I picked this up from best buy for 1700 bucks a month ago. This is the model with the radeon rx, 6700s graphics, so well be putting those through their paces in a few games and then giving you my overall impressions about the build quality, sound performance battery life heat, which is a factor on this, and you know just my General thoughts in the end about whether you should buy it or not so without any further ado lets dive in the chassis of the g14 is a delight to handle one of the things that has always made the g14 special. Is that its part of that elite of windows, laptops that are actually mac like in terms of rigidity and feeling solid? I know youre supposed to use two hands when youre picking up a laptop, but this is one of those machines that lets you feel like you. Can get away with throwing it around one handed forever the white finish and metal accents look great, and while it can look horribly dirty if grubby little hands find their ways to it, i find that it does a great job of hiding a lot of the day To day to day, prime the day to day grime that i see on darker colored machines, the g14 has good. I o for 14 inch laptop. We get two usb a ports, two type c ports, the right one being connected to the dedicated graphics and the left, offering power delivery and possibly usb 4 support in the future.

If rumors are to be believed, theres also hdmi, the headphone jack barrel connector and a micro sd card reader, which is a cool addition for 2022 ethernet, would be nice, but usb ethernet adapters are cheap and work great. My only real complaint about the ports, which is more of an annoyance, is that i still find the layout to be a little bit. Awkward theyre really easy to access, i suppose, but the g14 does not give off a tidy vibe at all. When you have a lot of stuff plugged into it, unlike other laptops or either toward the back or even at the back, which can look really neat, even when you have things plugged in moving inside the g14 or opening it up, we get one of the stars Of the show for 2022, the gorgeous 1600p 16×10 500 nit screen. This is the best laptop screen ive ever used, which i guess is a little more about me than the laptop to an extent and its. In fact, the best screen that i own on any device in my house, except for my iphone 13 pro max, which is obviously a much smaller screen, the colors, are vivid yet realistic and the images are beautifully balanced. The 16 by 10 aspect ratio, which is new. This year provides a nice boost to vertical real estate. That feels especially welcome in windows 11, where the taskbar at the bottom has grown a little bit and theres no way to shrink it.

The screen does require a little bit of work. I found to look its best, however. Asuss armory crate application has a feature called game visual which attempts to optimize the display for gaming. I guess thats what it does its what it seems to do. Unfortunately, i found that the game visual feature caused sort of a red or magenta tint to appear on the display. I could actually see when the computer was booting up when the game visual service would load that it would go from looking really good to having the slight magenta tint, which was really annoying since theres, no way to actually disable the game. Visual feature in armory crate. I eventually figured out you can just delete the game. Visual folder from the armory create folder and program files, which normally isnt a place. You want to go deleting things and that will just prevent it from loading and allow the screen to look its very best, which is really really good. As i said so. It seems odd that this issue occurs at all, but it has happened through multiple windows installations. For me, so hopefully this is something that asus can figure out in the future. All right moving above the screen is another new feature for 2022. The webcam, the camera itself is only mac quality, as you can see, but the windows, hello, login functionality is fantastic. This is one of my favorite features for laptops, as facial recognition feels perfect for form factor where you open up a screen to face you when you want to use it.

The facial recognition on the g14 works better than others ive used in the past. Doing a good, but still not completely perfect job of accommodating wildly different lighting conditions, like you know, lamps versus natural light and overhead light Music. So now moving below the screen, we have the speakers that have moved up from their old spot on the palm rest to sit now above the keyboard to my ears. They sound about the same as the speakers on the 2021 model and thats not really a bad thing, as these are really good window speakers, they offer solid base for a laptop with loud, mids and highs. Although ive noticed they can get a little bit harsh at times, one thing i will mention is that i have done a clean installation of windows on this, and one thing i couldnt get working is the dolby settings, so i may be missing out a little bit On the audio, the speakers still sound good but, like i said, very similar to 2021. Although some people mentioned the muffling situation that thats better since theyre now moved away from the palms continuing our move down is the rgb backlit keyboard. This keyboard is an absolute joy to type on offering deep travel and soft yet responsive feedback. I only have two nips to pick here: one id like to see a dedicated print screen button instead of the shortcut to the snipping tool in windows. You know its just like yeah, just give me regular print screen and set it to a specific windows application like are you kidding me with that? I dont really get that like, even if it still requires a function anyway.

