Three new machines well sort of machines, uh, the Mac Mini, was updated to M2 and M2 Pro well. They also kind of mentioned that the M2 Pro and the M2 Max chips are out no big deal. The MacBook Pros have been updated, both the 14 and the 16 inch to M2 Pro and M2 Max. In my opinion, these are all just slightly better incremental changes. If you didnt have a MacBook Pro or a Mac Mini before, yes, these are great, especially because they havent changed the price. The Mac Mini that magma mini is a good price Im telling you check it out. You can choose now between the M2 and the M2. Pro chips inside your Mac Mini, of course the prices are vastly different. In fact, if you take that M2 Pro Mag mini with 10 core CPU and 16 core GPU thats, a very nice machine, you can upgrade that to 19 core GPU by the way for an extra 300 bones, 32 gigs of RAM. Now, unfortunately, it still doesnt go up to 64 or 96, like you can get in the MacBook Pro. I think thats, probably a limit uh self imposed by Apple to keep things kind of separated. They have the Mac Studio. If you want more RAM, the mag mini is a powerful machine, but wait you can have that Ram because weve got the Mac Studio to sell you so thats. What I think its all about. However, if you pick out and Max this thing out to 8 terabytes youre in Mac, Studio M1 Ultra territory, right now, at 4, 400 bucks – I ordered one of these uh, the small one for 5.

99, which I think is an amazing deal. Yes, it has only eight gigabytes of memory and yes, if you were to actually get one and if I were to actually get one for myself, I would at least upgrade it to 16 and Id recommend. You actually get one terabyte, and that brings you to 1200 bucks, which is still pretty good now whats. Also new here is the 10 gigabyte ethernet gigabit Ethernet, so you can pay 100 extra bucks get that speed. If you really need it, and if you order that right now January 26th is when its gon na arrive here and I live in the Washington DC area – keep an eye for that. If you do any kind of customizations its going to be a little bit longer. But not too long, the latest scene was February 3rd and thats. If you pick that MacBook Pro and a 16 inch variety with the M2 Max chip in it Im just showing you basically what I did and what I ordered. So I got that one. I went with 64 gigs of RAM because thats a direct replacement for my M1 Max MacBook Pro and two terabytes of storage. When you order that its 4 299 dollars, forty three hundred dollars, doesnt roll off the tongue very easily its expensive heres, what Im trying to say, doesnt, roll off the tongue or out of the wallet very easily, but that comes in at uh February. Third delivery time and thats the latest Ive seen.

I wonder if you customize your machine whats, the latest date you see in the region where you are at, is this even available in your region? Let me know in the comments down below, of course, theres the 13 inch theyre still selling that with the M2 Chip dont buy that 14 inches a pretty good deal for those that dont require that large screen. But I do like the 16 inch screen gotten used to it, its not that big dont make that joke anyway way um. What was I saying all these are incremental updates slightly better than the previous generation. How much better well lets take a look at this. This is their 18 minute announcement drop instead of a keynote and an event. They decided. Hey well just release a video, probably because they have something else coming at the end of January, but this is not a rumored channel, so Im not even going to talk about that M2 theyre, comparing it probably to the M1 weve, got 18 faster, CPU, faster GPU By 35 40 faster neural engine up to 24 gigabytes of RAM. So we already know this because well, the m2s came out in 2022 with the MacBook Air and the uh aforementioned 13 inch MacBook Pro with the M2 Chip lets, take a look at the specs of the new M2 Pro alright. So here weve got a 19 core GPU. It goes up to 38 cores in the maxed out version of the M2 Max heres that fancy schmancy sheet that they show infographic.

I should say: weve got a 12 core CPU two more cores. These are deficiency. Cores 19 core GPU were still on the 5 nanometer technology, but its G2. The second generation of five nanometers, is that better, I dont know only Apple knows these things. Folks, dont, listen to the rumors heck. The way things are going right now – maybe Apple doesnt, even know when that stuff is coming, theyre moving factories from country to Country for software Engineers most of us. This is all Overkill. We dont need this stuff come on folks. Now there are caveats to that. If youre doing any kind of game development with unity or blender, rendering uh video editing, a lot of us are getting into content creation. This stuff doesnt matter for us, so it does improve. The workflows does improve our efficiency and speed, but for most software developers an M1 MacBook Air is just fine Im getting off on a tangent lets continue. Forty percent faster noodle engine Im gon na have to test that out here on the channel so subscribe. If youre not already lets keep going here so both of those chips, the M2 and the M2 Pro are now going to be in the Mac Mini, which I think is a really incredible, buy still its the best value machine out there. Of course, you got ta. Add keyboard mouse and monitor yourself, but you probably already have one now here is the M2 look, how tiny it is and cute the M2 Max is three times bigger and its quite a bit bigger than the M1 Max.

Now, what is really nice is the 400 gigabyte per second memory bandwidth, since both the memory and the CPU and the GPU all live on the same SOC. Now they can get those really fast speeds between memory, the GPU and the CPU, which is what makes all this so great. This is what makes Apple silicon so much faster than the competition, its also the arm based architecture. So dont kill me in the comments folks. I know watch the rest of this uh Apple announcement, its on Apples, YouTube channel 18 minutes long Im, just trying to cut to the chase here – whats important here for us. Well, they claim that the compilation time in xcode is going to be 25 faster on these M2 Pro chips than the M1. Pro chips were going to test that 2.5 times faster than the core I9 chips and heres. The M2 Max infographic 96 gigabytes of ddr5 RAM 20 faster CPU 30, faster GPU, a 16 core neural engine. They dont mention build times in xcode here for some reason. For the M2 Max, which is Ill, be testing that out make sure you subscribe and, of course, theres some other General updates here weve got a longer battery life 22 hours. Does that mean they increase the battery size or they increase the efficiency? I carry my M1 Max MacBook Pro round everywhere and never bring my charger with me. I never run out of battery. This is 21 hours that ones 22.

. I dont see that extra hour really helping me if I use my MacBook for 21 hours and I still dont have a charger. I dont know maybe itll save my life, who knows HDMI 2.1 its not in this infographic, but its supposed to have HDMI 2.1. The new standard for HDMI, you can drive four 4K monitors out of this thing, which is incredible. Thats a lot of throughput and Wi Fi 6E is on this new one: hey faster Wi, Fi, thats, great Id say.