Chuwi Hi8 Pro Unboxing & Screen Vs Vi8 Plus

This a few do recall was actually delayed by Chile because they had some problem with the display. I don't know what the problem was, but anyway it's. Finally, here now to take a little while because I actually got it sent from Aliexpress via snail mail and it was on the slow boat, so […]

Acer Triton 900 Thermal Testing – RTX 2080 + Thin Laptop?

My configuration of the Triton 900 has an Intel, i7 9750H CPU, 180 watt, Nvidia RTX, 2080 graphics, 32gb of memory in dual channel and a 17.3 4K 60Hz screen with G Sync. You can find updated prices linked in the description. Air is pulled in underneath the machine through the intake vents towards the […]

Chuwi GBox Unboxing & In-Depth Review

The clock speeds are up 200 megahertz and now has hdmi 2.0 support. Double data rate for this models got four gigabytes of RAM, which is not a lot, but it still be enough for most mini PC tasks. I hope to see an 8 gigabyte model. However, it has 64 gigabytes of internal storage, […]

Daysky D-Book Pro Review – $349 Nvidia 940M Budget Gaming Laptop

Now the Tbook X8S pro that I looked out turned out to be an absolute disaster and I really regretted buying that one and it turns out. I had ordered this one here just before he got that notebook, otherwise it probably would have canceled it now. This one is the Daysky D Book Pro […]

Livefan S1 Unboxing 2k Screen, Core M, 8GB RAM 13.3″ Ultrabook

The 12 inch version unboxing well actually ordered this here before that one, but it arrived afterwards because it came with slow mail. This is the loaf and s1 now it's a Core M ultrabook that has the well last generation khorium, so that's the 5y10. It has 8 gigabytes of ram a 2k screen, […]

Teclast X89 Kindow 7.5″ Dual Boot Unboxing And First Look

It is the x89 kendo now I think that's a bit of a play on the word Kindle because they advertise this. One has been a dual boot ebook reader, almost so it's got a 7.5 inch Samsung screen with a very odd resolution, because it's a four by three display it's 1440 by 1080, […]

Asus Transformer Book T100HA Review – Is It Worth Buying?

I'Ve had some problems with it: I'm just going to go over quickly in this video. The pros and cons that I've encountered using this tablet here. So the screen size is a 10.1 inch screen and it's 1280 by 800 resolution, which is not a wonderful resolution with today's standards for 2015. We have […]

9.7″ Battle: Onda V919 Air 3G Vs Teclast X98 Air 3G Which is better?

My videos, no no there's a lot of interest in both of these dual boot tablets and people want to know which one is better of the two it's not actually as clear cut as you'd think it would be which I'll go over on the both of the Positives and the negatives above for […]

Xiaomi Mi Max After 7 days – Battery Life & Thoughts

I thought I would give you an update now. I'Ve had the show me me max here now for one week and I've been using it all the time as my main mobile phone, and I just wanted to run through some of the things I've discovered and how I found the phone compared to […]

Chuwi Vi10 Dual OS – Windows hands on and first impressions

i 10. This is Chris here from tech tablets. Calm overall I've just had to use the tablet run a few benchmarks already and so far so good I'm. Quite impressed with the attempt at their build quality seems quite good now. I know there's a lot of people who concerned about the screen they're […]

Onda v116w overheats Vs X98 Air 3G temps

I could run temperature check on both of these systems to see just how hot the onda v1 minus 6w really gets. That'S on my left, of course, of lifted video and on the right as the tech class, x98 ear, 3G. Just to see the difference between these chipsets, which, above the same they're, […]

Teclast X10HD 3G 1080p MKV, 2K, 4K Playback + Photoshop

These samples are taken off. My note 4, so the photos here are 16 megapixel. I want quickly show the photos before i get into the video now this video is shot in 4k. So if you do have a 4k monitor, you can take advantage of that and run it in 4k. So you […]