This person has been sent again quite a few things into the channel Jensen tongue theyre on Amazon um. It is an SDR receiver, so these are just everywhere right. Theres! Lots of different models and stuff this one says its uh 10 kilohertz to one gigahertz and it has a five different antenna inputs. Uh theyre marked here oops upside down 0 to 30 megahertz, 30 to 60, megahertz, 120 to 250, megahertz, 400 to 1 gigahertz. And then this one is 50 to 120 megahertz, which sort of covers the um uh fm broadcast bin. So um I thought maybe they have would have different mixers and stuff there, but well see its just filtering. Uh uh Ill open this up and uh and we can see inside um, but this thing is just two chips and some and some passives and thats it I mean these things are just theyre, just super cheap. I imagine the uh one chip is just like a sound card and then the other chip does the uh. Does the radio stuff and thats thats just it in these things? These days it comes with a USBC uh cable, so it is UPS UPS, USBC, um and yeah theres, not much to it here. So lets find a suitable, screwdriver and uh. We will take two screws out here. One more thread: theres, always one more thread there. We go and there we go uh theres, nothing at all on the back side.

So Im in here can we Zoom. Is that going to focus it in close here? I think it is um. So yeah two, I see theres a little uh Power thing over here. Uh, probably just a 3.3 volt regulator, or something like that, but yeah thats it it just has a RC and LC um filters so that you just reject any out of band stuff. So you dont get any Spurs and stuff on particular bands that youre interested in, and otherwise it just does everything in software. The software that I used to run this is the SDR Uno um and seemed to work. Just fine Ill show a couple Clips here of the thing running. I wont go to an in depth review on SDR. I mean everybody and their brothers done that so the first uh, the first clip will be uh a broadcast band FM. This is just a local um, classical station Music, so that was Broadband FM and the next little clip here Ill show you is on. Am modulation of the local um, the local Airport, same thing out of below 2 500 and thats contacted 2 0.1. Thank you for one. So there you go um the software is free and the receiver, I think, is thirty dollars. Something like that. Theyre ridiculously cheap these days um. So you can use it as a receiver. You can also use it as a kind of a poor man – Spectrum analyzer right.

It has a bunch of displays and stuff um.