. Now, if you want to buy one of these things, the links are down in the description. Get them from. There help support the channel at the same time and i have a complicated history with this macbook. I originally bought it when it first came out and i enjoyed it. You know, i think it was awesome, but it was just way too big for me, then, a few months past i returned at that point. A few months passed and i ended up actually buying it again. I figured you know what this is the best macbook you can buy. I doubt apples going to change anything in the next four to five years. Thats crazy and this thing has an sd card slot. So i came from a 15 inch, 2015 macbook pro, and you know i had the m1 macbook pro for about a year at that point and i ended up buying another 16 inch, m1 macbook pro and i actually ended up returning that one too, i thought i Was going to keep it? I tried my best, i had you know kept it for a week and i just i didnt, even film any footage of it. I wish i did, but i ended up returning that too. It was just way too big for me and guess what, as of right now, i actually ended up buying another 16 inch, m1 macbook pro as well. So i guess well see what happens if i keep it or not.

I mean im definitely going to be keeping it, but whether its going to be my main machine or whether im going to stick with my 14 inch, m1 macbook pro now starting off with the outside again, this is a very thick macbook and its a very big Macbook, but this is a double sided sword, yes, its big and yes, if youre traveling or carrying it with you, maybe a little bit. You know kind of you know weird, but for the amount of power and for the amount of capability within this machine, it is very important to remember what type of macbook youre going to be getting, because this type of device has so much capability inside of it. That yeah its a little bit bigger, but you want a bigger macbook because it comes with so much better. You know just performance and so many other things across the board as well. Now the display on this thing before we even get there man the ports of this thing, is insane on one side we have two usb type c ports, which is just amazing and the thunderbolt 4, so you can connect to thunderbolt 4 monitors or whatever else you Want you have that magsafe 3 port, which that was kind of interesting personally im, not really super fond of magsafe ports? Although i do charge my you know, 16 inch macbook pro with that magsafe port. I personally like thunderbolt ports, and i like having a thunderbolt monitor, so i can go and connect to it and charge it at the same time im using it, but its still cool that they ended up, bringing it back the headphone jack.

I think i already mentioned that on the other side, though, this is where this is probably my best side now, the hdmi port, a lot of people – i dont know if they like it or not. To be honest personally, i very rarely ever use an hdmi port on any of my laptops, theyre, almost all thunderbolt 4, but having another thunderbolt 4 port on the other side of the macbook is really cool and thats. What youre getting here that way you can charge on each side? You can have one thing plugged on one side and another thing on the other side for my previous macbook, i didnt have that it was only dual usb type c ports on one side and that was kind of annoying. These ones bring it up a notch which is really cool, but my favorite thing, and the only reason i was even considering upgrading from my previous macbook – was that sd card slot having that sd card slot embedded within the macbook saves me from carrying through and having To carry around an extra dongle with me wherever i went, and that was something that just honestly kind of surprised me. I genuinely did not like bringing that type of dongle with me and i would forget to bring it i would, it would get lost, it would break, and then it would not work anymore like there were so many issues with carrying a dongle with you, and now We do not have that type of issue anymore and, like i mentioned, that is something thats really cool, and by having a big macbook like this, with all the power inside of it, you can pretty much rest assure that youre, probably not going to be running into Those types of issues in this type of situation, so personally, that is by far one of my favorite things about owning a macbook like this now opening this macbook up, we do have that beautiful 16 inch display and i think, its a little bit bigger than 16 Inches but its a really really good panel apple did a tremendous job with this type of display its a no notch design, so it does have a notch, but honestly its not that big of a deal.

I dont really think its been bothering me at all a lot of the time i do use my devices docked up and with the lid closed so im, not even looking at the monitor, which is sad because the monitor and the screen of this thing is so Its probably one of the best laptop screens of all time you pretty much have a pro motion display 120 hertz display on this thing. So i love how apple went ahead, brought in that notch, which honestly dont care about too much they gave us a bigger display, gave us a nice display and they gave us a promotion display on this thing too. That in and of itself is really awesome, and that holds up extremely well in this. You know type of year and ill, even looking at the next 10 years of macbooks. This type of macbook, in my opinion, is still going hold up. Well, just because of that display, so when it comes down to it, that gets a thumbs up for me for sure as well. The keyboard on this thing, too, was very good. You know its a full size, big massive keyboard, with touch id in the sensor. You have the two speaker grilles on the sides and this huge trackpad. You know i think its a little bit too big. To be honest, but you know i think its totally okay as well. So in terms of the outside. I think this macbook is a very solid macbook for sure now it does start at hundred ninety nine dollars and thats only for the base model.

