You know the emails that Im talking about the Black Friday is here emails. The best sale of the year is here, emails. Even though Black Friday is like a week away still, but in this video I thought we would go ahead and look forward to the holidays that are quickly approaching and go over some of the best Kindle gift ideas for bookworms with a Kindle. So in this video Ive got about 15 products that I think would be perfect for any Bookworm out there who has and loves the Kindle, and as always, the links for everything mentioned in this video are going to be in the description below and if youd like To support this channel buying through those links in the description below is a great way to do it. Those are affiliate links which means that Amazon will give me like a three or four percent commission. If you purchase something through those link, so it would mean a lot to me if any of these products are something youre interested in if you purchased through the links in the description below anyway, lets get on with the video. So lets start off with the first and probably most important gift on this list to share with you that is currently on sale, and that is the Kindle itself now, if youre watching this video theres a good chance that you probably already have a Kindle or the Person that youre thinking about buying gifts for already has a Kindle, but just in case right now – and I dont know how long this sale is going to last the Kindle Paperwhite in the Kindle Oasis.

All models of these two devices are currently about 33, 34. Off now I do have a video Ill link to it in the description below that details, how you can actually get a Kindle for, like almost free, if you take advantage of the Kindles trade in program which will get you an additional 20 off, plus a trade In credit for the device that youre trading in now, obviously this is going to depend on you and your circumstances, but I thought I would just mention it because right now you can combine that 33 34 discount with a 20 discount and then get a trade credit For a Kindle, so you could potentially get a Kindle for almost free right now or close to it, so check that video out again Link in the description if thats something youre interested in okay. Now, having said that, the first thing on the list that any Kindle lover would love, is going to be this pair of wireless headphones, theyre currently on sale. They are rated extremely well and with the Kindle the new Kindle basic, the Kindle Paperwhite and even the Kindle Oasis, you can listen to audiobooks directly from the Kindle with wireless Bluetooth headphones. So these headphones would be great for anyone who likes to take advantage of that function and that capability on their Kindle or anyone who enjoys listening to audio books number two on the list is this really cool pack of Kindle handles? That will help you to hold your device just a little bit better.

So if you have smaller hands, if you think that your Kindle is just a little too large for your hands, these silicon little handles are going to solve that problem, and you get a two pack for about 16, so really great practical gift. Here now, if thats, not really, your thing coming in at number, three is kind of just a variation of this same idea, its kind of a case that also has a strap on the back. This one is a few dollars more coming in at about twenty dollars, but its also rated pretty well and kind of just looks a little bit more sturdy than the previous option, so maybe those other two hand holder cases, werent, really your style thats, totally understandable, Ive Added a few more on the list, maybe theres some thing that you think looks a little bit better. This one is a gray color that I think, looks pretty nice. I really like the color of it and it does look like its made of a pretty thick sturdy material, so this one is going to come in around 19 or so dollars and then the last one is kind of like a more minimalist looking style, its just One single strip and its just a nice solid black color. This one is the most expensive of all the options kind of ironically its about twenty four dollars, but it does look like its got a nice cushioning on the back, so it probably will be the most comfortable of all the options and if you dont, like the Look of a big strap on your Kindle.

If you want something just a little bit simpler, you can go with like a classic pop socket Ive included this one because it is bookish related. I really love the design of this. Its like a classic old school library card, I actually bought some coasters in the same design that I think look just really cool and they fit the theme of a reading room or a library or a study or wherever I really like this and at 15. I think its pretty fairly priced all right, so the next thing on this list is something that Im actually personally really interested in and its like an extendable arm that will hold your Kindle so maybe youve seen either on Instagram or maybe even here on YouTube people Who have a really cool setup where they have this arm that they connect to like their headboard on their bed? The arm comes up and over and holds their Kindle like right in front of their face, so they can just relax, lay down in bed and just stare up at their Kindle while they read. This thing runs about 25 and honestly, I think its worth every penny. This is like the picture of Kindle luxury if youve got one of these things, so any book lover any Kindle lover. I think would really appreciate this extendable, Kindle holder and its also good for other devices as well theres. Also, this option that comes in at around nineteen dollars, so its pretty significantly cheaper.

