I want to show you a really cool money, making website to make money by doing captures. So if you like this video – and it helps you to make money for yourself, then why not subscribe and check out the recipes on my channel theres, a wide variety of gaming money, making and household stuff and lets get started with todays video on the uh capture Side in general, so before I begin this capture site Im going to talk about before there was one capture site, I did and Ive released a video on this uh a long time ago now and that was kaloti bablo. That was a song that makes you money by doing captures where some captures uh well. Most of them really would be a thousand captures for one dollar and some would pay a bit more depending on the difficulty of the actual uh capturing question. So, as you, you can see here now and the video I do show like with your auto PayPal, and then I say goodbye only for the reason better, the application was giving me some problems whenever it kept on logging in it gets insane to me server, error And I just had enough – and I cashed out so that video was done a long time ago. If I look at my history, I can find that when I actually uh released it here, we are that was published on 7th of June 2021, so uh after, like leaving cloudy Babylon.

I still wanted to do some captures, so I went to a mega typist and that was given me a few problems with the uh difficulty in reading some of the captures. So after like saying uh next next next, because someone are really difficult to read – I got banned from that, but I still thought about doing captures because it was like um really fun to do. Just sit on your PC doing them. Even though you have to do a lot to be able to get paid for doing captures, it was a lot of fun to do so. Ive started doing uh a site called to capture and to capture is legit sites and its been going on now. For a few years, let me find out when those years was how long its been going for. In fact, the information was found. A second ago was two captures been around since 2003 and its a way to make money on your PC, where you just need, like uh, either a phone, a tablet, a PC or a laptop, to make money and uh an internet connection, of course, and uh its A very good site to make money with several different payment methods to be able to cash out with different minimum payments. So before we go into uh right now, I need to log in and then show you around this site in question. So lets do that right now lets login. You can actually choose to to sign up with either a registration, email or Facebook or Google Ive gone through the Google way myself.

So let me log into my account right now and do that right now and so were all logged in so now Im going to show you first what payments you can cash out to because thats the most important thing isnt it, because some people cant do PayPal Or certain currencies so lets have a good look about what we can cash out to. So you click onto uh, Mr Lock. You would then click onto request payments, which is there, and it shows you my available funds, which is like 16 cents, and you can choose your wallet type whatever currency you want to go for so here we have web money, which is a minimum of 50 cents With no fee uh, perfect money, 50 cents Bitcoin, which is ten dollars, ADV cache 50 cents per year, 50 cents ATM one dollar, Bitcoin cash, 25 cents and usdt trc20, the one Ill be using, which is ten dollars, and they all have zero fees, which is fantastic. Okay, then so um they do support an affiliate program where you can actually make more money on the to capture platform by bringing referrals on under your actual uh referral link. Okay. So what I was going to show you? So not only can you do your captures on the site, which is when you registered for the site. You can do it straight away by clicking this green button here it says, start work and the captures start coming up.

You can either do it on the website or you can choose to do it on your windows. 64. Pc. If this capture here isnt working once youve downloaded it, you can also go through the ru capture bar X and also they support Android. So you can get that from the Play Store, and I also support Google, Chrome and Telegram so to be able to do any of these say. For instance, you want to use the websites at all. I think its best not to use the website, because some of the captures on their website are hard to read and if you skip them, they always say, for instance like. Why are you skipping a capture for, and you have to unban yourself so to avoid yourself getting banned and losing all your money on your accounts, its best to download uh, either the Android the windows 64 bit application which Ill show you is here there is, and There is, if Ill, click on it there as the application there already ready and raring to go Ill show you that in the video up and running so also as well, if you dont want to do it on a websites, you dont want to do it on Your PC, or through the actual Android application – you can do it through the telegram bot, so they do support a telegram. So any one of these uh applications you want to install you have to first copy your client key to make them work so to go into the bottom.

Youll see red writing here. You need to copy this and then paste it into uh. Your APK once youve downloaded off the Play Store your Android bar, like I have to do here. This is the Android box. Sorry, the windows but thats it there. So my client key, which is the red numbers here I copy address, and I put it in there. So I never have to log on to the size at all, because the the windows 64 Bots stores all the information on there. Okay, so you can do that as well and it takes your statistics and stuff like that and then on Facebook and Ill show you the Facebook page now, which is active for people uh in contact with the development staff for the time there they are October 6th To talk about updates on this site, and so on, so the active all the time and helping people with their problems with their accounts, and so when I got a support, email for any problems and stuff like that. Okay, so what else do you want to know? Youd like to know wouldnt you about um payments, so example: now you can see my balance is 16 cents. So what it does? If I go to uh request payment, it will show you like a 16 cents there. If I go back again and go to payment history, what it seems to be is theres the work Ive done today under the 11th or the 11th uh that gets reviewed by the staff and once that gets reviewed and processed.

It will then enter your available balance. Yeah and as Im going for, as I said before, the very beginning, Im going to go for usdt tlc20, I have to wait until Ive reached 10 and thatll get processed to your account. Payments can take a few minutes, it says, but they can last sometimes up to a few days, but theres no need to contact for him if its pending, but after five days thats when youre going to contact them to say hasnt been processed yet. But uh do a legit company. I said before theyve been around since 2003 and theyve got an active support page on their uh Facebook, as I just showed you a second ago, it all active okay, what else so um I was going to show you so example. Now, Im going to show you how it works, then, so I said before its best, not to say to make more money if you go through the um, the um, the windows, um extension, which is this little thing here and I said before I do find. If you go through the website, some of the um captures are kind of blurry and if you skip them, they do come back to you saying, for instance, whats wrong with this, and they give you the correct answer to put in again. But if you do a few mistakes is example like youre doing it through the telegram app they do. Allow you to revisit the training to do it again is the training where they tell you how to do the captures like, for instance, if theres two words together.

