It now has a 3×2 aspect ratio and if you look at some of my reviews of the microsoft surface products it’s something that i always comment on is that i love that they use the 3×2 aspect ratio for their screens. So i decided to pick up this spectre. X360 14 inch i’ve been using it for a couple weeks now, and i just want to give you guys my review of it. First i’ll show you the unboxing. I did a couple weeks ago. First thing you get: is this big hp box and you open this up and there’s a littler box inside here, but also a black leather carrying case opening up the spectre box. You have the x360 on top here that is covered in a cloth more on that in just a minute, but underneath that you have your usbc wall adapter, that is a 65 watt charger, so that should charge this up nice and fast. They also include the hp active pen in the box, which is a really nice value. Add another great thing is that the pen will actually magnetically attach to the side of the spectre x360, which just gives you easy access to it. At any point, there are a couple different models of the spectre x360. The one i have and that i am reviewing is the intel core i7, with one terabyte of intel, ssd plus 32 gigs of intel optane memory, and it has 16 gigs of ddr4 ram.

They call this color nightfall black it’s, more of a slate or a charcoal color in my opinion, and it has that nice shiny gold accents to it it’s kind of a flashy little computer. It might turn heads a little bit. You also have the option to go with a poseidon, blue or just a straight silver. Honestly in hindsight i might have just gone for the straight silver. While i really like this nightfall black, it does pick up fingerprints really easily and kind of like previous spectre models. It has that gem cut design to it that again is kind of flashy. It looks pretty modern and just looks a little bit different than your typical, rounded off corners laptop for inputs. You have just the usb a on one side and that’s, because this also has the magnet to attach the pen. On the other side, you have two usbcs that are thunderbolt four and one is on the kind of the gem cut corner here. That is kind of nice. It helps separate them a little bit and it keeps the cord tucked in the back. If you’re gon na use this port for charging, you also have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and then a micro sd card reader on the side. Opening this guy up, you have that beautiful, 3000 by 2000, oled display not quite 4k, but still just a beautiful display again three by two aspect: ratio and that ratio just gives you a little bit more vertical screen space to work with so things like viewing a Web page working in excel word photoshop.

Anything like that just gives you a little bit more viewing space on the top and bottom, which is very welcome. The downside for some people with a 3×2 aspect ratio is that when you’re viewing a video that is typically shot in a 16×9 format, you’re going to have pretty big top and bottom black bars on the screen. But i really don’t mind that personally hp quotes this at 400 nits of brightness, which is plenty of bright enough to use indoors and almost any sort of lighting taking this outdoors. It does have an anti reflective coating. However, again this is still a glass panel. It’S gon na have some reflection. 400 nits is bright, it’s, not the brightest, but overall i think you can use this outside, just not in direct sunlight and with this being an oled panel. The colors are just super bright. They’Re super vibrant there’s, a great contrast ratio, the blacks are blacker, the whites are wider. Everything just looks great on this panel, taking a look at the keyboard deck here. Overall, i love this keyboard. They did do a few interesting design implementations here that i want to point out. First is the fingerprint scanner? There is a fingerprint scanner on this device. There’S also windows, hello, facial recognition, so you can choose between those if you’d like the interesting thing is where they put it, they actually remove the right control button and put the fingerprint scanner right on the keyboard just kind of an interesting place.

To put it typically, you see it just to the right of the trackpad or up on top closer to the screen or on the power button. I typically don’t use the right control key anyway, so this isn’t a huge deal for me, but but for someone that does typically use that. Just something to take note of another interesting thing is that the power button is actually right above the backspace key and to the left of the delete key for someone that uses muscle memory to type this can lead to a lot of accidental presses. The keyboard itself feels great and honestly this is one of my favorite keyboards i’ve ever used. I really like the feedback of the keyboard. It has a nice response to it. It doesn’t feel mushy at all. Again. This just feels great to type on. It does have backlighting and you can choose between two different levels of backlighting or turn it off. You have this nice large trackpad on the bottom and trackpad works. Great i’ve had no issues with it at all. I actually like there’s, just these slight chamfered gold edges to it that provide just a nice accent to it. Overall, i think it looks great. You have a 720p webcam that works perfectly fine for any sort of video conferencing that you’re going to be doing there’s. Also a privacy key on the keyboard that when you press it, you can see that the webcam turns white for speakers.

