usable as both capable laptops and touch friendly tablets.. They let you work and play just the way you want it., Whether you’re looking for something super affordable to tuck away. In your bag, as you travel or want the ability to turn your laptop into a great movie watching device when you’re done for the day., These two in one laptops have everything you need. For every budget and every want here are some of the best convertible laptops. You can buy. For more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check the links in the description, below., Okay, so let’s dive in. Coming in at number. Five is Microsoft. Surface Go 2. The best budget, two in one laptop.. Building on what made the original surface go so good. The Microsoft Surface Go 2, adds a more premium feeling design and a small specs bumped to make sure you can get through all of the computing tasks that you need to get through.. It has a fantastic 10.5 inch display that punches above its 400 price. It’s, not only the pixel count, that is impressive, but the Surface Go 2 display also has outstanding qualities. It’s, bright vivid and crisp.. Our reviewed laptop comes packed with Intel Pentium Gold 4425. Why eight gigabytes RAM and 64 gigabyte storage. The bezels are well trimmed tightening up the overall design of the Surface Go 2 to make it more of a convertible laptop than just a tablet.

You will want to opt for the additional Type Cover accessory, which adds a touchpad and keyboard to the design.. It can be easily detached when you want to use the go to as a tablet., Whatever mode you’re in you’ll be able to enjoy the vastly improved battery life of the surface. Go to letting you use it as an all day. Work device where its predecessor would need a recharge, come lunchtime.. The Surface Go 2, comes equipped with a USB C port, a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack, a micro SD card slot and a SIM card slot. If you opt for the LTE model, ensuring that you have high speed connectivity matter where you go., The pros are low price and great specs extra lightweight and compact, while the cons are not the most powerful laptop. Overall, this is a perfect option. If you need a good two in one laptop but are under serious budget constraints. At number, four is Dell XPS 13 two in one, the best convertible laptop, the Dell XPS 13, is one of the best. If not the best mid range laptop available. Today., Its counterparts are often playing catch up.. It comes with the latest advancement processes and memory configurations for a blazing fast convertible laptop that has all the bells and whistles you could want. Under the hood is a fast Intel, 10th Gen processor, which not only offers enormous computing power for such a diminutive core count, But amazing graphics, performance, too.

That makes this laptop great for browsing. The web doing office, work streaming movies and even video editing.. The integrated Intel Iris plus GPU gives you the option of some surprisingly impressive gaming ability too. Although you want to keep the resolution below the native 4k as 4k, Gaming is a nightmare for any laptop without a dedicated GPU. Elsewhere, the notebook enjoys fast LPDDR4 memory and an Intel Optane accelerated SSD for Super snappy general performance and extremely fast wait times.. As with all XPS 13 devices, the display on this model is absolutely gorgeous, whether you’re using it as a laptop or tablet, and it just 2.7 pounds or 1.2 kilogram. The whole device feels light and easy to hold in both modes.. The pros are powerful, 10th Gen, processor, crisp, 13.4 inch 4k display and the cons are Soldered RAM and SSD. Very shallow keyboard.. Overall, the Dell XPS 13 boasts strong performance of bright 4k display and excellent battery life, all wrapped in an ultra portable two in one design.. At number three is HP: Envy X360, 13 2021 edition the best AMD two in one laptop.. The HP. Envy X360 is arguably the best two in one laptop rocking the impressive AMD ryzen, seven processor., The HP Envy x, 360 13 offers the same hardware options as its larger 15 inch cousin, including a variety of high speed, CPUs, eight gigabytes of memory, onboard Vega, graphics and Up to one terabyte of fast PCIExpress storage., It also comes with a far more colorful and brighter screen, which fixes one of the largest problems of the larger version.

Battery Life isn’t class leading, but at well over 10 hours with mixed usage there’s enough for a full Workday., The onboard Vega graphics card is capable of some entry level gaming in your off hours without switching devices.. This is no stealth gaming PC, but considering the power you get it it’s price. It’s impressive. What an AMD System can deliver in 2021., With an effective 360 degree, hinge this envy laptop flips into tablet mode well enough and at 2.7 pounds or 1.2 kilograms doesn’t feel too hefty. When you turn it back into a laptop it’s, a capable machine for typing to With a comfortable keyboard that fits snugly into the 13 inch frame and a responsive touchpad., The pros are thin and light above average performance comfortable keyboard.. While the con is the cramped touchpad., The HP, Envy X360 13 isn’t, just an ordinary AMD laptop. It’s a great two in one laptop period.. It helps to redefine what a 1000 laptop can be and points to a bright future for AMD powered laptops. And second on our list is Microsoft, Surface Book Three, the best premium, two in one laptop the Surface Book; Three, no doubt oozes premium.. This 15 inch two in one, is built atop, a powerful 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with up to 32 gigabytes RAM and up to two terabytes PCIExpress storage. Better. Yet it also includes an NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI Max Q, graphics chip, making this not only a powerful laptop for general processing tasks, but a capable gaming machine to a real rarity in this form.

Factor.. All of that hardware powers a gorgeous 3000 by 2000 display in the three two aspect: ratio which is great for browsing vertical web pages, reading, lengthy documents and for opening up additional tracks in audio and video editing.. Despite this impressive array of specifications, the Surface Book, Three doesn’t abandon the real selling point of its predecessor, great battery life., Lasting up to 17 hours on a single charge.. This laptop is one of the class leaders in this regard. Lasting you, a full, workday and well beyond that. As versatile, as this laptop is it’s almost as good as a tablet to because it holds much of its hefty hardware in its keyboard base., While that doesn’t make it the most wieldy of laptops or just over four Pounds or 1.8 kilogram tablet mode sees you detaching the keyboard entirely, cutting the weight down to a much more manageable 1.8 pounds or 0.8 kilograms. Just know that detaching does leave most of the main battery in the base which reduces battery life in the tablet mode. To just a few hours., The pros are powerful. Gaming focus GPU top end specs all round, while the con remains small trackpad.. Overall, the Surface Book Three can do just about everything.. It remains a stunning physical specimen with world beating engineering and a unique feature set., And our number one position goes to HP Spectre. X360 13 2021 edition the best two in one laptop overall. HP Spectre. X360, has redefined the look and feel of modern two in one laptops in recent years.

. It’S not only showcasing a gorgeous gem cut, aesthetic with sharp angular corners instead of the rounded protuberances of its contemporaries, but it’s combination of high end CPUs within a spelt and lightweight chassis, makes this a serious go. Getter machine., The Spectre X360 builds on the legacy of its predecessors., With a very capable 10th generation Intel Core i7 CPU at its heart. This laptop offers massive CPU performance alongside a surprisingly capable 10th Gen, integrated Intel, graphics, processor, that is more than capable of entry level. Gaming., This model comes with the option of 1080P and 4k OLED displays, either of which looks fantastic at 13 inches and with its superb color accuracy, movies and games. Look great. Do note that the 4k option will severely sap battery life, which already takes a slight hit in this generation resting at around 10 hours at a push.. Whichever model you opt for, though, there is no denying that the HP Spectre X360 is a quality, laptop and tablet combination with excellent, build quality and a unique look which helps it stand out from the pack of silver clamshell designs.. The pros are high performance, 10th, Gen processor, improved graphics, superb battery life, while the con is that it can run hot at times.. Overall, the HP Spectre, X360s, very small footprint and 4k OLED panel makes it a star both indoors and outside.. However, pure power and battery credentials aren’t as impressive as an HP Envy. Still, this specter is one of the best slim and two in one laptops.

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