A little space in between it means that you need to put a space bar and it is Cap sensitive. So you, you might see a few captures uh with uh, lowercase and uppercase, so always make sure youre inputting it correctly, and if you want to break like Ive had enough, we want to go to toilet too much on TV, as you can see here in our Extension youve got a play button and a pause button, so let me show you uh, also uh how it would work on the um and the actual um extension for the windows. 64 captures so example. Now you dont want to log into the website, so we dont have to sign the state for the extension, so lets go for the extension now and show you how it works. So the extensions here now you can actually look at how much youve made as well by going on here here. They are so so solve our oven back today and balance is 16 because the rest of it hasnt its all pending at the moment so example. Now you want to start work, so what you do is um youd come out of that again. Youd click on the play button, so Im going to do one there. The little noise means theres a capture waiting for you. So let me go to that capture page and show you so that one here now is example about ones you cant read.

So if you cant read them, you just click X or once you pass one, it turns uh green. So I just want to say 1955. You just put exactly what it is 19 55 and then you click the tick and if its correct, it will go green there we go theres many different captures on this is like ones that say: click the um, the hydrants or click on all the uh zebra Crossings or the buses or bikes, and so on, like that, once youve done that one another one might load up the same or might be different, it could be numbers to Imports letters to import with capitals enough all the time and numbers to inputs, animals upside down And youre going to click the rights any more standing upwards um things like, for instance, youve got three youve got a couple of blocks together and youre, going to click on the Block, which has the most um of the same image. So theres, no one. There click on the buses, so the bus is going to be this one here and that one and this one here so lets do that. Youve got to wait for a second for it to load up again any more buses theres one there. In the background, so we click on that one there and thats all the boss is going so now we can verify it and it might go to another one here now. Bicycles, know the reasons so lets go down.

The page click on skip crosswalks. Yes, one two, three four thats one is four squares. With these little lines, going across thats a crosswalk click. Next motorbikes, yes, there is thats in Four Square, so one two three four next chimneys weve got three in the picture: one two: three: next traffic lights. Yes, one two three a little bit on that one and there we are green past so thats all it needs to do it in and every time you do a capture and its correct. Youre automatically increase your balance, as you can see now its just increased a little bit now so also. So let me pause this for a second and show you another sewing house. You can also select the type of captures you want to do so if you go to the spanner here, you can change your language, and so on, like that, you can check your priority. You can have recaptures fund captures g test, key capture, H, capture, Cappy, lemon or Tick Tock or Yandex or image. These are all the different captures youll get on this application here and, as I said before, you can install this on your phone. So, if youre going out – and you want to do some of these when youre outside, if youre visiting a friend or family or on the bus or in the car waiting for someone, you can just pull out your phone. Go straight to the uh to capture app on your phone and start working and thats how easy it is to make money.

So here it is on the phone. You know: thats thats it on the phone, its a bit of a different design. Ive got three percent of battery, so its a bit difficult to show you. So all you do on the phone version is just click the uh the play button in the middle after putting in your clients key, which is that red number you saw on the screen earlier and it started working and whether youre working on the PC, the tablet. The phone all these accounts are linked together by your client key, so youre not going to lose any money, its always going to be generated onto your main account, and I said before once youve got the right amount of money and youre ready to cash out. Just go to um, request payout and then make sure your wallet address is correct and just uh make it so and, as you can see, there trc20 put your code in there or whatever and its all saved theres, nothing to worry about, and uh theres a software. You need Android, 64 bits, sorry 64 bit Windows, software and so on and got support. Youve got your payouts. You can start work on the uh, so you can even start work on their website on Telegram and Chrome on your phone and so on. But, as I said before, its if you want to see some good ones its best to go through either your phone or through um or Through the Windows application, which is this little box here because, like I said before, I do find that if you do it Through the website, some of the captures you get, I know Im very clear and the coupon they can.

They can mostly put you on a temporary ban and youre going to quickly put the correct answer in and then unban yourself. But several bands can mean a block and youll have to contact customer service and theyll look into it to see whether or not uh was it their mistake or or was it like down to you not paying attention, so they can unblock you like that, but be Careful, like I said before its best to do it through the windows, application or the phone, because its a lot simpler and all the work gets done easily this way. So this is what I was doing on the Cloudy Pablo. I was always doing it through the little Windows application on the phone, because I knew that the website uh was a bit of a danger area to do it where they can, they can do the blocks all the time with colossi Pablo when you got blocked, you Were able to transfer the balance into a new account, but if I were you excited for a kvp install and I do it on your Telegram or on your Android phone or on your windows and uh thats. It then so its a way of making money with just you, the things you have in the house already and the internet connection. Anyone can do this at all. We dont need any degrees or to show any ID its all legit its been around since 2003, and its there to help you to make money and uh its a lot of fun to do its a its going to be a while before I can start making.

Some big money, but its so simple to do it. So it looks like a lot of fun if you like computer games, its like playing the computer game anyway, just clicking everything like clicking the buses clicking the traffic lights or whatever or doing the quick captures its a simple fun thing to do on your computer. So anyone can do it, so I hope you enjoy the video and it helps you to make money, and I will see you in another video coming soon. Thank you and goodbye any questions. The telegram is on my description. I put in all the links to this. The links for the Play Store to be able to download the software and also for anything else for anyone, whosnt uh understand this is going to be all in description.