We have the typical hp, spectre, x360, bang and olsen quad speakers. Overall. I have to say that these are really good speakers, they’re, not the best that i’ve heard on any laptop out there, but they have deep, rich sound and they get nice and loud and overall, this whole package comes in at just three pounds, which is pretty light. It’S, nice and portable should be just fine to take on the go, and performance has just been, as you would expect for the latest generation intel i7 and 16 gigs of ram. This thing flies through almost any productivity task. You’Re gon na put it through multitasking, is gon na, be no problem with 16 gigs of ram i’ve really experienced hardly any slowdowns and that’s with obviously multitasking, but using larger software like photoshop, some video editing software everything is run smoothly. I’Ve also done some gaming with the integrated graphics card that has also performed very well. It does seem to run a little bit warm if i have this on my lap for an extended period of time. I can definitely feel that if i’m doing things like gaming, photoshop or video editing, it’s, obviously going to be even warmer, but overall, i think it does run just a little bit warm. Also. The fans do run nice and quiet. I can barely notice them when they’re on, like i said, if i’m doing things that are more graphically intensive, they seem to get a little bit louder, but overall they are nice and quiet.

I have used the pen to draw just a little bit. I am not a good drawer at all, but i’ve tried it just to test it out. I’Ve also taken some notes with it. It seems to work really great. In my opinion, i love that you can magnetically attach this to the side. That seems to be the way a lot of manufacturers are going it’s, nice and easy just to pick it up, use it for a second or two and then attach it right back to the side again in terms of connectivity. This is wi fi, six enabled, and so, if you have a wi fi six router, you can get faster speeds and farther coverage with this hp spectre. X360. It also has bluetooth 5.0 and, as an added bonus, you have amazon alexa as a voice assistant for battery life. Again, this is going to be depending upon what you’re, using this for, if you’re gaming a lot or doing a lot of multitasking a lot of intensive tasks, you’re going to have less battery life than someone that’s doing very lightweight tasks on their computer, but kind of Like with any oled screen, you’re not going to get the best battery life compared to like an ips or lcd panel, i am currently with my day to day tasks which is just some productivity stuff. Some work stuff a little bit of video editing, maybe a little bit of photoshop watching some videos and that sort of thing i’m getting about six hours of battery life, which isn’t terrible but it’s, also not great.

What i will say is that, if you’re planning on taking this on the road, you’re, probably gon na – want to take your charger, because it’s gon na be tough to get eight plus hours of usage on this, unless you have it on extremely low settings overall, i Think this is one of my favorite pcs i’ve ever used to be completely honest with you, the combination of performance, along with this beautiful oled screen, 3×2 aspect ratio and just a nice modern design. You also get that two in one form factor, so you can flip this around and use it as a tablet which is perfect for artists or people that draw or love to take notes for people that want to stand this up and use it to watch content Or videos, the only true weakness that i see in this device is the battery life again it’s, not awful, but it’s. Definitely on the lower end of the ultra portable laptops out there, but the trade off is that you do get this beautiful, oled display. Now, if you don’t think that’s worth it, you can go with the ips panel. That is full hd. That should give you way better battery life, but i personally am just loving this ola display, so i definitely recommend this to business professionals, people that need that combination of performance and portability. Artists may also be really interested with that by two aspect: ratio and the pen included.

I can see students being very interested in this, maybe not at this highest tier, but at the lower tiers, where it’s a little bit more affordable. Overall, i can see many use cases for this product because it is like, i said, one of my favorite pcs to date. So if you’re interested i’ll put a link in the description below check it out there, if you like this video press that, like button, i really appreciate it guys means a lot to me also consider subscribing. If you like this video, i got a lot more content. Coming out soon, so press that subscribe button and come back for those if you have any questions or if i didn’t cover anything, leave them in the comments below i promise i’ll get to them.