What Ive, disliked and just about everything in between lets get started with a little review Im just going to completely ignore all the specs. If you really do want to know what this laptop is like, spec, wise and the short term ownership review of it, there are some cool reviews by some guy named Jimmy right here. Alright lets start the M1 Pro MacBook Pro since the beginning has been able to handle practically everything I throw at it. I use it to edit a significant chunk of my videos. I use it to plan out my next videos. I use it to edit YouTube thumbnails and to do boring stuff. We all need to do to survive like pay bills, create documents and spreadsheets write emails and to do my taxes, all the different ports on the pro have been absolutely fantastic for my own workflow Im. Rarely in a situation where I find myself scrambling for ports, because the MacBook Pro always seems to have a port empty to use. For example, if Im editing a YouTube video, I have a magsafe charger plugged in an SD card and an external SSD. Leaving me with two USBC ports still open for use. All these ports do fill up, though, when Im video editing with two external monitors but thats when Im in power user mode, not laptop mode. While this MacBook has plenty of ports built in already what about situations? Where you need even more than what it offers thats where todays sponsor anchor comes into play, the Anker 563 10 in one USBC docking station levels up your Macbook by letting you connect up to three monitors and pretty much anything else you need for your workstation.

It has a display port with 2K 60 frames per second support: an ethernet port, a 4K 30 frames per second HDMI port, a 2K 60 frames per second HDMI port, two usb a 2.0 ports, a USB, a 3.2 port and a headphone jack. I personally find a product like the Anker 563 docking station, to be super useful, where you want to keep all of your monitors and peripherals easily connected to your MacBook into one single Consolidated unit, and then, when you need to use them, you can quickly sit down At your desk, plug in a single USBC cable between your MacBook and the Hub, and then you have access to all of the plugged in devices. For me, it enables me to put my MacBook away and still have access to three full size monitors. Two external storage devices and the dongle for my wireless keyboard, leaving me with enough ports on the MacBook Pro for other accessories like a stream, deck or microphones, and a docking station like this can significantly cut down the cable clutter on your desk and around your laptop. Giving you a more clean spacious and clutter free desk, so if youre looking for hubs or docking stations, the Anker 563 USBC docking station 10 in 1 has great performance that will meet your needs anyway. Back to the video, while the magsafe port is the best way to charge the laptop. I end up not charging it using the magsafe port, as often as I use the USB C Port thats, because since so many things are USBC, I just find it more convenient to take a USBC cable with me when I need to travel, so I can use It to charge other devices like an iPad, my camera, a different laptop or a Nintendo switch since most things now use USB type c.

Also, since the MacBook Pro has USB C ports on both sides, I can choose which side I want to plug into without putting too much stress on the cable or ports, or do that awkward Shuffle where oh, I only have a charging port on the left hand, Side, but the outlet is all the way over on the right, so in this case yes, its less safe but much more convenient for me, I think the body of the laptop has held up pretty well. I have only minor scuffs on the lid, the little rubber feet and a little around my most frequently used ports. The keyboard does build up fingerprint oils and then they kind of start to look a little shiny. But this is nothing out of the ordinary and all MacBooks deal with this, and they will get worse over time. Like I mentioned in most of my long term, MacBook reviews, the physical features Im most worried about are the edges around the MacBook and the ports. If you wear jewelry or watches on your wrists, you can damage the edges of the laptop since thats, where your wrist normally rests. Thats, because when your wrist is moving up and down, the accessory on your wrist can end up scratching that area of the laptop most. I wear an Apple Watch and since I have long fingers, my my wrist is usually not close to the edge, but definitely something to think about if you have either smaller hands or where a lot of accessories.

