This is george from back in another video hope. You guys keeping well and in this video we’re, going to have a look at this multi port, usb type c hub, which you can use for your computer, especially if you have a macbook where we all know that macbooks only come with usb type c nowadays. So let’s take a look Music, so this product comes from a company called awesome is not awesome, as your first instinct will probably tell you, it’s pronounced as awesome, and this usb hub comes with a lot of features like a lot of usb ports. As you can see here, you can even plug in your headphones as well so and as you can see here, some of some of the highlights of the features but we’re gon na have a look at them in details once we open up now, you may be Wondering how much does this thing cost it’s about 113 bucks? But at the time of recording this video there’s a 40 discount bringing the price all the way down to 68 bucks? And if you want to see all the technical features like in details in bullet points. It’S going to make it a lot easier to understand, then it’s, definitely well to head over on my website with link down in the description and read the review as well. So let’s go back to the video, so let’s go ahead and open the box, so you can see nicely slides just like that.

Put it on this side and once you open up this is it’s gon na be the the adapter. So, as you can see quite big, like quite big inside just gon na put like my fingers, my you know hand, so you can see how big this is actually more than one and a half of my palms. As you can see, quite big – and here are all the products you can see – let’s see what else is in the box, so you also get a cable, so let’s put it it’s like this. Just one cable and the size is slightly longer than the actual adapter. So let’s go ahead and see what else is in the box. As you can see, we have some leaflets. You know thank you leaflet and, of course we have the user guide. So this is the adapter and, as you can see, it has 12 ports. So let’s have a look at them one by one. So as you can see on the on the far on the far right, you have a one headphone jack. So that means you can plug in your headphones and play your favorite music instead of using bluetooth your computer, in most cases, you’re not going to have a headphone jack on your on your laptop next. We have, of course, one sd card and one micro sd card uh slot uh three usb 2.0 slots and two usb 3.1 slots. These are going to be the ones we’re going to do, which you’re going to be using mostly, but in case you have any older usbs.

These are going to be the maximum uh speed that concept work. Of course it brings back the ethernet cable. So if you haven’t had an if you haven’t seen the network cable for a while, and you have one lying around in your house that’s there we go like this – is gon na help. You a lot and of course, supports up to five gigabits per second fiji and hdmi ports you’re most likely not gon na be using vgas right now, but you know just like me. I like experimenting so i might use it uh hdmi. This is where it supports up to 4k uh and external monitors, headphone jack, and, of course you have the usb type c. So, as you can see, you get your your usb type c back, but one thing i would like to mention is that if you plug more devices on the onto the adapter – and you also plug a usb type c – you’re, not gon na get the full speed Potential of that usb type c, because you’re probably gon na, be using everything at the same time so say that you plug in a mouse you plug in a keyboard, an sd card you plug in your an ethernet cable. You know external monitor. So all of this is gon na consume a lot of power from your computer from your laptop and it all actually can work with a single usb type c, which you just connected to your computer.

So we’re, just gon na show you that this is where you this is where you actually plug in this cable. So let’s put it in here. You have to hear the click in order to make sure that it’s stabilized, and this is how you connect it. So all the work, all this hard work has been done with one usb type c, and this is something that i’m very actually interested to test it out like how many devices can handle so let’s go ahead and take a look okay, so, as you can see, We have quite a lot of stuff over here to have to to go ahead and use and, as you can see over here, this is my my macbook pro and if you’re wondering why the screen is not open it’s, because the my screen actually doesn’t work for Some reason i was i was working and then sadly the screen proof just turned black, so that’s. Why? I need an extra monitor which we’re also going to include in the game. So, as you can see, we have a lot of devices over here to test. We have you know a couple of phones: we have storage devices, usbs sd cards and you name it a camera. Of course you need a camera for your meetings using zoom, of course, microphones, keyboards, mice and, of course, a 1080p monitor. This is a typical monitor, you’re gon na see in every hash hold, so pretty typical items.

