Shall we, after the recent pp update the top 25 highest pp, plays, has changed drastically completely changing the maps? The scores were set on the go by movement map and by kirian lost the love to voting out of two thousand seven hundred and more votes more in two thousand have voted no in the poll that ended on the 13th of february, as it turns out, amrak Was only three years old when cookies got the first place on the global lead awards back in 2010, wow time sure flies this week also team have introduced two features like this, one of which turns to be celebrity sorry for the problem set right. The main reason you’re, possibly familiar with this artist, is by involves your one. Through eight beat map, scarlett rose across the five albums 24 tracks already and waiting for mapping. The second featured artist is ov nola, a rock band with nine tracks available to map one of their songs. News was already mapped and ranked more than two weeks ago, white cat is actually this old road to number one table in ebay. The current highest bid is eleven thousand and nine hundred fifty euros. Nice digital hypno has released osu bhd an explanation, video that covers and explains all skills related to os gameplay. While the length of the video is over an hour, we suggest you give it a try and well maybe you could learn a thing or two for yourself.

Editor has released a script that allows users to easily change the color of this in game scheme and for any concerned developers. Yes, the source code is also probably that was the news for this episode. Let’S get right into the blaze, and i must tell you it’s it’s it’s a lot of america this week, so starting off with amrak. He comes in with a 98.68 accuracy, double time and hidden fc and one in a billion fantasy difficulty earning a whole 1007 pp and making it a second double time and hitting fc on this difficulty. So far, very impressive Music. Yet another outstanding play from emirate and this time it’s the first double time, a hidden fc on piranha with 98.90 accuracy. This play gives a work is well deserved: 1004, pp, Music, Music, third, impressive play from america this week and it’s now: freedom, dive, endless dimensions, difficulty nomad fc with a 99.70 accuracy sniping btmc earning himself, the first spot on the map; leaderboards Music Applause, Music. About six days after emmerich said his score, davalian sets an fc on the same map, surpassing him with a 99.90 accuracy deserving for himself a whole 832 pp, Music, amrak’s. Third, one kpp score in a day and it’s double time in hidden play on not for sale. Fossil frail difficulty, this play is the first double time i’ve seen on this map and it earns america, 1008 pp, Music, an unfortunate slaughter break from yes, i’m right again, if you can egg fourth extreme difficulty, 97.

79 percent accuracy and 960p. This is the first time that a double time and hidden play appears on the map’s top 50 scoreboard Music feeling quite lucky. Emrak has decided to set a double time, hard, rock and hidden score on fujiniusa kohana sanctuary difficulty with 93.93 accuracy and earning himself. The fourth spot on map leaderboards 687 pp and 40 dollars, the stuff kids do for money nowadays, Music, the first max combo score on yamiya kuroshimi difficulty from swaggy swagster display takes the first place on both the map leaderboards and becomes his top play rewarding him. 980 pp and is also the new normal pp recorder, dragonforce double time you know it. He turned up past valley of the damned with just two misses and an amazing 98.60 accuracy, seven hundred and seven two pp by choco pathe with double time and hidden on linda’s remote control, fc, decent accuracy, 99.4 and the first spot on the maps. Leaderboard impressive score. Music, one of the few double time and hidden fcs are monogram butterfly 99.41 accuracy. Only three one hundredth score done by shoko buffet. This play would have been 820 pp if this map had been ranked an amazing fc by eru with double time. That’S worth 981 pp and sunglow with an oppressive accuracy of 99.60 eyes have closed, remap difficulty and credit for setting the first three mod fc score on the map goes to parakeet with 92.31 accuracy, well played Music parakeet again, but this time setting a personal top score On imagination, ambition, difficulty with double time and hidden and the best accuracy of all the current double time and hidden scores on this map.

99.60. This max combo score takes a second spot on the maps. Leaderboard Music, foreign Music we’re uk, coming in with a very close snipe to go, get this course on burn this moment in the routine of my eye, extra difficulty with hard rock and hidden an exceptional accuracy of 98.82 percent Music. Second, double time score to appear in the map’s top 50 leaderboards and the score is done by everything max Music, combo, Music, everything again with another 800 pp play on xivo with double time only missing five times on his 9.36 star map. Music here is bubbleman on the map, with an instant of 3k combo, an amazing reward of 900pp Applause, foreign Applause Music, and here we have ethernum getting a double time: fc on traction, the near distant future, getting insane 99.23 accuracy and a nice 599 pp here is Iper w7 setting a new, also catch the recorder. He got 1280 pp Music. For this week we have ryuno, formerly known as the patreon guy his play on the map, herrera magic clover. That was it for this episode of oc weekly.