Let’S get started with the list starting off our list at number 10, while its satellite speakers have been a favorite budget option for quite a while. The creative pebble plus 2.1 set includes a downward firing. Subwoofer all are powered via usb, so wiring is kept to a minimum and they’re as good looking as they are sounding they come with a high gain mode that increases their output and drivers angled at 45 degrees. However, the controls are not very versatile at number 9 designed with gamers in mind the logitech g560 light sync offers an impressive 240 watts of peak power and a game related lighting and effect show, which should seriously enhance the atmospherics as you play. It comes with a downward firing, subwoofer in a sleek and minimalist design, but there’s no volume control on the subwoofer coming in at number. Eight in our list, the edifier r2000 db, sporter cherrywood cabinet that are also available in piano black. If you prefer, they work with phones and pcs via auxiliary cable, rca, jacks or bluetooth, and come with a remote control for adjusting the volume and switching inputs. These can connect to two devices at the same time and provide impressive base for their size. However, the controls are a bit hard to access. Our newest choices can only be seen at wiki.easyvid.com, go there now and search for computer speakers or simply click beneath this video at number, seven available in white, black and bamboo finishes.

The audio engine a5 plus are ideal for medium to large rooms. The built in 24 bit dac helps to create a better listening experience than many pcs on board. Sound controllers can muster they boast, lossless aptx bluetooth streaming and are backed by a three year warranty, but they are relatively expensive. Moving up our list to number six, if you want a filler room with sound, the logitech z623 are a good way to do it. Without spending a ton of money, they can accommodate up to three devices using mini plug rca and optical connectors, and have a 200 watt rms rating. These are officially thx certified with a separate base. Control knob. However, the subwoofer cable is a little short halfway up. Our list at number, five, with multiple input options, including bluetooth. You should have no trouble connecting the mackie cr3 to any computer or audio source. They have a wide 80 hertz to 20 kilohertz frequency range, which makes them great for hearing all but the lowest details. They feature studio, quality, sound and a front mounted stereo jack, but the build quality is not the best at number. Four continuing their successful y series of desktop speakers. The kanto yu6 do their reputation proud. They come in a choice of glossy and natural finishes, while behind the scenes they feature bluetooth with lossless qualcomm aptx technology for high quality, streaming, they’re equipped with kevlar drivers and silk tweeters a built in phono preamp and a handy remote control nearing the top of our List at number three, the audio engine a1 may be small but they’re, packed with features they’re impressive, sounding with aramid fiber woofers and silk, dome tweeters, offering 60 watts of peak power, and there are bluetooth, 5.

0 and wired connectivity options to choose from these boast. A wireless range of 100 feet: a subwoofer output, port and attractive handcrafted cabinets. Our newest choices can only be seen at wiki.easyvid.com, go there now and search for computer speakers or simply click beneath this video at number. Two, if you’re looking for, surround sound, it would be hard to top the logitech z906, especially considering their reasonable price. Their 5.1 channel configuration makes for a highly cinematic experience and they should last a long time. They feature a 500 watt, rms rating, easy to use controls and a range of input options and coming in at number one on our list. If you want big sound from a moderately sized package, the bluetooth aptx enabled audio engine hd3 are a good choice. They produce clear audio across the entire spectrum and are available in four attractive finishes to suit your personal style and decal. They come with a built in usb dac an external subwoofer output and hand finished wood enclosures. Our newest choices can only be seen at wiki.ezvid.com.