So yes, anc, active noise cancellation with these Ennio ones. So this particular model here does have an IP x5 rating. It has a battery runtime of fifteen hours on a and c there's up to fifteen hours, of course, that's at 50 volume and twenty hours. If you don't need that active noise cancellation, so this review I'll go over, they build the design of these the controls microphone sample as well a my opinion on just how these sounds comforts as well, and anything else I can think of so it small disclaimer that, Yes, these were sent out to me from one more in exchange for this review you're watching, but they do not have to approve this video first and this isn't a paid video anything like that, so they come in there's, a very nice box here nicely presented. I do like the way they have the headphones in their packaged, and then they've got this right here, just a little bit on the design of them of information, which is rather nice to see how do their design process, maybe you're, just the build of them and Of course, under here is where we're gon na find all of the included bits and pieces we get so we get some small ear tips which are 11 millimeters. We get the medium ones which are 13 and then a set of large, which are 15 point. Five millimeters in the bottom compartment you'll find a Type C, 2, USB cable.

So of course you just use your mobile phone charger. You have or USB chargers have 5 volts, 1 amp or 2. Amps include a 3.5 millimeter dat type C and cable here, it's a nice long, cable it's got fabric on the outside of it high quality. So, yes, you can use these as wired ance, air buds and in the top compartment. You will find some paperwork here. So we have a guide that is in various different European languages and a pouch to carry the ANC earbuds in so they're way in at 45 grams and that's, just because of the neck strap here, but you're not actually going to feel that 45 grams. Because the middle earphones they're only 6 grams, each, which is about the weight of most tws earbuds. So the build of these earbuds is very good. They are made out of metal and the silicone tips as well. They have a harder inner to them and softer outer and they don't cause me any pain whatsoever, and you can bring them both of the earbuds, the phones here, together with the magnet and that just aids, in storing them without getting the cables tangled inside the case. For example, the neck strap well. This is made out of a soft rubber, like material it's, similar to say, TPU, it's, very flexible and has a nice smooth finish to it. Soft finish and it's very easy to get around your neck being so flexible and headin away under this little flap on the left side is where you'll find the type C port.

So the charging time is just over one hour and if you charge it for ten minutes, that will give you about three hours of playback time now. The connection is very quick. Just like all the Bluetooth 5 tech I'm reviewing – and you can see right here – I've got just 10 battery remaining that it's, because I've been doing my better life test, so I managed to get it around 13, just over 13 hours. Out of these, there claim, with a and C on, is 15, but I did use a lot of volume. So that is why I got not the claimed result there, which they tested with 50 percent volume, so a little bit less than what I was running on. My particular unit here so it is using the LDA codec, and it also supports the AAC codec no epics support with this one on the left side is where you will find our controls so power on it pairs up very quickly if you've already paired it before Of course, we've got the wind mode there, so when ANC is on there's, also two different ANC mode so level one they claim is more for commuting like train stations and things like that, and then the second ANC setting is for nausea kind of places like a Busy cafe, with lots of noise going on people talking and then the wind mode. Of course, when it's a little bit windy, it should help cut down on that wind, noise and I've noticed it does make a little bit of a difference.

Here too, it does bring the noise down a few notches, which is good, so we've got then a display in Paul's butter. Now this is also used for the controls, so double tap to the next track, triple tap to go back to the previous and if you tap and hold that then activate Sri or your Google assistant volume up and down very easy to get to and control, and That is the left side, so the right side is where you just find well, actually nothing. This, I believe, is where the 160 million power battery is housed. So, as mentioned at the start about 15 hours of ANC on and about 20 hours with it off, alright, so let's talk a little bit just how these attuned out of the box. I think these do sound fantastic, very good. That is what the ANC off now, because we do have a thirteen point. Six millimeter driver, that's handing the Loews bass is very deep. It is powerful, it is loud, there is no distortion and then they've got that balanced armature driver in there as well. Now this one gives us the crisp highs and quite a bit of detail now the soundstage good. There is some separation you hear with the stereo as well, but when you enable ANC it does change, really the dynamics of the output of it. You do notice that that suddenly, the mids are dulled down just a little bit. Nothing, you can't fix.

Without a tweak to the equaliser, the lows actually become a little bit stronger tool. I noticed the highs remain, and you do hear a little bit of a whooshing kind of noise and a tiny bit of hiss that's, just the ANC working and that's normal. Now the audio and video delay that we typically see with Bluetooth tech then puts off a lot of people using the Eldar codec I'm. Not seeing yet the lag there is done. It is perfectly synced people's mouths. With the audio watching Amazon Prime video YouTube. I can see a tiny fraction of a second and that's it it's not actually bothersome at all. So this is one area that is normally bad that I'm, happily reporting is actually very very good here. What you're listening to right now is a sample from the microphone, so there are two in each year, one that faces forward, one that faces back. We do have ambient noise cancellation. That does work well, however, I'm, not fond of this quality. I don't think the microphone quality is very good there's, a little bit of distortion that comes in and out. There are sometimes a feedback like a high pitched noise. That also comes and goes so. We do hope in later versions. They improve the microphone quality all right. So let's talk about the comfort of having these. In that I've been running around and testing these they're not going to come out of your ears.

I feel if you've got the Wrights caps. Of course sorry tips, but the correct tip song get a very good seal. No problems there, but you will notice that when you're running around you sometimes get the occasional. This okay well move a little bit it's going to bang up and down and does that noise transmitted to the earbuds themselves. Occasionally, we'll have actually have the cables pulling and yanking your ears. I haven't noticed that they give us a number enough length here for that to not be a problem at all. For me, at least, and I also notice that the controls very easy to get to and press and you get really used to the double tap for the next track. Three four previous and pressing hold for voice assistant, and I like the way that they have the cover there for the type C port. That is quite good, so the build quality is excellent. The sound quality, I think, is very, very good, as mentioned that with the ANC that you do get a bit of that whooshing hissing kind of noise coming through to combat the ambient noise. But I do have a minor complaint just to say that it's not really a complaint, but you will notice that if you've used a and C the over ear ones, they give us more of a shielding. You could say from the outside noise that give us, maybe even a bit more of a seal covering off is completely there that the ANC will not be as good, I believe, as the over ear ones, with the in ear one.

So they stood. My experience with these enough to say that it is bad. It blocks out a lot of especially the low frequency, so humming away of the AC compressor with the air conditioning and the background. I can't hear them when I put it on even the first setting or the second setting. That is not obvious to me now. The wind noise I've had a bit of wind noise and things, and I can, I can see a bit of a difference there using the wind noise setting. So that is good and overall, I think, for the price of these one hundred and fifty US dollars that they sounds excellent and you just need to tweak it a little bit with the equalizer when you turn on the ANC the tune with ANC off. I do like, I think, it's it's quite well balanced. They give us nice, powerful, punchy bass, thanks to the large driver, to the, of course, the balanced armature that's and there as well, adding to those highs and those meds. It does sound excellent, but it's. Just when it's on anc mode i've noticed the mids get crushed a little bit, they are not technically crushing. They come a little bit more flat at the sound stage. Then it brings us quite a bit closer stereo separation. Doesn'T seem to be quite as good either that's, just the trade off with that active noise cancellation tip there. So I think overall, you can't really go wrong with this compared to, as mentioned when the price, the competition so do check my channel for more tws earbud reviews.

There will be some what happen coming in the channel.