You can spec it up to, however high you wan na, go to it and you because of this macbook you have that type of capability of specking it out exactly how you want it, which i think is kind of an advantage. So lets say you: didnt want to have the most amount of ram or you didnt want a certain chipset. Well, you can go ahead and spec it out its going to be more expensive, but that is something else that you have the capability of doing, because these macbooks have the either the m1 pro chipset or the m1 max chipset. Your performance is definitely going to vary now. Personally, i do have the m1 pro chipset in my macbook for both my macbooks. I had the m1 pros. Ive heard amazing things about the m1 max models as well. Now, with the m1 pro the base model, you can get 10 core cpu with eight performance cores and two efficiency cores and 16 core gpus with the m1 max. You can get 10 core cpu, but youre getting 32 cores of your gpu. Now i remember when macbooks only had like quad core cpus and like whatever like a dual core gpu or something like that. These ones are in a whole another level. So i will say from my performance from everything ive done from editing, videos and photoshopping, and all this other stuff, my m1 macbook pro my m1 macbook air could easily do everything i want to do with it im.

Not really. You know utilizing everything from my macbook, as i probably think i do so. I say that to say: if youre somebody who thinks they need the most capable machine of all time, you need all that power. Definitely the 16 inch macbook pro is going to be able to handle everything you throw at it, but you may not need all this power. You probably only need a power of an m1 macbook air, but maybe you think you need all that power. In my opinion, i dont need it at all, but i like having the port selection so the power of this thing i mean you can run on the benchmarks and everything. But for me personally, i dont play any video games on any of my devices for the most part, and maybe the only things that run are like emulators, sometimes, but with a macbook like this, you are going to be sent for as high of a threshold as You want and as low of a threshold as you want. So if you just want something where youre just you know taking notes, and you just want something that lasts long, it has good battery life. This is assault. This is probably the best machine ever, but also if you want to go ahead and go up a notch, and you want to do the most demanding stuff of all time. This is also going to be something thats going to take you there too, like if this macbook cannot do it.

A lot of devices that are, you know in your scope, probably wont be able to do it as well. Now, obviously, if you want to build your own machine and all that stuff, its going to be totally different, but for a mac machine, its going to be hard to find a mac at this caliber thats, this good that is portable as well. So the way i see this is the best most powerful macbook you can buy, and if this one cant do it, then its going to be hard to find machines that can do it as well. So when it comes down to it, performance is amazing. On this thing and the battery life of this thing is actually interesting, because apple actually mentions that this thing can get up to 21 hours of apple tv movie, playback its up to 14 hours of wireless web 100 watt hour lithium battery. Inside of this thing, too, which is massive and from i think, what they, what ive heard this thing has the biggest size battery from any macbook ever made. So it should be giving you the best battery life as well, and that is another big advantage of owning a macbook like this. So in terms of that, that kind of covers it up there and, to be honest, this specific macbook holds up extremely well. You know this year, its expected, but for the next like five to ten years, i dont really think youre going to be thinking that you have a super, outdated macbook and it gave you some extra.

You know kind of you know flavor. On top of that, when you look at the m1 macbook pro that came out at the end of 2020, a lot of people who own that macbook, including me, i still own mine – i could have used that macbook forever. I could have used that macbook and even now it still holds up very well. The only reason i upgraded was because i wanted that port. You have to kind of think to yourself. Well, is there anything that i really want from a macbook? That apple could add that i would want to upgrade if they remove that notch. Would you care if they increased the battery life by way more if they added more ports, if they did anything like that, you kind of have to think to yourself. What is the only reason i would upgrade to another macbook and if they dont, if you dont, see apple, doing that for the next three to four years, then i wouldnt really care to be honest, like i would get this thing for sure. So i think this macbook is amazing. I think its going to be amazing for the next 5 10 years. Probably, and if you want to buy it, i would highly highly recommend buying it, so that kind of covers it up. If you have any other thoughts or questions, please let me know in the comment section below hit. The like button know me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button.

More importantly, everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch.