Today we are looking the new, very cool video. Before we go to the video make sure you are subscribed to the channel and leave a comment saying i’m subscribed and we are trying our best to personal reply to your comments. So let’s go 15.6 inch touch working and gaming monitor 15.6 inch hype screen offers a vivid and rich colour image with the full angle. Screen can work perfectly outdoor activity, restore the details at dark and bright areas, improving the grey scale and contrast, especially suitable for HDR games, movies and images, upgraded, look and feel just like being there 20 inch fat, a bike, powerful performance and enjoyable riding with five gears Speed regulation and LCD instrument with double suspension, automotive grade power, lithium battery with strong adaptability, high discharge efficiency and sufficient power, lithium batteries hidden under the seat, direct charging or seat charging can be chosen. It will. It is easy to remove the lithium battery for charging or directly charge it visual, smart eye, massager effective to relieve eye fatigue, store, eyes, dry eyes, dark circles and blurred vision, visual design, air massage 42 degree celsius, hot compress, vibration, massage built in music wireless and convenient Abs, material and large capacity battery there is no need to close your eyes when using and you can see the outside through the transparent lens when you massage Portable laser keyboard, easy connection via bluetooth, 2.0 HID profile or USB connection to main devices like tablet, PC smartphone, Desktop PC and video games as a new input device using the built in infrared laser transmitter to project the standard keyboard.

On the working surface, you can locate the click position and input the information by the method of optical identification, Removable rotating phone wristband, no more struggling to search for a new wristband. Each time upgraded your phone 360 degree rotation freely allows for the precise angle. You want. The screen at full access to screen and buttons and genius open face design, delivers complete access to phone screen, control and all Multifunctional kitchen seasoning box. The kitchen is not messy. Cooking is enjoyable after using it. It becomes clean and tidy enjoy the joy of cooking in an orderly kitchen, contains scoop area, matching area, tool, area, chopsticks area storage area and seasoning area. Countertop cleaning is actually very simple. Items are all stored in one just clean the spice box Camp survival gear. What is included in packages tactical survival? Knife wire saw flashlight, tactical self defense, pen, scraptor survival, bracelet emergency thermal, blanket pocket, bellow, snowflake, multi tool, whistle saber card bottle, clip carabiner signal, mirror multi use spoon fork and waterproof box Mini smart projector. The projector is based on the android OS 9.0 to customise the desktop for a larger screen. You also can download all kinds of app at will synchronising the picture of computer to the big screen. It is convenient for entertainment, sharing and conference presentations, Bluetooth, music, light wireless bluetooth, speaker function after connecting bluetooth, you can play your favourite songs, anytime and anywhere and turn on the lights. At the same time, you can switch the colour of the light remotely bright and convenient simple, solid colour, design, stylish and elegant.

The remote control can control the status of the light, and the colour of the light can be adjusted at any time. The light is natural and soft without flicker and does not hurt the eyes Men body shaper. Our tank shirt is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of Gynecomastia hide man. Boobs deal with beer belly breathable for improving blood circulation and fat burning and strongly chest shaping, while workout or gym Toilet paper holder, bathroom toilet paper holder is waterproof and it can be wall mounted for toilet paper and tray roll paper storage also for tissue box, and It is shell, free, punching, Toilet, dredge, sewer, strong high pressure design, and there is no need to use electricity. It can unblock toilet, wash basin, washing pool and floor drain with pneumatic dredge. Hey, if you like this video and want more videos like this don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and click notification bell, so you don’t miss new videos.