I didn’t expect it to come so fast, um. So right now, i’m, just cutting this shrink wrap very carefully, but then of course, i’m going to rip it rip it out very, very uncarefully. I like the box, it’s um. It has this very ipad feel and the logo. The imoons logo, looks like a lenovo logo. Nothing on the sides, nothing on the sides. If you look at the back, you see that logo again, 10 moons, 10 moons. All right, let’s, try and get this open god. This is difficult. Ah, okay, all right! Nothing in the cover let’s keep the cover. Let’S see what else is here? Okay, so this is the tablet. Okay, let’s let’s put this here for a while and see what the heck is in here. What is this? Oh, i think this is the pen. This is the the stylus okay and now it gets so difficult to get oh sh, oh my god. What did i just do? Ah, oh, this is the the the pencil lead. This is the lead for the look at look. Look at that that’s, the lead right. There, ah so there’s a lot of replacements. Let me put this back in oh. I think i dropped on the floor. Oh god! Oh no! Oh! This is this is tedious man, how many they give all right, there’s one stuck in here, sorry guys! So so sorry, okay, let’s, take a look uh. I think that’s there’s one stuck in here.

Okay, i think that’s, all all right, all right, let’s let’s, close this up; okay, it doesn’t even screw on well it’s. Just you just pull off. Look at that pencil, nice. Okay, let’s leave that there okay, this is a ring. I don’t know what it’s for i’ll check it out later. Let’S keep you back. There come on. Okay, put you back in this and stay there. Okay let’s see the wires what the heck ah come on. Oh, oh, okay, it’s, a it’s, a usbc, connector and okay. Let’S put it aside. What is this it’s? Another cable, but this one has, you know, usbc to usbc to usb what the heck is going on here and i don’t know where they give. This i’ll read the manual later, so you can see there’s a usb c there and a usb normal, the one that goes into your phone, your android phone – and this is also usbc so thoroughly confused. All right tell you what let’s try let’s see what’s inside. I always take out this part because i want to see what’s inside the bottom of the oh there’s, nothing there. Okay, all right all right, nothing! There! Okay, let’s, take you close! You up, yeah and stay there. Okay, let’s, take a look at the tablet: Music uh! Merry christmas, let’s let’s tear this open: okay, hey it’s, just interesting it’s got a nice weight to it very, not very heavy, but not very light.

Okay, a couple of things in here: what is this it’s a green card? I don’t know what it is it’s in chinese and we have. The manual which is uh has, i think, has an english yep has an english and a chinese version, so it’s one on each side. Okay, let’s, take a look at this tablet here, wow. We still have the stickers on oh there’s, a protecting film, okay, okay and we’ve got this little knob down here.