reasons. I use it to not only edit all my videos and upload them to youtube for this channel, but i also have a full time job and i work from home, and i use this computer for that as well and when i’m done with the workday i like To use this for personal reasons, that’s web browsing watching videos watching youtube, sometimes playing games, and that sort of thing. So i use this computer a lot throughout the day and in many different types of tasks. So hopefully, with the experience i have it’ll fit into one of the categories for how you intend to use this. Okay, let’s talk about the performance of the m1 chip and i’m going to say for most people out there, the vast majority. This is going to be plenty powerful enough for most use case scenarios, and you probably have seen the geekbench scores of this.

So you know that this thing is extremely fast, but not only that it has very fast boot up times. The power management is excellent. You get great battery life that i’ll get to more in a second. It also does really well at heat management, so much so that there’s no fan on this macbook air and honestly. I have pushed this thing and i haven’t gotten it to a point where it gets hot i’m, extremely impressed with it when it comes to ram. This was something that was a little bit nervous about getting only the egg gigs, because i did plan on using this. For a lot of multitasking and multitasking, with some heavy software, like final cut pro the adobe creative suite like photoshop, indesign and illustrator, along with other programs. So i was a little bit nervous about this, but my feeling was that i would give the eight gigs a try and if it didn’t work out, i would just return it and bump up to 16. But actually, to my surprise, the eight gigs of ram has held up tremendously. Now there has been a few times where i’ve gotten pop ups, saying that i’m doing too much or i’m running out of memory and i’d have to close a program that’s. Typically, when i’m doing a lot of edits with 4k footage on final cut pro, along with having five to six other programs open, but that has been few and far between and when i’m, not in final cut, pro i’ve experienced no issues with multitasking or slowdowns.

I could have 50 tabs open in chrome while having 10 to 12 other programs running in the background, and this thing stays very smooth, very fluid and i’ve experienced no lag or crashing. So i think again for the majority of people. Eight gigs of ram is going to be just fine for your needs and, if you’re worried about it, maybe you’re going to be running some very heavy programs all at the same time, you can do what i did and start out with the 8 gig model and If it doesn’t work out for you, then you can always bump up now for the 256 gig ssd, again that’s, pretty small by today’s standards and with the amount of videos that we’re taking with our phones these days and uploading to our computers. The high resolution photos the programs that we’re putting on these computers that can get used up pretty fast. But again, this all comes down to how you’re going to use this. If you’re not planning on keeping a lot of 4k videos on your computer or thousands and thousands of pictures and you’re not going to be using a ton of really heavy programs, then 256 gigs might be enough for you, i’m thinking, students here, people that want to Use this just for recreation and personal use, and even some professionals that don’t really need large programs on their computer and the nice thing is. You can always get an icloud storage plan if you do run out or you can get an external hard drive to keep things on so there’s, always that option and that’s what i do personally, when i’m done with a project, i’ll save it to an external hard Drive or to my icloud storage account and then i don’t save a lot of photos or videos.

I stream everything i don’t store any movies or tv shows on my computer, so i’m able to get by with that 256 gigs, even as a video editor. Now the other subtle difference is that the base model macbook air – has a 7 core gpu. Instead of an 8 now i haven’t used the new macbook pros or a higher spec dot macbook air but i’m. Guessing this doesn’t make a huge difference, because when i play games which isn’t often, but they run just fine on this computer, now i’m talking very basic gaming from the app store, if you’re into a little bit more intensive gaming. Maybe that one more core will make a difference for you when i plug it into an external display, i can run multiple 4k videos streaming. At the same time, i am able to edit 4k footage with no lag or stuttering going on and it exports nice and fast. So i think again for the vast majority of people they’re not gon na notice, a difference between the seven core gpu and the eight. So, like i said, i can run a bunch of different programs. I can have safari going with 10 20, sometimes even more tabs than that i’ll have an email, app going i’ll have my messages, app open and responding to messages. I’Ll have final cut pro running at the same time, sometimes photoshop as well i’ll, be on slack throughout the day for my full time job and then i’ll open and close other apps.

As i go along and again, i’ve experienced no slowdowns no lag, no crashing. Everything runs perfectly really speedy and again. This is why it’s my favorite laptop to use now i’ll be using those programs for eight plus hours a day and then, when i’m done with work, i’ll spend some time doing some web surfing and after i get my daughter to bed i’ll, even stream, some content I’Ll stream, youtube tv or netflix, maybe watch some youtube videos or even play some games, and i can do that all on one charge. I can get 10 11, sometimes 12 plus hours, depending upon, if i’m doing, video, editing or not, and what i love is that, even though i do push this with, you know, 4k edits and photoshop and a bunch of different programs going at the same time. This thing is dead, silent, there’s, no noise going on whatsoever, there’s no fan going and it stays really cool. In fact, i’m editing this video right now on the macbook air and it’s cool, almost cold to the touch in terms of thermal throttling. I personally haven’t run into that issue and that’s, even while i’m exporting 4k footage now i’m, not going to say it doesn’t happen at all, because i’ve seen other reviewers comment that it does. But in my experience it takes a lot for this to thermal throttle and even when it does, the computer still stays pretty speedy. So what this all boils down to is that, in my opinion, for the vast majority of people out there, the base model is more than enough for what most people are going to be doing with this laptop.

Now again, there are some exceptions out there, but i feel, like those people already know who they are, because they’ve been using higher spec spectal computers for most of their life. So they know that they need more than 8 gigs of ram or more than 256. Gigs of ssd already but again, hopefully you can take my experience with this macbook air m1 base model and apply it to how you’re going to use it, and i think that for most people, you’ll be more than impressed with the speed and performance that you’ll get From this machine, all right guys i’m going to wrap this up.