This is jay the minimalist and in this video we’re going to be talking about why i think, buying a used. Macbook air might be your best option. A lot of people, and even myself, i’m gon na admit don’t like this laptop that much because of the display i’ve been a thinkpad user for a very long time. Uh i like using the older uh old school thinkpads like the t420 t410, the x60 i’ve owned. The ones i’m listing off are the ones i’ve owned and when you’ve owned a t420 or t430 for that matter, uh the display on those while they are 1920 by or like 1600 by 900, or something like that. The display on this macbook air isn’t as bad as everyone or everyone, is saying, and i actually ended up buying this used for around 450 or yeah right around 450 on ebay. This is the high spec model. This is the 8 gig model. It does have the intel core i7 5th generation and does have hd 6000 graphics, which in today’s standards are probably relatively lackluster, but this macbook air is not used for graphic intensive purposes at all. All this macbook is for is to download files and things that i can’t download necessarily on the ipad pro and to to type documents to web surf. Uh. Anything that i need to create a usb with so like i like to put music on a usb flash drive and plug it into my vehicle, and i like that um.

So this macbook air does serve a purpose for me. Uh this. This channel is based on minimalism as well, so anything and everything i own is either going to serve a purpose or bring me joy. This macbook air definitely does serve a purpose, and it definitely does bring me joy. This also is a laptop that i share with my wife uh she likes to type documents and things like that. This macbook air is not. You know something that i would recommend editing videos with um. Well, you can, you definitely can do it and i don’t think that should deter you from buying it. So the reason i’m making this video is well it’s, 2021 march 2021 to be to be exact and the m1 macbook air is out the m1 mac mini the m1 macbook pro uh 13 inch is all out right now now. The reason i purchased this in 2021 is because i needed a mac for specific tasks, and it has a certain amount of certain software that i can use that. My ipad pro cannot i’m really trying very hard to replace my laptop with the ipad pro and if that ever happens to be that ever becomes the case, i will definitely do it so for the people that are watching this is going to be a slight demonstration. I’Ll actually show you guys what the specifications are of the system, so we’ll scoot it over here uh. So this camera here can see it uh, but not this one, so scoot that in you can see it is the early 2015 model.

Uh 2.2 gigahertz dual core i7 8 giga ram and in the hd 6000, so the storage – i do have the 500 gig model uh. Now i might, i don’t know i might not even make the video of it. If i ever so happen to need more storage, then i will show you a video on how you can upgrade uh the stock uh apple ssd that they have in here to putting like a an nvme drive there’s, an adapter type thing that we can do, and I could tear this apart and show you guys what it looks like. So this is the display uh. It is the 11 inch display. It is 1366 by 768, so it’s it’s a 720p display and, to be honest, you, you really got ta, be real with yourself. What are you going to use your laptop for? Most people are not going to want to watch movies on this. Most people are not going to watch movies on it, they’re going to watch on their phone or their tv, and, if you don’t, have either of those. If you have an ipad, you rather you’d be better off watching it on that. But if this is the only device you do have, yes, you probably will watch movies and i have and i’ve watched netflix i’ve watched hulu on this, and i even watch youtube videos on this as well, and it is not as bad as people are saying yeah If you’re going from a like a 2020 macbook pro or something like that and then going to this yeah you’re going to be like wow i’m really going back in in age.

But if you do not have a macbook right now and haven’t had a macbook air. You have nothing to compare it to in comparison to your worst enemy. Do not compare yourself to other people or other things. If you’re going to get value out of it. I get just enough value out of this macbook air to justify not upgrading it while the m1 macbook air is an extremely powerful device, and i like it – and i want one – it is a first generation product and i still do not recommend it. I’Ve actually seen a couple articles where some of the ssds um, the lifespan of the ssds, are actually decreasing slowly or actually quicker than your standard computer like this, would because of the swap memory and how that works, whether that affects people with the 8 gig versus The 16 gigabyte model i don’t, know um, but it’s, not something. I really want to test out right now. One of the main things on a laptop is well how you interact with it. So for one how’s, the trackpad honestly trackpad feels great. You know some people might say it’s a little too small or it doesn’t click up top. I that doesn’t bother me. I use tap to click, you can enable it in your settings or you could use the physical uh physical clicking uh on the trackpad itself. Now, as for the keyboard, keyboard is great, i think it is the closest, if not, it might be a full size keyboard on the 11.

6 inch macbook air. I think it feels really good it’s, really tactile i’ll be quiet and let you guys hear it it’s it’s it’s, not bad uh. It actually it’s a little difficult for me to type on that compared to my ipad pro, because i do most of my typing on the ipad pro so you’re it’s gon na. Take you a little bit to probably get used to, but the keyboards are great. It really is and uh it does have backlight. The display is backlit as well as 15 15 uh settings of brightness 15 settings of backlight now as for ports. So what we’re going to do here is i’m going to show you guys the ports here. So you do have your magsafe, which is something that you do not get on the new macbook, air or macbook pro at this time: the 2021 m1 macbook air and macbook pro you have a usb 3.0 port, headphone jack, dual microphones and then on this side. You get display port and then you get your other usb 3.0. Like i said i did purchase this one used, so there is a few little dings and whatnot. So, like there’s, a ding right here, focus you see it yeah it’s there and then there’s a few scratches and stuff on top, but just because it has a few scratches on it. Doesn’T mean it’s, not usable. It is more than usable and there’s. No reason for me to spend a thousand dollars on a base model in one macbook, air or even the macbook pro or the mac mini.

For me, mobility is really important. So a desktop is not really in the picture right now, but it’s a good laptop. Thank you everybody for watching. Sorry, this video ended up ended a little short. I am new to video editing and making videos um. This is actually my second video ever posted on my youtube channel um. If you guys, like the video click like if you guys want to subscribe, go ahead and do so, i don’t force people to do that.