In this video, we are going to review the best template that you can buy as of today, the ipad pro by apple. Oh sorry, there you go now it’s about right. This video is sponsored by my paycheck and apple didn’t. Pay me to do this, so everything i’ll say in this video is gon na, be my honest review. So i had this ipad for about a month now and it’s been a great experience harder than the price, but i have found it worth it for every penny that i had paid so before going to the five things that i love about this ipad pro. Let me show you guys what we have inside the box. So now we have the box of the ipad pro it’s, really a box. So inside the box we got our menu, which is very useful, and then we got our charger. And next we got our charging cable and also as well as our ipad pro right here. So that is everything in the box and let me just go over a few things with you guys that i absolutely love about this ipad pro number one. So the first thing that i love the most is the screen. This thing got a huge screen for a template. The one that i have right now is the one that has 12.9 inch, which is about 11 inch long and eight and a half inch wide. Let me give you guys a comparison of how big this screen is.

So this is my iphone 10. see how much different that is. This thing is huge. I use it to watch youtube videos as well as some daily project serving on the internet. Do some research and shopping and as well as gaming and the screen is not just big? This new generation screen got 120 hertz refresh rate, which makes everything seems so smoothly and plus the xdr display making everything looks so clear gives you that fantastic view. Experience number two, and the second thing that i love the most about this template is the battery life. This thing lasts me two days straight up using well. I was playing games watching videos, i’ll, say like around four to eight hours a day two days straight up. No charging and i still have 30 to 40 percent of battery life, so the battery is really good in this ipad number. Three, it is man. This thing is fast. It is fast for everything and thank you for april ib1 chip which has a core cpu with four performance cores and four efficiency cores for the model of this one, which is 256 gigabyte storage. Everything seems so smoothly. Number four it’s the camera system. It got a ultra white camera smooth also got a 125 degree field of view. Digital zoom up to five times, and not just the camera, is good. Also, the video recording is also good. This thing is beating my canon eos m50, because this thing can do the 4k mode in 60 fps.

So the video recordings support 4k video at 24, fps, 25 and 30, and as well as 60 fps, which is insane and for 1080p. You can go up to 60fps as well and as well as the 720p hd, but i don’t think anyone out there now is gon na record anything in 720 with 30fps number five it’s the speaker. This thing gets four speakers, two at the left and two at the right, which brings this surrender sounds to you from a little template, but this thing is not little. This thing is huge and the sound quality is really good and loud and clear, and here is a little clip of it – Music, just because you just don’t know, but some things never each, but these in my wakes Music – and here are the things that i don’t, Like about the sci fi pro to get a big screen like this, you also lose its mobility. What i mean by that is when you’re gaming, you know the sound button that you need to push it’s too big. You can’t cross your finger like this. You can’t touch it, so you have to do like this or this you know or something you click something like that. But if you have a small screen like the ipad, air or iphone or something you can just do with your thumb. But this is not a cons, okay, but you. You can always go ahead and go to the 11 inch version and also on another thing that bothers me.

A little bit is so the ipad doesn’t get any finger point of the back cover, but it does get a lot finger point on the screen, which is pretty annoying for me, especially if you have a sweaty hands like me, it always gets wet and you know Oily, so your spring will looks like this, alright guys, so that is pretty much everything for this video and thank you to stick it to the end and thank you for watching. Please leave a comment below and let me know which ipad you would buy either the ipad pro or the ipad air that we unboxed earlier and also, if you like, the video, make sure to leave a like and also consider to hit that subscribe button.