.., But I won’t cease to impress. This is the theme of our story today Once upon a time, … QUIET. This happened on 5th June 2021, around 4 PM, when I was recording a video And then the display of my PC that you might have seen several times in my videos or streams, went off. The PC was still functioning, but its graphic card was not working anymore. Bro …, It was all over … finished. End of story. …, I got all tensed.. How was I supposed to get work done? How was I supposed to play games or record and edit? I was so stressed out that I was asking my friends on discord. What to do, And then I made the biggest mistake of my life, I took the advice of my best friend. For the sake of this video let’s call him. Quotchaddiquotunderwear Chaddi told me that there’s a new NVIDIA Rtx 3090 graphic card in the market. He told me to get that as he had got the same for himself. I was like ‘Okay., But where do I get it from’? So he provided me with the link of the website where I could buy it from As I was buying it. He advised me to get the best graphic card, as this is what my job is all about. I was like ‘Yes he’s right’, So I asked him which graphic card is the best. He told me about the ASUS EKWB graphic card, that was a water cooled graphic card.

He told me that this one was the best in the market and the most superior., So I should buy this one. Since he said that this was the best and the most superior graphics card with so much confidence, and I did not have much knowledge about the Water cooled graphics card. I chose to trust his opinion and I ordered it. It has been one week since my old graphic card broke down and the new one has finally arrived. I called the guy who fixes computers to come and install the new graphic card. He came took a look and made an observation that the graphic card was water cooled. I was like ‘Yeah. So Fit it’. He told me that fitting it would require pipes, pumps reservoirs, …, blah blah blah. He mentioned so many terms that simply went over my head. So then, I understood what a quotwater cooledquot graphic card meant. Simply speaking when you play games and all the graphic card heats up, There are two ways to cool it down. The first is Air cooling. The graphic card has fans installed that cool it down, And the second is the water cooled, one That I bought on the advice of Mr Chaddi. It has pipes installed within the system through which liquid coolants flow and keep the system cool. Even I have no idea what I am saying but Bear with me. The computer guy tells me that this is not his cup of tea and I would have to go the the store to get it fitted.

I called Chaddi up and told him the computer guy was refusing to fit this and that he was telling me that some extra things would be needed. I then asked him how he got his fitted To which he replied that he had an air cooled one. Then I asked him why he asked me to get the water cooled. One Chaddi literally pulled off a scam with me, Pardon my language, but he screwed me. But how do I blame him? It was my fault I didn’t know about things. I’Ve never felt so foolish in my entire life. Nevertheless, I asked Chaddi to atleast arrange for someone who could come install this. He asked for half an hour to 45 mins. And said he would arrange for someone ASAP, But that 30 45 mins turned into 1 …. 2 … .3 … .4 days, Chaddi even stopped replying to messages trying to locate Chaddi with a swag. Now my biggest headache was to find someone who know their way with this water cooling system, because there are very few people in Delhi, maybe 1 or 2 out of 100, who can actually work with the water cooling system. It had been one week already and Chaddi hadn’t helped one bit and I hadn’t been able to find anyone in the whole of Delhi to install this. So I thought of returning this graphic card and buying the air cooled one in its place. So I emailed MD Computers from where I had bought this card, that this card was incompatible with my system and I requested them for the air cooled one in exchange for this They replied.

We are sorry.. We are not responsible for any issues with incompatibility. I was like Yeah right I’m like that bell in the temple. Everyone keeps ringing.. You take your turn as well, And their shitty customer service had already proven to be of no help when my graphic card was delayed by a couple of days from it’s estimated delivery time. So it was expected that they would be of no help this time either. So WHATEVERRR It had now been 10 days and I had not been able to find anyone who could install the card in my system. My anxiety issues kept escalating because I was unable to make videos. I was able to edit and stream videos with great difficulty, sometimes on my brother’s system and sometimes on my old and broken down laptop. I was someone able to scrape through and then I came across the SMC International folks who told me that it would take them. 5 days to set up the new PC And then when I called then after 5 days, they informed me that a part that they had installed in the system turned out to be faulty So that it would take them more time. … and more time. … and MORE time – AND FINALLY, my system was delivered at my place after 3 weeks, So it has been 3 weeks since my PC broke down, And now the SMC folks have rebuilt the new PC They’ve installed and put new things into it.

I hardly know anything And … I’m about to enter the room, … Hoping for the best … Let’s go. Oh my. There is water inside of it. There is even a tap inside, Come closer There, a tap and even a handle in here. So I can go like …, Even if you give them a gold bowl, they’ll still use it to beg You’re heeeeeerrrrrreeeeeeee I’m heeeeerrrrrrrre system replied. Finally, my setup is complete and my room is complete and I am very, very happy. So.. Let’s star …, Get over with the spiel we’ve other things to do So. First of all, this is my DSLR, which is the Sony a7 III camera. This connects to my PC using a hardware which is the Elgato Cam Link. It is small, just like a pen drive Yeah yeah don’t teach us Two very beautiful monitors. This is the 1080p 240 Hz LG monitor This. One is also LG, but this is 4K. This is 4K 60 Hz. I bought this one because it is more fun to watch movies on it On it. I have installed my webcam, which I use to record all my videos of the Triggered Insaan channel. Even today, This is the Logitech Brio Webcam 4K.. It can record in 4K The microphone which is on mute Hold on a second Ya, so this mic is the Elgato Wave3. Earlier I used the Blue Yeti mic., The blue thick mic that you might have seen, But honestly, ever since I’ve started to use this, I love this.

