5mm Headphone Jack 50MPf1.88 Wide camera 8MPf2.2 Ultra wide 2MP f2.4. Marco Lets see whats inside. Sim Card tool Lets power it on Fingerprint, unlocking is very fast Download Games Fast Charging Entering Game Space. Different settings Can adjust back line. Color Hello, Mora AR Mora camera Night mode. You can turn off caller notifications with Anti disturbance. Setting True Full AMOLED Display no pin hole or notch. Can you find? Where is the front? Camera Feels so good gaming on this phone? No more pin hole RED MAGIC, Cube Performance Optimizer Looks great Its like watching a movie. Under display camera full screen gaming. I did not notice any lags even under heavy battle. Scenes Lets unbox Void version. The accessories inside are the same Transparent shell Same lens as the Matte version. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Power up effects is very different. From Matte RGB Fan light ICE 11 Multi Dimensional Cooling System. You can adjust the shoulder trigger With the built in fan. The phone keeps relatively cool all day. Brightness and volume can be adjusted using the dashboard, long lasting battery life. Let Mora play games with me.