Like almost you know, most people gon na have uh are gon na, have these items and so that’s. Why? I i made sure to include only items that you guys, probably gon na, have in your in your home, so let’s go ahead and start with the most basic. So, first of all, we’re gon na go ahead and connect the the adapter with my computer and, as you can see, there is a red light over here indicating that the it’s gon na show you so, as you can see, there’s a blue light over here. I think i don’t know if it’s invisible, okay, so the first thing you typically gon na. Do you wan na see some colors and of course, we’re gon na go ahead and connect the monitor in the beginning. So we can see what’s going on okay, so we can see something that’s, very cool and of course, next the next thing i’m gon na do is you know plug in the keyboard, so we have uh. This is the keyboard usb so, and i think this is a usb 2.0. I cannot. I don’t think it can stand most. You can accept higher speeds, so let’s go ahead and connect it to one of the uh 2.0 uh ports – i’m, just gon na put it over here. Sadly, my desk is very messy with all this stuff, so i hope you probably will be able to see what’s going on i’m gon na also plug in the mouse again at the same uh port.

I can use my mouse right here, just gon na close this down and let me just and then i’m gon na go ahead and i’ll show you that the keyboard works just gon na type text edit and there we go so keyboard works must works. Nothing. So no delays, no no problems like that, and next of course, i’m gon na go ahead and connect the microphone so that’s. The usb for the microphone just gon na plug it in again on the usb 2.0 port. All right and looks like the microphone is being recognized. Next we’re gon na go ahead and connect the camera, so Music, actually not really a camera, but a webcam and uh. Since we don’t have any more 2.0 ports, we’re just going to go ahead and connect it on the usb on usb 3. let’s put this over here all right now, we’re gon na and as you can see, the camera is turned on, so it uh. So the camera works the microphone works. I just put turn on and turn off. So all this device works and what i’m going to do. Of course, i kind of want to transfer some data so i’m going to so this is the usb 3. 0.0 so i’m going to connect it on here and see where they recognize it all right. So you can see my usb is being recognized. So, as you can see, i don’t know if you can see it, but there is a flashing light over there.

Blue flashing light blue over there. It seems like it stopped so i’m just going to open it up and, as you can see, i only have uh for the library over there. So you know just type. You know typical usb um. I want to connect and then next i have an sd card. I have some photos. I want to transfer for my camera, so let’s go ahead and put that in all right. I should show up my sd card soon. Okay, it looks like my sd card is also connected, just gon na type it in and you know, photos and you know random stuff. I have so so. As you can see, my mouse works. The keyboard works. I move with the keyboard so with the keys to different shortcut. It works very well. Okay, so i’m going to go ahead and test some transferring speeds between my computer and some of my connected device. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and transfer photos in media, which is nothing else than just a bunch of you know, videos that i have in my on my on my computer. Just you know to create um a director which is about four gigabytes of storage and also i have photos some for random photos making up about 400 megabytes and why i have four gigabyte mega when why do i have two different directories is because my personal usb Only has around 600 megabytes of free space so just just to be able to fit all those all this stuff in it and we’re going to use my sd card, which is called no name and with about four and a half gigabytes of storage.

So, as you guess, we’re going to transform media to no name and we’re going to transfer photos into george’s usb, so let’s go ahead and do this right now and at the same time of transforming, i will actually disconnect my microphone because, as you guess, i don’t Use it and plug in my uh iphone 6, so i’m gon na go ahead and pretend i’m charging iphone 6, while transferring the data let’s go ahead and do this at the same time, so name photos and just quickly. Gon na disconnect my microphone and plug in quickly my phone all right, so my phone is charging and, as you can see, the job is still being done. So, as you can see, you know around 20 to 15 seconds for four photos: pre transferred to george’s usb. Now we’re waiting for no name to be transferred, and i kind of like you know, quickly, move my mouse use a keyboard, the keyboard, you know just move between different shortcuts, uh open, no name while the job is being done, have some photos over here. Let me just open the folder, you know so, of course, like the the speed of seeing this data is going to be slower than you know. What because you know that has been transferred at the same time, and here we have all the screenshots some photos, whatever they are okay and this process, and the transfer is right now done so, as you can see i’m trying to test all those devices.

