I made this list based on my personal opinion, and I tried to list them based on their quality, durability, customer review and more. If you want to see their price and find out more information about them, you can check our links in the description below Music, foreign Seagate, Backup Plus Ultra touched. The Seagate Backup Plus Ultra touch is a portable HDD based external hard drive for people who care at least as much about how their Drive looks as how it functions. It Blends the traditional boxy look of a hard drive with a more contemporary, yet still restrained, aesthetic comprising solid color sides and back with a carpeted feeling front panel. The software is all the same as with the Backup Plus portable, though in many cases this drives performance was a little better in our tests. The Backup Plus Ultra touches two capacity options are highly affordable, so you can adopt the drive style without spending like its going out of style. Number nine Seagate Barracuda fast SSD rated for 540 megabytes per second and 500 megabytes per second. The Seagate Barracuda fast SSD is a mid price portable SSD that doesnt dishonor its name in most of our performance tests. Its results were at the top edge of the mid range. It looks cool too, as felt rectangular slab of black metal with a raised Square in the center beneath which a flash of green may be glimpsed. Like other Seagate drives its pretty Bare Bones in terms of software, but includes that two month, membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud photography plan and the Barracuda fast isnt, the cheapest USB 3.

0 drive out there. If raw space is all youre concerned with, you can do better, but factoring together, the storage, space, speed and visual spark. The Barracuda fast SSD gives you quite a bit for your money. Number eight Samsung, X5 Thunderbolt 3 Portable SSD. If your computer has a thunderbolt 3 port and if money is No Object, the Samsung X5 Thunderbolt 3 Portable SSD is the best external hard drive for you, its rated for stratospheric speeds and it delivered on them in our tests, its larger and heavier than a typical External SSD but sports car stylish with a glossy exterior sloping lines and a fiery red undercarriage. The catches, the Samsung x5s performance was inconsistent, veering between mind blowing and merely above average. If you dont have Thunderbolt 3, you wont see all it can do and yikes is this drive expensive, starting at two hundred dollars for 500 gigabytes and going up to 600 for the two terabytes configuration you can save money on other drives. That will still be darn fast, so the X5 wont be worth it for most people, but theres, no, better choice if you want the bleeding edge and are willing to pay for it, number seven SanDisk Extreme Pro portable SSD, no matter what you want from the best External hard drive, the SanDisk Extreme Pro portable SSD delivers it convenient design its small and light enough to fit in your hand, but not get lost in your pocket or bag.

Suave looks its rounded Corners black and red coloration delicately pockmarked front and soft Touchback, give it an appearance and feel that are both Thoroughly Modern and refreshingly classic. Okay, how about speed the USB 3.1 version of the extreme Pro portable SSD is rated for sequential reads of 1050 megabytes per second and in our own performance tests it routinely came out at or near the top of the rankings. The SanDisk secure access application applies. General encryption too, the drive is a shade expensive and the integrated carrying Loop is too big to easily fit on a standard keychain. Otherwise this is an excellent storage device, thats ideal for heavy everyday use. Since we tested the extreme Pro portable, SSD SanDisk has released a second version that integrates USB 3. two to get speeds of up to two zero zero zero Mbps, but looks exactly the same as its predecessor. The newer version costs twice as much, but if Superfast reads are your game then go for it? Number six g technology armor ATD designed to be rugged. The g technology armor ATD portable hard drive boasts three tier shock: resistance with internal shock, mounts and aluminum enclosure and a removable rubber bumper for additional drop protection. Its also resistant terrain, dust and crushing the two terabytes and four terabytes models are both sized to be easily portable and include a USB type, a adapter for use with their USB type c interface. So they should work with nearly every computer.

We tested the two terabytes and four terabytes capacities. Neither was notably fast and the drive comes with no file management, software, but factor in the price, and one of these drives could be a reasonable choice if you and your data into unpredictable territory, number five Lacy rugged. Two terabytes, when you think about what external hard drives are actually used for then suddenly durability becomes essential while it might look like a doggy chew toy the Lacy rugged portable HDD is as tough as they come and even has a rubber cover around the edges to Dampen the shock from any impacts do not try this at home, but you can drop this thing from a fair height and itll stay perfectly intact. The speeds it operates at are respectable if, on the lower end of the scale hitting about 110 megabytes s in read and write tests, you can pick up the Lacy relatively cheap too, although you are paying a little more for durability. So youre, looking at about 110 to 120 dollars for a two terabytes model and one hundred dollars for a one terabyte wed recommend the two terabytes purely because this will last you so long. Itll store your files for years. If youre someone who is a little careless with how they pack their bag or you genuinely take your PC files on more extreme outings, then this is the external HDD for you. It comes in all kinds of variations to suit all connection types, including USB 3.

