But as of lately, I have been wanting to play some other Spider Man games on the channel and I came across a game called Spider. Man Shattered Dimensions, Im so surprised. I never even played this for some reason. From the looks of it, it seems like to be a Multiverse Spider Man game that allows you to play with different Spider Mans from other verses, with it all being connected to one story, so I definitely wanted to try it out and also, let me know if You used to play this game and, if you actually enjoyed it or not, but my friends, its time to play Spider Man Shattered Dimensions, all right, starting it off State University, its like dark. This is Mysterio Master self. The menacing Miss Blackman, thats Spider. Man. Make me your brother and Spider Man kind of sounds funny, bro, what its not like, a kid low key like Sonic, but he said nice more souvenirs are scary. Oh you! Really! This butt bro come on now. Yes, it is the best kind of bread. Okay, this animation looked good by the way. I know this is not probably what the game looks like, but its always good to see. Cutscenes, hey bubble head, think fast, uh, oh, you know thats not going to be good, so thats, probably the dimension that was shattered right then, and there oh okay. Can somebody tell me whats going on here? Who was that you are needed? Madam Webb, Madam Webb, since this night wasnt strange enough already.

Oh look all the Spider Mans chaos, the most powerful of all the Mystic artifacts in the world. You shattered it yeah! Sorry about that. Yes, I dont make tablets like they used to huh. The pieces are now fragmented across other dimensions: Dimensions that are strange: Reflections, Spider Man, War, Music, Symbiote, Spider, Man, okay and the distant future, and in 2099 I seen him on the cover cartoon pig Focus that biggie Spider Man this game about to be fire yo. They got Spider Man Noir in here thats, my favorite Spiderman realities other mes. Yes, I have explained our dire situation to them. They will be your allies in this Quest, but Im the most Charming right. You must gather all the pieces of the tablet before they fall into the wrong hands or our reality as well as theirs will be utterly destroyed, just like most Multiverse stuff, all right, we playing already. Oh, this looks good these neighborhoods arent, going to Friendly themselves. I, like the vibe of this, I will assist you you in finding a fragment now, who am I to refuse a lovely lady lead on MW? Madam Webb, though thats the first time Ive heard of it Adam Webb, he kind of look why he move like that. He let me move funny Colin. This game feels good. I mean it is PS3 its not like its a PS2 game or whatnot, but it definitely feels good though, and thats called okay.

Okay, there goes one of those fragments already hey. Look. What I found X work a job. Well, begotten is half done now to another Spider Man, another Spider Man upon him that fast, oh, shoot, the symbiotech Spider Man black suit. I hate this thing. Stay calm, young Peter. This suit has extra abilities. This game got that Shonen pacing, my psychic powers will keep it from overwhelming you yeah. Well, I hope to get them. It is a tutorial, though they tend to be fast. Look at this suit bro. It looks so good now Im playing this game Im playing this game. All the way through I dont care, if its on the channel or not Im playing this game looks pretty smooth yeah. This game feels just like the other Spider Mans like The Swinging. You could do like a boost yeah. This feels smooth. I am playing it on an emulator right now so like it is on 60 FPS. It might lag a little bit here and there, but it is a smoother and better experience Ill say than the actual PS3. Oh, just as I said that this man is tweaking, oh, my gosh, oh emulator might not be the move: Spider Man – 2099, oh yeah, Spiderman of the year 2099. thats me ready to save the universe. Thats looking good hold up. I realize I dont have my subtitles. Let me go ahead and fix that, while doing it, the next fragment is close just ahead.

In fact, Im on got ta watch out, though this areas property of the alcamex corporation, and that means the public eye will be everywhere and what pray tell is a public eye, not a what a who the police force owned by alcamax and Im, not sure which Is more corrupt? Hmm, this suit! Look clean too, look how its kind of like pulsating, okay, 2099 Spider Man look good. They all still got the same run though its pretty funny. I dont know if Im the biggest fan of the world, that hes in but other than that his suit is cool. Speaking many enemies will try to stop you from collecting fragments. You must defeat them in combat. Tell me about it. Cards once go so good. All right lets punch some people to bed then lets go normal Square combos Ill come into the air, so this is literally just like the other Spider Man. Humble time Ball come here. Stop that damn oh hes dead, sir. I have saved him from him. Try not to be so cavity or next time, yeah he would have died. I here comes some more lets punch on them. This man is quick too. He fights he can fight way faster than like the new Spider Man games. We got. It may not be as smooth, but it is pretty quick. Ah that was a good warm up. So why dont we get a real challenge. I fear it will be sooner than you sing.

Finally, I turned my attention from the future to a world setting. Oh yeah Spider Man Noir, I already know the transition. Okay here comes the Spiderman, and this used to be such a nice place use the Shadows to your advantage, see if you can subdue these opponents silently see this my type of gameplay. You know what Im saying because yall know Im a fan of Batman, so you can see why I like this Spider Man very much. Did this take down all right, dang, all right, my game is lagging a bit right now. I dont. I dont know why to that, take down this dude Music, another one right here, him down lights out, then the last one is right here, oh Spiderman, why are you punching them out like that? Wait, no theres! Another one over here. Have you? Oh yeah? Oh yeah! Oh yeah, yes, this Spider Man is brutal. I like that its web pool score and lead on mint m dubs: okay, no Spidey its just the beginning across many dimensions. These four Fearless Spider Man in all their various incarnations. This looks so good. Yo reassemble. The tablet of Order and Chaos, not just for the sake of their own worlds, but for the fate of every World in every Dimension. Good luck, web slingers, were all counting on you. Youve recovered. The first quarter of the tablet X, Ive always been good at scavenger hunts like moths to a flame, those with evil Hearts will be drawn to the Unleashed power of the tablet gaining new and frightening Powers.

So far, you have been fortunate that none of them have fallen into enemy, hands whyd. You have to go and say that man, what a jinx, but if you find hella bosses in this man, this game looked good Im playing this all the way through. I dont care, ah useless hunk of nothing. Stereo again, wait watch this. Ah, you still got a fragment. Our power feels feels no more parlor tricks and sleight of hand is now the master of real magic. You still gon na get punched on Laughter. This man in this villain laugh s hey something from inside the uh Jungle Room. Is it good in this game? Hey! Look at that if it isnt Mr tablet fragment right there waiting for me to grab it. No, its! Not gon na be that easy only mean one thing: oh no, that wasnt, so bad Mighty sense is op huh, not the gas whos. This Raven, I actually do not know who that is. Okay. This is a pretty nice deal.