So so i move the phone, i you know switch my microphone with my phone and i try to do all the transfer and and all the other devices still actually operate now. One thing that would like to i would like to mention is that also what awesome says as well is that if you experience any, you know slow down some devices, some devices seem to be some. Some devices seem to not work properly. Now please make sure that you disconnect devices that you donate. So, for example, in my case i don’t need the camera and also i don’t need the microphone so i’m, just gon na go ahead and disconnect those as well so now we’re done with the testing. But i want to stress things up: i want to go ahead and connect my external external storage device and actually use this to you know the bat to store my backups and everything so i’m going to go ahead and connect it to my to the hub. Now, again, i’m, not expecting that this is going to actually work i’m expecting the hub to crash, or you know, reboot or whatever so let’s see how it’s going to behave and as a and as i expected, the hub actually reset it now. Why they why? This is is because this is a usb c, so this actually consumes a lot of power straight from the hub and, as you can see, all these devices were disconnected and how to reconnect again, because, as i expected, they have had to reconnect and then we’re going To go ahead and delete the media folder on both of these just gon na go ahead and delete it just doing some random job and uh i’m gon na go ahead and transfer them again.

Now again, this is beyond expectations beyond the scope of what of what um the of the test, but we’re, just gon na see how how much it can handle transfer that to new name, we’re, just gon na move on this on george usb again, the same and I’M gon na actually do something extra i’m gon na move media on windows feel which is just gon na, replace it, which is this storage device, and, as you can see, it actually works very well like, as you can see, all of them are being transferred, as You can see here just gon na zoom in here. Let me show everything where it will be. Just as you can see right now. It did some uh a reboot. Now this is not good, because uh the reboot happened, while um the files have been transferring on my sd card. So you should never do that because it can actually, you know, cause some corruption on your data, so this is so. This process can be very dangerous for your data, so that’s. Why? I highly highly encourage you to only have one device at most connected with the the with the hub and right now, i’m going to do something different again. This is beyond the scope it’s going to disconnect disconnect my external axle, hard drive and let’s connect. I connected with a usb uh usbc to usb uh to usb. I think this is usb 2.0, so just gon na go ahead and uh actually, which might remove i’m gon na remove the camera.

So this is the camera because, as you guys said, i don’t use the camera they’re going to reconnect again and now again same formula. Just going to move on all these different files onto those different story devices all right, so, as you can see it does, like you know, uh continuous reboots, so that means he cannot handle any. So we cannot handle those three devices it’s kind of weird, because earlier it did hand those right on does i’m, just gon na quickly disconnect my uh the storage device, because it’s not good that’s it’s, not healthy for the for the devices that’s doing all those rebooting Stuff, so this is again beyond the test: it’s i’m, not expecting i wasn’t expecting from the beginning for all these devices to work at the same time, so that’s a good lesson, that’s a good lesson to see what how much you can handle so again, if you’re, Using a usb, if you use an external hard drive, which has type usb type c, make sure that this is the only device is connected, one device connected to the hub and nothing else other than, of course, your keyboard, your mouse, your microphone and the camera. Maybe you can handle those but not, and but you won’t be able to handle any more than that, and, of course that brings to the end of this video. Now again, you can purchase it 40, with 40 discount from the 10 making this video on the official website of awesome and uh, and one more thing i would like to say as a feedback to awesome is: it would be very cool if there was a longer Cable like, for example, in my case uh because i don’t have a screen.

I don’t really want to use my computer in in this position because it can actually consume a lot of space on my desk, so i kind of so i kind of try to use my computer like below my desk like i’m. Just gon na show you briefly so so just below just below over there just blow over there, because it so so i can because this screen of my laptop doesn’t work. So it would be nice if there was an extension which can extend the cable into about say one meter, and if you really want something like that, then i have a link down description but overall it’s a very good product. I really like it and i think i’m gon na be using it for my day to day basis, and that brings me to this video. So thanks for watching guys, i hope you enjoyed this video feel free to hit the like button. Let me know what you think about this product and which one was your actually favorite feature and, of course, don’t forget to share to your friends if they have so many devices and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and notification bell right next to it.