, 0 mini USB USB type c and multi input versions. Number four Samsung, T5 SSD Samsungs external drives have generally been for the power user, who wants it all speed capacity and portability, but who is willing to pay a premium for it? Samsungs portable SSD T5 is one of the slickest solutions out there and now its got a slightly more reasonable price tag. The Samsung T5 is still faster than any USB flash drive available. It has the capacity of a hard drive and you can carry it inconspicuously in your pocket. This spunky little Drive shares the same DNA as Samsungs 860vo SSD. Just in a smaller package. It has a USB 3.1 type c connector, giving a maximum theoretical throughput of 10 gigabits per second, we pitted it against a 512 gigabyte Samsung sm 951 nvme SSD connected over gigabit Ethernet. The T5 ran the table in all eight Crystal dismark benchmarks and proved significantly faster in reading and writing game files and large files. Speed doesnt come at the expense of storage space while its easy to bump into the storage ceiling of a 32 gigabytes, 64 gigabytes or even a 128 gigabytes. Usb flash drive youll find theres much more breathing room when dealing with terabytes of space, which is what the T5 offers, whereas the first generation T1 topped out at one terabyte Samsung, was able to double the maximum capacity of the T5 to 2 terabytes. A result of upgrading from 32 to 48 stacked layers of v nand flash memory cells for a denser configuration number three: a DOTA C 801 terabyte nvme inside yep, TLC nand memory, affirmative IP rating for increased robustness, including waterproofing check, all find attractive price, confirmed the adata C800, Ultra fast one terabyte really does have quite a bit going for it.

It starts with that nvme SSD bridge to a USB interface, in this case its a 10 gigabits per second USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface, rather than a 20 gigabits per second USB 3.2 gen. 2X2 connection, but this drive is still claimed to be good for one gigabyte s, data transfers in both directions, lest you have forgotten thats around twice as fast as any satabase drives, including internal ssds, connected natively via SATA. That makes it unique among these ssds and whats. More given the competitive pricing youre getting that IP rating effectively for free performance wise in testing, the adata delivers in the headline one gigabyte s spec for sequential transfers, while notching up 4K random, throughput thats comparable to the competition at 21; megabytes s for reads and 40 Megabytes s for rights. The only slight in the se800s armor is that sustained performance drops down to around 260 megabytes s after around 15 gigabytes of internal drive traffic thats a little off the pace of some alternatives, but its not enough to spoil an otherwise highly appealing package. Number two: Seagate expansion desktop Drive 8 terabytes. If you need to go big when you leave home seagates 8 terabytes expansion Drive is the way to go its, not exactly the best external hard drive. You dont get the best speeds when youre transferring files, although theyre not too far behind the WD My Passport, what you get is masses of space and a very reliable Drive, while theres no real point in getting a Seagate with less than the maximum capacity.

Its speeds are quickly eclipsed by other drives. The eight terabytes version strikes a nice balance between capacity and efficiency. It hits around 150 megabytes s during both read and write tests, which is about mid range for hdds, but in terms of price. You can get this drive for around 130 dollars or even go up to 10 terabytes if youre feeling particularly storage, hungry, thats way better than youll, find on ssds and actually beats most internal hdds. If you start comparing them its USB 3.0 compatible too so youve got a drive thatll plug into most PCS and laptops. In fact, if youre a regular laptop user, this is super handy for extending the pitiful storage you find in most machines. Just as a word of warning, though, this does require external power and comes with its own power unit, so its slightly less portable than other drives number one WD, My Passport 4 terabytes. We like WDS my passport its not as compact or as fast as Samsungs T5, and it cant withstand an armageddon like Lacy strem key can, but at up to four terabytes for 100, it offers copious storage space at a good value. We also like that Western Digital fares, well, each time cloud, backup, provider, backblaze releases, a hard drive, reliability report. The four terabytes model is Compact and weighs just 250g. You probably wouldnt want to try and jam one into a shirt pocket, but theyre almost as portable as a smartphone, just a little chunkier.

The one terabyte passport is slightly thinner and weighs 170g. If you dont need as much space, it is undoubtedly the minivan of external hard drives. No external power supply is needed to use wds drive just plug in the USB cable and start backing up your files. You can also install wds backup software to automate the process.