It doesnt look as sturdy, but for that big of a price difference, I would probably opt to go for this version of the holder, but your setup is not complete without a Bluetooth wireless clicker. So while youve got your little extendable arm hanging out in front of you and youve got your Kindle on there, not only can you just sit back and relax while this arm holds your Kindle, you can also buy a clicker that will allow you to advance a Page on your book, this thing runs about thirty two dollars, so it is just a little bit steep. I think for what it is, but I mean if you want the full setup youve got to have it, you just press a button to go forward and the page will turn or press the other button to turn back a page, and it is just the most Comfortable luxurious Kindle reading experience, I think you could find alright next on the list is something that is probably a little more practical, and that is a book light. So not only would this be good for reading a physical printed book in bed or wherever, but theres, also a practical use for the Kindle. Now. The newer versions of the Kindle, of course, come with a backlit screen, thats perfect for reading at night, but maybe the person that youre buying gifts for or maybe that person is you has an older version of the Kindle that doesnt have the backlit screen.

This reading light is going to allow you to see your Kindle screen at night if it doesnt have an included backlit screen now this next one is exclusive for the Kindle Paperwhite signature edition, which is like the premium version of the paper white, and it is a Wireless charging dock, so this Kindle supports wireless charging, so its just a nice little stand that you can set your Kindle on. You can either read with it or just kind of keep it there when youre not using it and it will wirelessly charge while it sits on this nice little dock now, if youre interested in a Kindle case, but you dont necessarily want one that has a strap On it, my personal favorite is a clear case. I have a clear case on my Kindle Oasis and what I really love about it is that you can put stickers in between the Kindle and the case. So it looks like you have a bunch of stickers on your Kindle, but you dont actually have to stick them on you. Just pop them in here put the Kindle in the case and they stay in place and it just looks really cool and you can swap them out if you are kind of interested in, like you know, being seasonal and festive that kind of thing, weve still got Our Halloween spooky season stickers, in this case we havent swapped them out yet which, by the way, if youre interested in super cute bookish related items like bookish, related stickers, bookmarks magnets, all kinds of really cute bookish related products check out foreverbook.

com. This is my wifes cute. Little shop, where she hand, makes and hand designs all kinds of really adorable Unique bookish Products, so check that out. The link for that will be in the description below as well forever and another really great thing that I love about this clear case is that its probably the most affordable thing on this list, its gon na run you probably nine ten dollars at the most. For a really solid case, this one in particular has reinforced edges. So if you drop it on the edge, you got a little bit of protection there, but its just a simple case that I think, does the job. Now no list would be complete without including some screen protectors for your Kindle now. This is probably going to be especially useful if you have a Kindle Oasis, which does have a glass screen. The other versions have a plastic screen, which I would think would be a little harder to scratch, but either way you can get a three pack of screen protectors for ten dollars, which is always just a good thing to have, especially if youre kind of hard on Your Kindle, if you take it everywhere, you just throw it in your purse or in your backpack or whatever. This is a good thing to have now the last two things on the list definitely are going to fall into the cute and cozy category. The first is like a beanbag chair for your book or for your Kindle.

I think it looks really cool its a nice brown leather cover. It is about 27 or so dollars, but I think it looks really nice and if you have a clicker – and you just want to let your Kindle rest on this thing and use your clicker to advance the pages. Thats not a bad way to go about things, and then the last thing on the list is not only good for a Kindle, but it also fits an iPad or really any other device tablet kind of thing: it is a little pillow holder. Thats got some nice little pockets on the side, so you can put your clicker in there when youre, not using it. You can put a bookmark in there, some pens, whatever might be nice for you. This again definitely Falls squarely into the cute and cozy category. In at about 25, I dont think the price is too bad either, so there they are the 15 best products for any Kindle lover out there. How hope this list has been helpful? If it was please, let me know in the comments below or if you have, your own suggestions for good gifts for a Kindle lover definitely drop those in the comments below. I would love to hear them, and I know others would as well as always thank you. So much for watching – and I will see you in the next video Music.