I think its sound quality is much much better Macbook, on which I watch movies on the bed. So this is for that purpose, But until I did not have that PC, I was using this to do my work for editing, videos and stuff Headphone. These are of the CORSAIR brand.. I don’t exactly remember the model They’re either CORSAIR, H100 or H150, something like that. It’S, not your cup of tea, A very useless and unworthy mouse. Logitech G102. I have been using this mouse for I think the past 3 years. It breaks down every three months and I have to get a new one, but I always get this mouse because I’m, not interested dude. I don’t WANT to listen. This is the Elgato Stream Deck. This is basically for streamers. If you want to change your screens without touching your mouse, you can change it directly through this. This is not much of a necessity. Dude …! All you need is money. These are Keylights that have also been sent to me by Elgato Thanks to Team Vitality. My keyboard is that of Zebronics a not so worthy one. When I spilled coffee over my last keyboard in a live stream, then I had ordered this keyboard … and …. I think it is a very budget friendly keyboard.. It costs 1000 rupees And it is really worth it.. I find it to be quite nice, Oh REALLLY, Then there is this: Choose LIFE, not ENGINEERING.

This was gifted to me by my brother, and I love this So I’ve placed this here In front of it. Is the Laughing Buddha which keeps us happy And then there is Joginder Singh, the son of DJ Mrunal. You can name him anything He’s sitting here with his tie on And here is Alexa Alexa. Do you love me? Leave aside the heart … Come absorb my knowledge. Instead, When a machine speaks more sense than the nibba nibbis Whaaaaaaa … .aaat, Now coming to the most important attraction …, The processor is Intel i7 8th generation, … BOOOOOOORRRRRINNNGGG I’ll do one thing: I’ll put all the details of every component in the description below If you’re, Actually interested to know you can read it from there, So this was our setup tour. Now coming to the room, tour …, because a lot of people have asked for that as well. Firstly, there is this almirah which houses the blankets for the cold, So it’s no use opening this I’ll open it and show it to you. Nevertheless, There are all blankets inside …, Never mind. Then there is a hand. Sanitizer …. My country is transforming and progressing …. .. Here is a photoframe that a fan had sent to me. So thank you so much for this. Then there is this light of Philips Hue. It is voice controlled.. If I say Alexa lights off, Then it turns off. Okay, YAAAAYYYYY SWAG, And then there is this window AC, which makes a lot of noise And I’m pretty sure it’s making a lot of noise.

As I say this, But what can be done It’s too hot in Delhi, Then there is Ganpati ji who gives us positive vibes as soon as we enter the room Here is my door. … Here are all the Playbuttons that YouTube has sent us Gold Play Buttons of Triggered Insaan and Live Insaan And Silver play buttons of Triggered Insaan and Live Insaan. I don’t know why Youtube has still not sent me. The Diamond Play Button Then, coming to the gaming chair that I own …, One of the chairs, is of Corsair, which has been given to me because of Team Vitality. So Thank you. Team, Vitality And the second chair is of Green Sole, which I have ordered on my own, because this chair is definitely one of the best out there And I have been man handling it … by piling up useless things on it Anyway, … then there is my Small bed that you might have seen many times in videos On it lies my neck: pillow …. Why is this lying here? Then there is a watch headphones charger, …, … .car. This is us and we’re partying. So in total that’s my room There’s, nothing else. So that’s why I never made a room tour, video, … There’s, not much to show What else do I show you? It is an unworthy room …. I have seen other people’s setup tour videos and I swear … what wonderful videos they make bro There are cinematic shots and this and that .

.. I can’t, do all that. So I showed you the reality. Even I possess a lot of lights.. For example, if I switch this on here …, There is a red light above as well. There are lights behind the system as well, But I actually don’t use these lights Even when I’m streaming just this tubelight is on. Since I don’t use a lot of lights. I didn’t show them in my tour. It is what it is. We’Re happy with this low key setup And, having recorded this roomsetup tour video, you can see the unbecoming poses I’m flashing, And, having recorded this roomsetup tour video, you can see the unbecoming poses I’m flashing. I was very happy that my room was finally complete … Until … Hold on 5 days later, … Friday, 9th of July 11 PM. I was livestreaming GTA on my Facebook page when there was literally a quotblastquot in my new system. I have no idea what just happened., So I was playing GTA. You can see the wire connected here. This is already connected, but there’s no light in this. I was playing GTA and suddenly there was a noise like tries to imitate the blast. Sound What’s. This smell repeats the blast sound again as if once wasn’t enough Something went off inside. I have no idea … This isn’t switching on anymore And an awful smell is emanating from it. I mean. Obviously, you wouldn’t be able to smell that from the camera, But the whole room is filled with this awful smell.

You got this all repaired and assembled just a week back …, And then this again I thinl it’s the 5th or the 6th day. Today, Yes, it’s been a week, … It’s the 6th day and …. What I feel is that it’s power supply unit has broken down, since there is no light in this anymore, And you know what the funniest part is. I was editing the setup tour video on this … And … It’s such an insult That’s. What I wanted to show you That this is what I had gotten setup.. This right here And …. It all broke down It broke down even before the video was posted. It must be my unlucky stars, Awful Misfortune. … It works. Jhandkismatop Awful Misfortune is the OP Anyway guys. If you liked the video leave a like on it. I will see you guys in the next video Until then … Goodbyeeeee, …, …