On your wrists on my other USBC MacBooks, I found that after using them for an extended amount of time, the USBC ports become less responsive, maybe because the older MacBooks only had two usb c ports for charging dongles and peripherals, so they were always in use. But on this one I havent had any of them act funky or not, work after the first plug in overall theyve been very consistent. This laptop is not a big chunky boy, but its probably heavier than Youre. Expecting in your hand, this thing has a decent heft to it again, this isnt a super heavy laptop but much more noticeable than some of the other MacBooks like the M2 MacBook Air, and you will feel this thing in your backpack and you will feel it when Its not in there either while slightly heavier this MacBook Pro does make up for it with all of these different ports and its really made it easy to never bring any dongles with me. Of course, I think its still a good idea to bring a tiny USB. A to USBC adapter, but beyond that, I find myself rarely ever needing to bring anything else. The notch, while you know its there Fades into the background and really I stopped noticing it after a week of owning this thing, the mini, LED promotion display is probably the nicest looking display. I have in the entire house the combination of how bright it gets. The resolution and refresh rate make it enjoyable from watching movies to making videos to just everyday usage, paying your bills and Google Sheets never looked so good.

In my life it makes everything look great and feel like butter all at the same time and in real world usage I never see mini LED blooming, since I rarely have to display all the way up to notice in terms of thermals. The laptop doesnt really get warm during General usage and is normally just room temperature, even when Im using it on my lap, if Im using it and the laptop is just sitting on the couch which, by the way you should never do. I promise its not often, but during that it obviously gets warm, but never enough to get the fans revving up just dont. Do it for long as youre, basically suffocating the poor thing. Now, during video editing in Final Cut Pro, it does get warm, but even then I dont really hear much fan noise coming out of this MacBook overall outside of the fanless MacBooks. This has been one of the quietest, MacBooks Ive owned since ownership. I dont think Ive experienced many instances where I throw something at the MacBook Pro and I cant handle it. I spend a lot of time between this MacBook Pro and the Mac Studio, its probably close to 50 50, but even then, 95 percent of the things that I do on the Mac Studio could probably just be done on the MacBook Pro. This laptop has really been my Workhorse and I never felt like I needed more power than what I already have here for video editing Im, often editing two to four streams of mixed footage between 4K, 0.

264 and prores, with light color grading in Final Cut Pro, I Dont use any proxies either and it cuts through the raw footage like butter. This has been my favorite on the go editing machine battery life is good good even after a year, but I find that while asleep the MacBook Pro doesnt seem to last anywhere near as long as my old M1. Air did and needs to be charged. More often, if left to sleep for days, but that just may be how I personally use the laptop, because this MacBook Pro is such a good performer. I can see people using this as their only machine like using a laptop when theyre on the go or when theyre sitting on their couch and then as a desktop replacement when theyre sitting at their desk, because it just has so many ports that you can plug Into and use, and has more than enough power for most desktop tasks, its just a shame that, with the transition to Apple silicon, these Macs no longer can run Windows natively its only if you have an older Intel Mac and thats definitely affected how I use Macs Before on my Intel Mac, I would use boot camp to just store a small windows partition with all the Casual Windows only games Id like to play and all the different softwares I want to use. How am I going to fuel that gentian addiction, otherwise right, but with the M1 Pro you have to run things through virtualization, if, if you want to run Windows and the M1 Pro is decent at running Windows in a virtual machine, but its obviously not perfect, and Certain software, like genshin, just doesnt, run well in a VM.

So if I need to use Windows, I have a dedicated machine for Windows and PC gaming, so as a surprise to No One. This MacBook Pro does not provide a good gaming or Windows Experience outside of virtual machines. So I guess at this point its conclusion time. The price of the 14 inch MacBook Pro when it was released and when I bought it was two thousand dollars at the time. That was a very steep price to pay for this single laptop, I mean thats. The cost of two M1 MacBook airs at that time, but when the laptop is able to do quite literally anything and everything the average person wants to do and has all the functionality professionals would want in a single package and is able to replace many of the Desktop workstations in the process, then, I feel like this laptop is definitely worth it, especially now, when its on sale at sixteen hundred dollars. Pretty often that being said, this is 100 a machine made for power users and professionals. If you dont need that crazy power, ports or 120 hertz mini LED display, then an M1 or M2 MacBook Air might be the better choice for your wallet and use case. But for those who need the power, the versatility and reliability of having everything in a complete package, then this is it so to answer the earlier question. Yes, I would have gotten the same laptop again. I dont think there is such a thing as a perfect laptop, but when it comes to things that I personally do, this laptop is nearly perfect in every way for those tasks anyway.