Great chromebook tablet, my daily driver, no hiccups whatsoever. I email youtube. Browse shop pay bills game all the routine simple stuff. This little chromebook is a powerhouse for its specs. What i don’t like is all the price gouging going on during the pandemic or anytime. For that matter, come on people. This lenovo chromebook duet is worth 279.99 for the 64 gram version and that’s all folks do not overpay. For this. You can find the 128 grams version on best buy. It took me three days, but i got one sent to my home brand new 128 grams version. 299 dollars, plus tax 223.99 check into it, save some money. People don’t be fooled. We purchased two of these. One of them was by mistake. Typo this seller charged me a 15 restock fee, but this was canceled before being received and was not open at all. There is no mention of a restock fee for unopened returns anywhere on the page. I spoke with amazon customer service and they agree. This was not acceptable or is advertised for the one we kept and use. We also had continued issues with zoom for my kids school classes, resulting in me using a different computer for them. The quality of screen is good, but the keyboard continues to pop off easily. When we pick it up. Do your research before you buy. I was surprised that this is physically less like a laptop than i expected. I did not expect the hinging feature to be flexible.

The hinge is made of fabric of some sort. It does not stay open without the stand on the back being pulled open with the keyboard attached. It really needs a solid surface to sit on previously. My chromebook was like a laptop with a firm case with a hinge that allowed you to open it at any angle, and it would stay in that position. You could hold it on your lap with easy use. This is a just. A tablet purchase this for online school good connection and works well, the biggest drawback is in terms of the stand. My fourth grader does have some issues with it and has had the whole cover come off while trying to get it to stand it easy to reattach. In seconds it has stood up to several hours of zoom classes, which is good overall. I would recommend this. I absolutely love this tablet. It is worth every penny that i spent. I highly recommend this product. I found this device a good option for tablet. Chromebook, it functions exactly like a chromebook and i am able to use a mouse which is helpful for me. I thought it was what i needed for a good price as a tablet was also very useful. The bad thing was that it fell backwards and the screen broke badly. It is indeed my fault, but i found that the device itself is so heavy that the keyboard doesn’t offer much stability when attached to it and for making it worse.

The touchscreen doesn’t work anymore. The cost of replacing it is higher than the tablet itself, so it looks like i am stuck with a broken chromebook since for its price. I don’t want to throw it in trash, so my advice, if you use the keyboard, make sure you give it enough table space or hold it tight other than that. I think the product before breaking was a good buy. I do like this chromebook, but my biggest gripe is the inability to use any usb or bluetooth dongle. I tried bad elf pro and the garmin glow too neither worked. I also have a usb gps receiver and that didn’t connect it’s, just amazing, that in today’s world that any electronic device like this would have issues like this and really causes me to rethink just getting a service or something that will accept these gps devices. If i had known that gps is absolutely not allowed, then i wouldn’t have purchased this, as my main use was as a marine chart clutter. I love this tablet. It works amazingly, i use it for work and personal use. It has awesome battery life and will last for eight hours straight of streaming netflix. I love everything about it before purchasing this. I watched many youtube reviews so i’m, aware of the pros and cons of duet pros, affordable tablet works like it should be as a tablet and as a mini laptop execution is seamless, so i’ve been pretty happy with this.

It helps me to get work done. The tablet screen is a comfortable size for me cons the size of the keys on the keyboard. I use duet to help draft letters and emails and even this review i’m a petite girl. So to me the keyboard size isn’t, a big issue. Occasionally i hit the wrong buttons but that’s easily rectifiable. The weight of the duet is surprising to me, as i expected it to be lighter. However, if i take out the back cover and the keyboard when i want to do surfing, the tablet itself is in heave and it’s, not bulky. The one usb port is limiting, so i went to buy an adapter which expands to two more usb ports and hdmi port. All in all, very happy with my purchase shipment took about two weeks from my purchase, but i expected this as well as it was clearly stated during purchase that it would take that long for the quality of the product and the affordable price. It came with i’m.