The second one is that the rgb backlighting is kind of a joke, as you can see very little light actually makes it through the cutouts on the keys, where you have the keyboard light on when you have the keyboard light on, in fact, from a normal viewing Angle, when youre, just using the laptop, the really generous travel that feels so great when youre typing means that far more rgb goodness is going to escape from under the keys than through the keys. Fortunately, the keys actually do catch a lot of light from the screen. So theyre still pretty easy to read even in dark environments that makes the ineffective backlighting more comical than a huge issue, its basically just decorative. At this point, the rgb backlighting. With all of that complaining out of the way, i do want to come back around to the fact that this is a really great keyboard, ive mentioned in the past, that i love think pad keyboards and in terms of how cushy and how much travel. This is. This feels like a really good thing pad keyboard and a lot of the best ways i just wish. There was a the print screen button thats that i dont know. It annoys me irrationally all right. Moving on from my irrational annoyance and continuing to move down on the the laptop is the trackpad, which is also great just like the keyboard, its huge, my fingers easily glide across it. You know like theyre, doing the ice capades and it doesnt rattle when youre tapping on it.

It is slightly deeper set on the left side than the right, which is hard to show on camera, but its one of those weird. You know quality control, things that might bug some of the more obsessive of you. The only other minor critique i have of the track pad is that it does require noticeably more force to click when youre up at the top of the trackpad than down at the bottom, but thats. You know completely normal on windows laptops, so not a big deal at all. This is very much a grade, a track pad that you will enjoy using so now, im going to talk about thermals and battery life a bit before getting into gaming performance. These are probably the two toughest parts of the review to write, because i feel like theres some driver issues at play for everything thats coming up, which is going to get a little bit negative. Probably battery life and thermals for light use are hit and miss a lot of times ill get in the 8 to 10 hour range of battery life for light use depending on screen brightness. Well its not the 12 hours ive seen reported. I can still consider that to be pretty good and the g14 is only getting a little bit warm during those sessions while staying almost entirely silent unless im like installing something or doing something unusually taxing. Unfortunately, much of the time the g14s mr hyde comes out to play, causing the g14 to get inexplicably hot and drain the battery in only four to five hours.

Instead of eight to ten, i can usually feel the heat and fix this issue pretty quickly with a reboot ive. Had this happen with all manner of power, saving options enabled, in fact it seems to happen almost every time ive tried putting the laptop into igpu only mode where i would be completely disabling the dedicated graphics, which is inexplicable to me, but every time i do it, I can feel it start to get really hot and see the batteries start to drain, because of that and the fact that rebooting always fixes this issue. It makes me think that this is a software firmware or a driver issue of some sort. So i do have hope that amg and asus can get this figured out with a future update, but ive been using it for a month, as i said, and i havent gotten this figured out yet so its definitely worth mentioning the unpredictable heat continues when you plug In the laptop when the g14 is behaving well, as i mentioned on battery its capable of an impressive amount of silence for a gaming laptop, in fact, im recording this entire voiceover with this in a digital audio app on the g14 and its been totally silent plugged. In the whole time, unfortunately, even slightly more bursty loads like web browsing, unfortunately will gradually build up heat, causing the fans to eventually start to kick in and, as the heat builds up in that chassis, theyll have to kick in more and more often running for longer Periods of time, i should also remind you one more time that its not unusual that ill have to reboot in order to achieve these best case scenarios as the same sporadic power draws that i mentioned on battery do affect the g14 while plugged in all right, since Were plugged in its a good time to talk about gaming performance for this video, i thought the best way that i could evaluate the 6700s in the g14 was to put it up against an rtx 3060 in the legion slim 7.

