This video is going to be the definition of laptop lifestyle, so let’s look at what ultimate portability looks like, as always, all of the links of the products can be found in the description box below. So here are the top 10 coolest pc and laptop accessories that are worth buying let’s dive right into it. Shall we number 10, the saatchi multi port adapter we’re, going to be starting off this list with one of the most important things that you can get if you’re doing everything on your laptop? And we should start this off by saying that there are two reasons we choose to include this dongle on our list: first it’s, the slim design that allows you to take this and carry it anywhere. You go. Second, it has all the necessary extensions. You might need on the go: it’s equipped with 4k hdmi cable, an ethernet port sd card and micro sd card reads: 3, usb 3.0 ports and an extra usb type c port, but there’s, one drawback that we don’t even want to get into because the saatchi multi Port adapter comes with only usb type c. Plug in this means that older computer models might not benefit from it as much, but if you have a 2017 macbook or newer a microsoft surface hue matebook google pixel book go or any other type c device. This will be more than suitable number nine. A data portable ssd ssds are expensive, that’s how we’re going to start off this section with laptops getting smaller.

This means that you’re getting less storage space as a result, inevitably you’re going to need more storage, but the cheap hdds are slow, even though the ssd drive from adata is nearly 200 bucks. When you take it to account shipping and handling you’re still getting one terabyte of ssd space with the read speed of 1 000 megabytes per second, the design is small and compact it’s, waterproof drop proof and dust proof, it’s, so small that you can always carry it In your bag and thanks to different interfaces, you can use it to use it to pretty much on all of your devices. It has usb 3.0 and a type c port, which means all your files will be immediately accessible, regardless of where you are number eight. Microsoft. Mobile mouse, why do we decide to go with a mouse that looks pretty boring that’s, because the slim design, the bluetooth connection and the compatibility with different surfaces makes this redesigned mouse from microsoft? A hard offer to resist? Oh and we don’t really know if you noticed that we actually said it’s connected via bluetooth. So if your laptop has very few ports like every other new model out there, this thing will be a perfect fit. Also, it can be used on all types of surfaces. Even while you’re sipping your morning, coffee in bed number seven bat power, 40, 000 mega amps power bank. Now, if you’re using a laptop, then you definitely don’t want to be constrained to a desk and while on the go, you know that battery means everything that’s.

Why a good power bank is absolutely crucial when working while traveling the bat power power bank provides more than enough power for your laptop if you’re using a macbook pro, then this is going to allow you to charge it one and a half times over. As for smartphones, you’ll be able to charge all models at least five times over. There are four usb ports and a usb type c port that offers a max output of 90 watts of power. As for the other usb ports, they will give you between 18 watts and 20 watts of power. There is also an led indicator to show how much power you have left in the bank number six solo, new york briefcase. This is the laptop briefcase that we talked about at the beginning of the video it’s big enough to allow you to carry a 15 inch laptop inside thanks to its side, pockets. This thing can also hold a lot of accessories, as we mentioned earlier. We chose this briefcase because it’s a hybrid – if you get tired of dragging this thing around, you can flip it over pull it out of the backpack straps and place it on your back. It’S also got a removable shoulder, strap inside the thing you can carry notebooks magazines up to a 15.6 inch laptop and a freaking tablet, and this is not even taking into consideration the outside pockets. Oh, and if you stick around till the end, we will reveal something else you can place in this bag.

Aside from the tablet number five: have it rgb cooling pad now. This is one of those things that you can’t carry in the solo hybrid briefcase, but that won’t discourage you from using it at home. While gaming, we chose this model because it features rgb lighting with 14 different kinds of lights. Instead of the one giant fan like in most models, you get to cool your laptop with three of them. The fans can be turned on or off with the click of a button. On top of that, there are two height levels, so you can adjust the laptop accordingly and not even 50 bucks. You also get an rgb mouse pad with a non slip base and a smooth surface for your mouse now that’s. What we call a good deal number four laptop bed table, and this is the second model that won’t fit inside the hybrid briefcase it’s an actual laptop bed table so trying to fit everything inside your backpack would be quite a hassle after all, it’s about 24 by 16 inches so don’t even try. As for the heights, you have about 10 inches of space below which is perfect for attending zoom meetings from the comfort of your bed. This setup is large enough to house a 17 inch laptop and a drink on the side. Just in case, if you get thirsty and if you look in the back there’s this special rectangular slot that’s, where you’ll be able to put your laptop or kindle reader, if we’re talking about convenience, then you should know that you can store the tablet in the narrowest Of places because of the left fold, underneath it number three gutter blue light blocking glasses, since the pandemic has hit the entire world working from home.

The time we spend in front of a computer screen has drastically increased. This in turn, has some pretty serious consequences on our health. It messes with the production of melatonin in the body and it completely screws up the circadian rhythm. Well, what causes this mostly exposure to blue light? And if you can’t limit your time in front of the screen, then you should definitely check out some of the blue light glasses. These ones offer blue light protection, they’re, cheap, but they’re yellow. This might cause some getting used to number two moft invisible laptop stand. If you want to maintain good posture while working, then elevating your laptop to come to eye level is an absolute must and if you’re not up for carrying a bulky laptop stand, then why not opt in, for one of that actually sticks to the back of your Laptop you heard that right, thanks to its foldable design, it only weighs three ounces and it comes with two viewing angles. These are the two most common viewing angles, including a 25 degree and a 15 degree angle number one asus zen screen. If you thought it’s impossible to get a portable second screen for your laptop, then asus is here to dismantle that claim. They managed to make a 15.6 inch touchscreen monitor with full hd and only 1.7 pounds in weight. The monitor comes with a special stand, designed specifically for the monitor. It also comes with a smart pin that you can store in the special hole in the bottom, where it allows the laptop to stand up straight without the need for a cover to pair.

It. Just connect it to your laptop via displayport, cable, usbc to usbc and you’re good to go on a related note. We wanted to know if you already had any of these laptop gadgets.