20 Minecraft Legends as well as the things I look forward to seeing. So hopefully you guys are really excited for Minecraft. Live as well as the future for Minecraft, I know Ive been talking about this event, a lot lately, but its the biggest event of the year. It only happens once a year, so its a very special time to just be a part of this community, and I really want my community to feel excited and happy to be a part of something this awesome. So, as always, I want to say thank you guys for the support. It really means a lot to me when you leave a like. It really helps the channel as well. If youre new, please consider subscribing so lets waste no more time and lets talk about the simple things: the things that I just cant wait to see: thats not even related to 1.20 Jens. He is this by definition, the goat. He has been working on Minecraft since the very beginning with Notch. So I think just a lot of the community not only recognizes him but respects him and appreciates everything that hes done to contribute to what we have now. So were not really sure what hes going to talk about in this years event. You know in the past, hes talked about board games. Hes talked about the mobs for the mob vote, which was really cool. Hes presented the mob vote winner and, of course, hes also presented the next update multiple times so Im not sure what hes going to be doing this year.

But more than likely, we will see him for a couple minutes during Minecraft live so thatll just be fantastic. As well as lady, Agnes whos also loved and respected, and everybody just appreciates the energy she brings to Minecraft shes like a ball of sunshine and its very contagious as well. So I look forward to seeing her during my Minecraft live and more than likely she will be presenting the next major update. I think she has the past like five years straight, so she will be involved in the announcement in some shape or form so thatll just be a really great time as well. Lady, Agnes and Jens and lets not forget the trailers for the vote. Im expecting little yens and little lady Agnes, which will be a great time. She also announced last month during Minecraft now that theyve made some serious changes to the format of Minecraft live, how their goal is to Showcase features that are more polished and more finalized things that are more likely to come to the game. So I think she took a lot of the criticism from last years. Minecraft live and they did something with it. They acknowledged our concerns. They acknowledged our frustrations and this years, Minecraft live, will more than likely have very little concept art if at all any which dont get me wrong. I still love to see concept art just not during Minecraft live. I think this should be a presentation for whats to come and they should leave the concept art for videos and that way its just not as confusing.

It leaves less room for interpretation. More of us will understand what exactly it is were getting and I think thatll just be better for everybody, including the developers. So lets talk about 1.20 and if you guys didnt catch. My video yesterday, I talked about the announced features on feedback and I have a feeling that 1.20 will include one of the losing biomes, so possibly the Savannah the desert, the Badlands and the features that are affiliated with those trailers. And then we got the theme like what type of theme are we getting this year last year? It was the Wild update the year before that it was the caves and cliffs the year before that it was the nether. We can keep going back back. Theres always a theme for the update. I wouldnt be surprised if its something related to archeology and its probably going to be a lot bigger than the small little trailer that we saw a couple years back so Id be interested to see the changes and improvements made to archeology, and especially now that we Have the large caves it would just be really cool to have, as well as the copper Golem thats, something we could see in an archeology update. We could also see the combat system 2.0 weve known for quite some time that yens has always been planning on redoing. The entire combat system, something thats, probably friendlier and more polished and balanced for bedrock and Java players – that is just something more refined and more up to date.

That might also include new weapons, new enchantments, new armors, as well as possibly a new leveling system. At this point in time, with Minecraft being as old as it is, I think its time Mojang really considers doing something new and fresh with the combat mechanics and pushing Minecraft forward in the right direction, and especially now that theyve had Minecraft dungeons for over two years. Now and all the weapons and all of the abilities you have in that game, they should be taking advantage of Minecraft dungeons and trying to implement as much of that game into Minecraft at its core. It is a combat game, so I think its time we see a lot of that in Minecraft. Next up we have the end update, which, in my opinion, could be the best update of all time, because if you go to the end right now, you will see pretty much a blank canvas, its essentially the abyss. It is the emptiness of the galaxy in space. So theres really no content. We can obviously think of some things that are there, but its not enough to want to encourage players to stay there or explore. Of course, we got the end city with the shulkers, the course fruit, the Alicia wings and some other small cool, interesting features, but thats. Basically, all this Dimension has to offer is emptiness with the possibility, slight possibility of Loot and treasure. That is all the content we get from this Dimension and Mojang realizes it its basically the nether before the nether update so theres, so many cool Concepts and ideas and Endless Possibilities when it comes to the end update.

So I think its more of when not if were gon na get this update, could it be 1.20 or will they wait another year Mojang has made it very clear that they plan on updating all of the current Dimensions before introducing another new dimension, which I think Is something we will get eventually as well, especially after the introduction of the ancient city and the warden, which I absolutely love those features now? The concerns I have are mostly related to Minecraft Legends. It looks like a fantastic game and I think its gon na be a lot of fun. I honestly feel like Mojang Microsoft, theyre, trying to replicate the success of Minecraft theyre, trying to find the next Golden Egg. They want to have another major hit, thats equal, if not more successful than Minecraft, and I feel like right now. Yes, this game looks incredible and its way too soon to even say, if its going to be, you know a success if its gon na be a big hit on YouTube and just with the community. But right now I feel like its going down the same path as Minecraft dungeons, which makes me slightly concerned, because I want this game to succeed. I want people to enjoy it and play it, and I think one of the problems with Minecraft dungeons. Why its not that successful, at least on YouTube tube, and why I feel like a lot of people will never truly get into Minecraft.

Dungeons is because it feels like its own separate thing, and I think, at the end of the day, people want everything to tie in. They want it to feel like one big Minecraft Universe and with Minecraft dungeons theyve made something so special and so unique, especially when it comes to weapons and classes and being able to have your own unique style. Depending on your build, depending on what you have currently and then you can switch it up and have something completely different. Unfortunately, all of those things are just attached to Minecraft dungeons theres. So many things working for that game, but Mojang has still not implemented any of those ideas or concepts into Minecraft. Besides the Pillager and Im sure some other things related to the illager story, but we havent seen anything else. None of the enchantments none of the weapons, none of the hats, none of the combat mechanics, pretty much. None of the story is related to Minecraft, so theyre building this expansive Universe in a separate game, but none of it ties in – and I think one of my fears is that were gon na see the same thing with Minecraft Legends theyre gon na build some of These amazing worlds full of awesome ideas and features and things that just will be independent from Minecraft theyre not going to tie in theyre not going to connect it and thats, really a missed opportunity. If we never see any of those mobs or any of those ideas, make its way to Minecraft its a great opportunity to not only expand the universe of Minecraft but to connect it all together and encourage players to play.

Other games that are in that universe and understand more of the story that connects those mobs or those features together, and why its in the game and right now we dont have that we dont have anything that incentivizes us to go play another Minecraft game. We just have these independent, smaller Minecraft games that doesnt seem to build the same hype and energy as Minecraft. So if I were to give Mojang any advice at all and theyre – probably never gon na see this video, it would be to start implementing some of those ideas into every single update but thats, a relatively small concern. At the end of the day, I am so excited for the future. I cannot wait for not only Minecraft live, but for Minecraft Legends and the Minecraft movie, which I imagine will get a lot more information during next months event. So speculate down below. What would you like to see for the next year of Minecraft and, as always, make sure you click that notification Bell sign? Thank you guys again for watching and Ill see you all in the next video so take care Music.