This laptop is amazing on pretty much all aspects bar a couple of things. That being said, are those couple of things potential deal breakers? Should you really invest your money in the zenbook duo? Well, this is one from guiding tech and in today’s, video we’ll, try and find the answer to that very question. Let’S get started Music all right, so let’s talk about the good stuff here, because trust me, there is quite a lot of good stuff here to talk about first off there’s, the design here now. Ideally, you think it’s tough to fit two panels inside a 14 inch chassis, but well. Asus has managed that i mean just look at this thing: it’s beautiful, attractive and, of course, you’re going to get the attention of everyone around because it’s a very unique design too. Also before i forget, this thing weighs just 1.57 kgs, which is super portable. Now the auger lift is back and it’s even better now, because this time, even the screen pad plus lifts up at an angle. So you get even better cooling, and it also makes using this panel quite intuitive now speaking about the panels they’re both full hd ips panels with touch support and excellent colors. Of course, the main panel is far better with 100 srgb coverage and pantone validation. The viewing angles are great and it’s definitely a delight to use this panel. The touch and stylus support make it even sweeter now, as for the screen pad plus asus has bundled a lot of features here, like you know, multitasking, better helping you launch apps faster stuff like that, but to be very, very fair with you.

I personally did not find myself using it that often that said, i did use the screenpad plus for what it actually is a secondary monitor. I open notes in there for jotting things down open reference links, while writing a review like this and just has spotify open for easy control over my music. Yes, the display is small, but it still works very well as a secondary display. Now, while we’re on the topic of good things, see i’ve never really cared about branding, so i do not care about the harman kardon branding here, but i was genuinely surprised by the amount of audio output on this laptop, not just the volume but the overall clarity. Also is top notch now. Another great thing about this laptop is the battery life, which asus claims that the 70 watt hour battery should last you about 17 hours, which was obviously never going to happen. But in my use case i was able to squeeze close to eight hours, which is great concerning it’s, not just one but two panels. Add to that the comfort of usb c charging and i can easily call it a battery jam for what it’s worth, especially with the kind of hardware that it offers so far so good, right, well, yeah, but putting in two panels inside a 14 inch chassis does Come with its own compromises, the biggest compromise and practically the only compromise is something that you might have already noticed by now.

The keyboard and the touchpad, a 14 in chassis is never big enough for a normal keyboard, let alone fitting a keyboard and then a touchpad. Besides it, i kid you or not. The keyboard here feels super cramped in with almost zero space to type properly. Add to that the fact that there’s no wrist rest here, which means you really can’t, use this thing on your lap. But you need to be sitting upright on a desk to be able to actually type on this thing so much so that even asus promotional material for this laptop has everyone just using the laptop on a desk, whether it’s, in a cafe or at home or whatever. Even asus knows that you really cannot use this laptop on your lap. You just can’t the touchpad here is even harder to use it’s way too compact and yeah. I was almost never using it to be honest. Like seriously, i just resorted to touching the display directly as much as i could, because this thing is very, very, very hard to use also there’s the webcam there, which is pretty substandard. I mean i, i did not leave involved somehow my footage got created anyway. Let’S talk about the performance now, so our unit here comes equipped with an 11th gen intel core i7 1165 g7 processor, coupled with 16gb of lpddr4x ram. You get a one terabyte nvme ssd from intel and iso gpu. You get the intel iris, xz graphics, alongside a dedicated geforce mx450 with 2gb of vram.

All in all sounds like a great package right well, practically speaking, it was fine but the hardware that this thing has to power up like the two great panels. This was never going to be enough, see normal tasks are fine, but two monitors mean that i have the screen space to have twice the number of apps that i normally do. Unfortunately, there are times when it gets a little too much for the system like, for instance, if i have photoshop and spotify and edge all open at the same time, launching any other app takes a toll on the system. Also, i like to work with multiple virtual desktops too, so add that to the mix and yeah. This thing does start at times when you have a lot of stuff open at the same time now to be very fair with you. It’S not like this is bad performance it’s just that i’ve used laptops with similar hardware, even from asus for that matter. That offers slightly or actually more or less better performance than what the zenbook doer is offering so yeah. Hence the slight complaint: it’s, not exactly a complaint complaint because see. I understand you have two panels so obviously it’s going to take a toll on your system, so that’s fine, i’m, just highlighting it out for a consumer out there, as for individual apps, photoshop and lightroom work perfectly on this, and you can even do some light gaming On the sides, if you want to so the big question, is the laptop worth its price tag.

Well, yeah. It is definitely worth it, but that does not mean you should invest your money in see, here’s the thing the zenbook duo is a great great laptop, but it does make you compromise on your keyboard and touchpad, and i feel that for most users, that is a Very very big compromise to make one i mean for someone like me: who’s typing enthusiasts. I just really cannot tolerate that laptop. I love the fact that i have two display monitors, but if that means compromising on my keyboard and touchpad i’m, sorry i’m, not interested. I don’t want to so until unless you’re someone who is genuinely going to be making a lot of use of that extra monitor space, i think you’ll be better off investing your money into something else, like maybe even the asus zenbook 13 oled edition that we recently Reviewed on the channel that’s a great great laptop, and you should easily easily use it for pretty much every task out there. The performance is great, the panel is exceptionally great, the keyboard is also fine. The dress pad is also fine. Everything works very well, especially as compared to the zenbook duo now once again, i’m, not saying that this book does bad or you’ll be wasting your money on it. I’M. Just saying that until and unless you think you’ll be able to make use of that extra screen. Space and you’re fine with using a usb keyboard or a dedicated mouse, or just using that laptop on a desk.

I think you should be looking at other, better options out there and well. That was it if you like this video make sure to. Let us know by give us a thumbs up and subscribing to our channel for more awesome tech content till then.