Even if it’s just cool to look at you, don’t have to be a tech fanatic to enjoy the cool. Look of a mouse with fancy lighting there’s some items. You had no idea you needed, such as a noise cancelling microphone, whether you’re a gamer or a work from home sort of person. A pair of blue light, canceling glasses, has become a must too let’s dive in to the coolest pc accessories of 2021 number 12 laptop riser. When we talk about electronics, we always want them to be ergonomic after all, it’s obvious. How often we use them. So why not make ourselves comfortable? This is especially important for laptops. You can keep them on your lap sure, but when it comes to setting them up on a table or flat surface, it can get too low, eventually straining the neck. To avoid this problem for good a laptop riser like this will solve all your posture issues, first of all, it’s very lightweight yet strong and it can support laptops and tablets of all sizes. Its foldable design makes it suitable for travel too. It won’t even have a skidding or slipping problem, since it has a silicone pad around the stand to ensure that the rise stays in one place: number 11: noise, cancelling microphone with the rise of online classes and meetings; we’re slowly starting to realize how noisy our houses? Actually are especially if you live with your family but there’s a solution for that this noise, cancelling microphone doesn’t just enhance your headset’s microphone performance, but it also minimizes any background noise with its built in chip.

You don’t need to purchase any sort of additional software. So no hassle, moreover, it includes a usbc and usb 2.0 slot that makes it compatible with mobile phones, pcs and even gaming consoles. It has integrated 96 kilohertz hyper grounding technology that prevents any sort of electromagnetic interference. Basically, what this does is reduce crackling and any other unwanted noise at the back number 10 cooling pad. If you’ve ever had a laptop on your well lap, then you know exactly how easy it is to toast a slice of bread under it. No matter how good your cooling is a little accessory that can help with diverting the heat is never a bad option. This heavy duty, cooling pad with a whopping five fans, can cool down anything, maybe even lava and the speed of the fans can be easily regulated through a dial with a sturdy metal mesh surface. It allows for easy dissipation of the heat better. Yet it even looks cool with the blue, led lights, number nine wire zipper, sleeve, pesky, wires and cable are the absolute worst, and all of this clutter can even cloud your mind. A fact. That’S scientifically proven this four pack of cable sleeves lets. You zip up a bunch of cables to keep them collected and safe. Each sleeve can hold a number of wires of varying sizes. Moreover, these sleeves are made of flexible neoprene material, so you can rest assured that nothing is going to tear them apart.

This affordable accessory will literally change your life and give you a chance at a little redecoration without sacrificing any functionality. Number eight smart lights. Smart lighting is all the rage. So why should gamers be left behind? With these philip you play? Smart lights can be adjusted by an app on your phone. You can even sync up both of the lights to create the perfect ambiance for your gaming session better. Yet you can control these lights with alexa or even google home assistant. If you’re, not a handyman. Don’T worry: you don’t, need any sort of tools to set these lights up. Just some double sided tape already provided in the kit will do just imagine putting on some songs while you play sims for hours on end. How amazing would that be number seven? An under desk stand whether you work from home have to attend an online school or just like the game. A lot. A clean computer table is an amazing site for solarize, but it’s hard to achieve, since there are just so many wires cables and other accessories. With this under table stand, you can keep your bulky headphones out of sight. What’S more! You can charge your phones, since this item has three usb charging ports. Its hardened plastic outer shell, makes it durable as well as fire resistant with its built in premium circuit and microchip. You won’t have to worry about your device’s safety, either number six, a mouse you’ll, never forget, what’s a pc without a fancy mouse.

Sometimes you need to make purchases that satisfy the heart and the eyes that’s exactly what this mouse is for, with its sleek design and lighting the picture gaming mouse can up anyone’s game, but it’s. Not all just looks every button on this mouse is programmable. It supports macro editing and by customizing buttons, to your choice. You can set it up in a way that’s convenient for you. Furthermore, when you have the option of an astonishing 16 million colors, you can never get bored with the color of your mouse. If you’re not a backlight sort of person, then you can easily shut it off and enjoy the ergonomic design that gives you perfect grip to play any game with number 5 rgb mousepad. Now that you have a cool mouse to purchase, let’s move on to an even cooler mouse pad a lot of mouse pads are boring and the most they have is a printer cover, but this one leaves behind all the themes. This mouse pad is large enough to fit your keyboard and mouse on it. More importantly, it has rgb lighting with up to 10 lighting modes on the bottom. It is a non slip rubber base that resists sliding even to the millimeter during a hot and heavy gaming session, since it’s made of super fine fiber braided material. You know this is going to last you a long time and with its micro, textured, smooth surface, your mouse will literally glide over it number four gaming glasses on a more serious note screens can harm your eyesight a lot.

This is especially important, since most of you are indoors a lot of the time now you don’t have to reduce your screen time after getting a pair of these, these blue light blocking computers and gaming, glasses, reduce eye strain headaches and even protect your vision. It can help prevent all the symptoms of prolonged exposure to a screen such as dry eyes and macular degeneration. You can treat yourself all you like, but this item really falls under protective gear. Number three ergonomic arm, like we mentioned before, having a device be ergonomic when you have to sit at the computer table for more than six hours, isn’t, just a luxury it’s, a necessity. If you’re a typer or someone has to use the mouse a lot, the strain you get on your wrist after a busy day is horrible. So someone came up with the solution for it. This ergoguys armstand armrest has a unique design that relieves up to 90 percent of the weight from your wrist. Moreover, it has three pivot points and two adjustable hinges, so you can move around as much as you want until you find a comfortable spot Music number. Two usb fingerprint reader, your iphone, might have a fingerprint identification option. But what about your computer and laptop, where most of your important data is with this mini usb fingerprint reader? You can protect your device’s storage with external encryption. The best part is it’s, a tiny lightweight and super portable item that can be set up to identify up to 10 different fingerprints.

This way, you can share your data with someone you trust by simply adding their fingerprints number one a cooling cube case. Finally, we have the coolest cube. You’Ll ever set your eyes on with its sleek outer casing and rgb lighting. The cube 802 is pleasing to the eye along with being fully functional. With this cube, you can increase the cooling performance of your pc. You can even install all your different components to separate chambers plus dissipate heat more efficiently through its dual chamber design. Moreover, just see at how futuristic this cube looks alright comment below which of these pc accessories. You want to get your hands on first don’t forget to like the video subscribe to techjoint and we’ll.