. The one we have here is the 15 inch model in mystic navy and before we jump into our unboxing, i have a quick message from our sponsor. This video is sponsored by rakuten sign up and get cash back on all your favorite websites for a limited time. My friends in the us and canada sign up you get 40 for signing up and your first purchase and at samsung they’re, giving back 15 cashback. So i got 15 cashback on this laptop. I got this version for less than 900 that’s. Our sponsor let’s go ahead and start with the unboxing Applause inside we have the quick start guide and warranty information. Here we have the charging brick and charging cable. This is 65 watts, so you get both the charging brick and a usbc to usbc charging cable, and here we also get the s pen. This is in black, not matching our mystic blue laptop all right, and here we have the laptop itself wow. This is a really light laptop. This is a 15 inch laptop and i can easily hold it with one hand and while we’re looking around this let’s go over some specs. So this is the galaxy book pro 360 15 inch. It also comes in the 13 inch here are the dimensions of the device – and this is surprisingly light – 1.’ kilograms or 3.0 pounds for my friends here in the us. This is wi fi, only there’s a 5g option on the 13 inch, but that’s not coming out till the summer, and this is mystic navy.

It also comes in the mystic bronze, but to be honest, if you’re looking at it from far away, it kind of looks like between blue and gray. So here is the top lid samsung logo etched in it looks very beautiful. Here is a look at the bottom it’s a little bit of a fingerprint magnet and just from holding the laptop there’s a little bit of a give here on one side, and you can even hear it a little bit. I love thin and light devices, but i shouldn’t be feeling the lower panel move like that. All right let’s go ahead and open this up and start it up. The trackpad here is large and beautiful. You can the keyboard here a little bit clicky. Now the version we have here this is the 1200 version which comes with eight gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of storage, and i just wanted to get that version because hopefully i can upgrade the ram and the ssd myself and we’ll definitely record a separate video To see if we can upgrade it all right, so we’re powering it up. We have the samsung galaxy logo, let’s go ahead and flip this over. So this is a super amoled fhd 1920x1080p. This is pretty much. The main reason you’d want to get. This is for the display – and this also comes with the intel core i7 processor and that’s – the intel i7 1165 g7 – and this also comes with intel, iris, xe, graphics, so past a 45 degree angle.

It just tends to close, so you definitely want to lift it more up. We’Re not going to set this up quite yet. Let’S just go ahead and take a quick look around and check out the ports as well in terms of ports. You don’t, have you. Don’T have too many this one’s a thunderbolt 4.. I wish they’d make that thunderbolt logo a little bit bigger or in a different color, so it’s easier to see, and then you have usb type c, another usb type c here. On the other side, you have your 3.5 millimeter headphone and also a micro sd card slot. Quite nice all right. So we took a quick look at the bottom earlier, so here it is again and it’s powered by akg, so it should have good sound now. Let’S. Try the one handed test to see if we can just open it with one hand or one finger. Rather all right, yeah takes a little bit of effort, not the easiest, but you can definitely do it with one finger. Some movement there as well. I haven’t been excited for a laptop like this in quite some time. So hopefully it lives up galaxy book pro 360 moniker, alright, guys so that’s our quick unboxing of the samsung galaxy book pro 360. and stay tuned for more videos. If you guys have any questions, leave us a comment down below.