Um so i’ll be giving a full tutorial on that, as well as that towards the end of the video i’ll be going over their new web interface, which is going to be coming very soon. So this will be like a premiere. It will be a first look. Teaser um, and hopefully you guys will enjoy now. All of this will be done on the tab, s7 plus except the web interface, which i’ll show you on my pc and if you haven’t already, please do go and download note decks, it’s, a great app it’s, a free download and you get a seven day trial. But after that seven day, trial, you’re gon na have to pay to get the full app and keep making cards on it. So, if you’re watching this video, please do. Let me know if you would like a promo code worth 4.99, because that will get you the app for free and i have 20 of them. So first 20 people to get in touch with me either down in the comments through the instagram or through my email. I’Ll leave the description and down in the description, um we’ll be able to get the app for free, so uh yeah. I think i’m done talking now. Let’S go and see what a note dex is capable of so. First of all, let’s start with how you can change the thumbnail of each of your stacks. So this is an anatomy stack, so i’m gon na go and choose stack thumbnail, and i just had this picture so i’m gon na make that its thumbnail and as well as i’m gon na rename.

This stack um called anatomy. This is a great thing there’s. So many customization options that we have so anatomy there we go now other things that i just want to go over and show you guys quickly. Um are some of the settings that you can choose from. So if we go into the settings tab here, you can see that it says auto open new card, so that will just open up a new card every time you open the app um study mode, and we will talk more about that in a second. You can have groups um it’s, going to sink by itself. Background color, i kind of showed you in the past video, but you can actually choose what color um or what background you want. So, for example, if i want to make my background um like this again, then i can have that and that’s how my background will be, although that’s actually quite annoying so i’m, just probably gon na go for a clear background like that, and you can see it Updates it and that’s fine now one annoying thing that is there is that if you have a white background, you can’t actually read like your stack thing or your um. What number of stack this is because that was in white writing, so maybe that’s something that the app developers need to look into a little bit um, so i’m gon na actually change the background color back to what it was.

Because now i can’t read any of the writing. Maybe a black will actually work quite nicely, because now we can read everything: okay, so let’s open up this stack then, and, as you can see here, i have made um two cards now. When i made this card you can see, this is what it actually looks like, but unfortunately, for some reason, when i open it up, it’s kind of been distorted a little bit i’m, not too sure what the reason for that is, but um, maybe it’s, like a Sinking, error or something i’ve encountered this problem a few times with the app actually it kind of glitches out on me, sometimes um, but i mean saying that it’s nothing’s happened with this card and this card um has stayed absolutely fine. So maybe that is something that um. We need to be wary of when we’re, considering using this app. So let me just start from scratch and show you all the options you have in creating a card. So, first of all, you have many background. Colors to choose from you can choose any that you like, depending on whatever you’re doing now. You can also import pictures. Now, if i wanted to import this picture um, i can’t move it around with my s pen. So i have to be careful to do it with my finger and i can resize it now, as you can see the resizing isn’t fantastic because it can change the proportion.

So you just kind of have to be careful with how you do it, and the other issue is that we cannot rotate the image and that’s something i was very used to on doing on samsung notes, but unfortunately can’t really do it on this. But saying that we have the option of putting an image and it’s much easier than other flash card apps out there, okay, so um. The other thing that i want to show you guys is: let me just get rid of this image. Actually so you can put in some templates for your card, so you can import your own templates um or you can choose one of the ones that they’ve given you. So that kind of puts your background color back to white, but you can change it afterwards as well um. So i don’t know if we want to have this kind of one and then we can change the background, color and actually um i’ve just found out now that you can’t change the background color. If you have a template um, so i guess that’s a little minor picky thing from my side that i would actually quite like to do. Um and i can’t do that so maybe that’s something else that the developers should look into. As you can see. When i put the template back into um, no template, then it’s fine. It can um change the background color, but unfortunately, with the templates um it’s, not letting me change the background, color, okay, um! So then, moving into this little thing that you can see here this little arrow, that just means edit tags.

So you can add tags and we’ll talk about that um after as well in in the pen features, we have um three pens, as i showed you in the last video, you can change the size of these pens and you can change the color of these pens. As well – and you can see that the pens you know they work fairly well there’s, not really a problem with them. Um – and you know they do the job. Now the highlighting tool i’m still trying to get a bit familiar with it’s, not fantastic, because when i highlight something, as you can see here, um it takes a while for it to become highlighted so i’ll kind of go on and do my own little thing here And in the meantime it will highlight it, so it takes a while for the highlight to become highlighted if that makes sense, um and, as you can see, it’s just not as responsive as i want it to be. So, for example, in the meantime, if i’m gon na oops, if i’m gon na import our image and um, i don’t know like and that’s the other thing, i can’t actually move the image around if i’m in pen mode. So that was me trying to move it around and you can see that i’ve just put a massive line there. So let’s get rid of this line. But if i go back off pen mode, first of all, you can see that that’s now been highlighted so um before it was like uh.

Oh, you can see. These are the kind of little glitches that i’m talking about it. Sometimes just doesn’t do what you want. It to so that’s just kind of gone over there and that’s, not what i want. I think that’s to do with the pan, rejection, not being brilliant. You can see that when i highlight here that’s what the highlighter looked like, but whereas, when it’s highlighted properly after a while that’s what it looks like there so yeah i mean, i guess, that’s something kind of a little bit annoying. I guess but um you know. We can we can work with it, it’s, not too bad, so um. Let me actually clear this card, so you can erase all your ink. Yes, i want to get rid of that, and i also want to get rid of this picture so i’ve gotten rid of that now, in terms of the typing options, we have plenty um. I guess i’ll just show you quickly as well. You can make things bold. You can um, you know you. Can you have many options that you can choose from, but this is basically just kind of ordinary stuff. You find your other flashcard apps as well. Nothing too exciting. The part that i want to focus on is the pen function, that’s um, what i’m most interested in now you can see here. You can get rid of this red line just by tapping this little line on the left hand, side here and that’s up to you again, personal preference.

The customization on this app is brilliant, it’s, just little um like bug crashes, maybe or little glitches here and there that um make this app new. I guess so. Um let’s um talk a bit about uh sharing cards. So if i want to share um one card or if i want to share a deck let’s talk about that. So if i just want to go to this card here – and i want to go ahead and share it, then i’m going to share that. And then you can see that i have many options to share it to someone now. The thing with this is the other person does not need note decks to be able to open the app so that’s, a great quality that we have here and we’ll talk a bit more about sharing. When i show you a teaser of the web interface as well. Now going into study mode, then you can go for shuffling cards. You can show back first or you can keep score so let’s. Do the keep score option and start and see what happens. So you can see that you get a few options here. Um you can get that tick, you can turn the card around or you can um say that you got it wrong. So say we got that right, press the tick button and it will move on. Unfortunately, this card has been a bit distorted. As i told you earlier but say we got that wrong.

Well, um that’s going to go in the wrong poll and say we got that right. So we’ll do um in the right pile and you can see that it says you got two out of three right. 66 percent, would you like to learn the one wrong card again, so in that case, i’m gon na say yes, and it will take me back to that card and it’s a kind of a good way of revision, not quite the repetitive revision that um apps, like Anki have, but you know, it’s better than nothing, and i do like it that we have some sort of study mode in place all right. So let me give you a quick little teaser of their new web interface. Now i’ll be going into a more um in depth review of this in next week’s video. So i do keep a lookout for that, but for now let me just show you briefly what it’s looking like and hopefully it’s, going to come out very very soon and you guys will be able to access it as well. All right so let’s go on to the note decks website, just to show you a very, very quick, sneak peek of the web app. I will be going into more detail about this in the next video and to show you everything you can do on the web. App and so you can see that it still says coming soon to noted, so this really is a first look.

Um i’ve not had a look either myself so um in terms of logging in i have logged into it, and you can see that this um has synced up very nicely and going into our stack here. You can see that we have our two cards here as well and um. You can add cards and you can go through them, but the handwritten feature will not be there anymore, so that’s only exclusive to the tablet and phone version, and but i will be going through all of the different features that you have on the web app and How you can really maximize your use of note decks across different platforms in my next video, the third and final part of the note deck series. So then, i guess in terms of limitations of note text, things that i feel could be maybe improved on or things. I feel just don’t sit right, um. One of them is the fact that we can’t really rotate images yet, and this is something i know that the developers are looking into. But that would be a really nice feature because um right now we have to save every image in landscape mode for it to be printed out properly onto the flash card. So definitely rotating images, something that i do a lot of on samsung notes, for example, something i’m very used to i’m, not able to do for uh note decks flash cards, so this is something i think that could be improved.

Another thing that i think could be made a little bit better is just the fact that palm rejection isn’t as good um when we’re making the flash cards um. So when i’m, using the s pen to hand write things, the palm rejection, isn’t great, i don’t, know if maybe that’s error on my side or, if there’s, maybe something i’m doing wrong. But on other platforms that i’ve used, my s pen on i’ve never had that issue. So, for example, again on samsung notes, palm rejection is brilliant. I’Ve never had any like streaky lines come up or anything like that. So i guess maybe this is something that note decks also needs to improve on, and i guess the only other thing that i would maybe improve on note decks is to have like a repetitive revision kind of mode, so i know that they have a study mode. Currently, which keeps score and helps you to revise in that way, but something that could maybe um randomize flashcards for you or maybe um, put up flashcards that you’ve found difficult in the past and push back the ones that you found easier. Something like a system like that kind of similar to what we see on anki um, so that our revision is more space style and our vision is a bit more effective and that’s all um. I think other than that note. Decks is still a brilliant app. Their concept is great and for the majority of the features, they’re really helpful and they all work really smoothly just little things here and there that i need to tweak up on and i’m sure that the app will take off because it’s a brilliant concept that i’ve Not seen in any other flashcard app, so that is going to be the end of this video guys um if you have enjoyed, do drop the video a like and as always um tell me if you have any suggestions, questions anything you want to say to me Down in the comments – and please don’t forget to get your promo code as well: first 20 people will be able to get one, so uh comment down below email me or follow the instagram to get one, and i will see you all in the third part.