I have from 2021.. I wish i had a 3060 g14 for more apples to apples test, but coming in at only 4.1 pounds. I think the legion slim 7 is a pretty reasonable competitor to the g14 here and its a year. Older also im going to mention im going to be testing at 1440p, because i have a 1440p 165 hertz monitor so thats. What i play with and so yeah thats. What im testing with i know that these are probably better suited for 1080p, but hey. The g14 comes with a 1600p display, so i dont think its unfair to see what these things can do at 1440p and then, finally, for all these tests im going to be using the g14 in turbo mode and the legion in its equivalent mode, which i think Is called performance or something like that so without any further ado lets dive into the gaming tests forza horizon first, since this is one of my favorite games to relax to, i ended up not using the built in benchmark, as i didnt find it reflective of real World gameplay this was tested on a two minute run at 1440p, using the high preset, and this game is unfortunately, not a great start for the 6700s in the g14. As we see, the 3060 come out with a 12.5 faster average frame rate and a stunning 48 higher one percent low figure. These one percent lows are actually better than i expected in forza horizon 5.

, as this game has unfortunately been a very stuttery experience for me on the g14 and really one of my biggest disappointments with this laptop. I will note, as a you know, parting piece of optimism for forza horizon 5, that i had similar stuttering around the launch time of this game last november on my desktop rx 6600 xt graphics card also an amd gpu. So i am pretty optimistic that this stuttering is caused by a driver issue and is something that amd can fix. But, as i mentioned with the power stuff earlier, it hasnt been fixed. Yet so here we are moving on. I decided to take a look at red, dead redemption 2 next, a game that will really push these gpus to hit 60 fps at 1440p. I do have dlss off on the 3060, so i was expecting a really strong showing for the 6700s here, but unfortunately, its another lackluster, showing, as you can see ill note, that the actual gameplay experience felt far more similar than between these two systems than with forza Horizon 5., as you can see, they have an identical 1 low, but that 13 average higher frame rate is nothing to sneeze at all. Right so to round out the gaming section, ive decided to take my own little trip down rts memory, lane or rts corner, because these are pretty recent re releases and look at three different generations of age of empires games. I also thought it would be interesting to see if older game engines behave differently on these cards.

Of course, im starting with a brand new game age of empires 4.. Both of these laptops can average over 60 fps at 1440p high in age of empires 4, though, as you see once again, the 30 60 does come away with an eight percent advantage and a 10 advantage in the one percent low frame rates scoring yet another victory. In this you know gaming, section of the review moving back in the series. One massively remastered game were now going to look at age of empire. Speed, definitive edition were once again at 1440p high settings, and here we see what is by far the worst performance. Yet from the g14 and 6700 s with the 3060 coming in at 35, faster for average frame rates and a shocking 164 percent higher one percent lows, the g14 does still average over 60 fps, but the legion slim 7 is pulling into noticeable and serious high refresh Rate territory here, which i think is particularly noticeable in strategy games its one of the reasons i i have gotten excited about high refresh rate is that rts games look really great at higher refresh rates, okay and so finally, wrapping up the benchmarks. We are going to look at the second remaster of the game that followed the game that started them all in this series: age of empires, 2 definitive edition. Unfortunately, i was a bit of a nitwit in capping the fps here at 165, which means that were basically tied in the fps earned the average frames per.

Second, though, the g14 did technically score its only victory here, averaging one fps higher at 165 versus 164 and then also averaging six fps lower on the one percent lows. I probably should have rerun this benchmark with the fps uncapped to see what that would do, but i figure well just go ahead and leave it as it is and let the g14 get out with this one victory. So where do we stand after all of that? The g14 has phenomenal build quality, a great keyboard and a trackpad, flanked by a very nice selection of ports. It also has flaky power and heat management, but then again it also has lightning fast, facial recognition, camera and darn good speakers and a beautiful 120 hertz 16 by 10 screen. Unfortunately, that screen is driven by what is fairly disappointing gaming performance, ultimately, for the 2022 g14. My experience has been that if you weigh out all the pros and cons theres a lot of weight on each side, this is a really new device built around a new gpu and cpu, so its pretty reasonable to think that driver and firmware updates can make it A much better daily driver in the future, but thats a bit of a gamble which raises the question of whether you want to gamble on a machine that has a 1700 starting price tag. As for me, im, not sure if ill be hanging on to the g14.