We are going to be making a review of the sense lab pen, tablet, medium bundle and to test it im going to be making this painting, but first things. First, what comes in the box Music as soon as you open it? They receive you with the thank you note. Thats, always a nice touch in the back. Some really easy and fast instructions then comes the tablet, which is completely black, and i love this kind of minimalistic style and products. After that, we find this little box looking thing, which was the first surprise. For me, this is the first time i see a case where you can put everything and not have your stuff missing or forgetting by accident. If you work outside, it comes with an usb adapter Music, the bluetooth transmitter Music, the ring to get the nibs out from your pants and, as you can see, two pants. Yes, two pens, one is thicker and has three buttons: Music and the other one is thin. With just two buttons and lastly, we have the nibs and to have them available when you need them. This blew my mind. I can leave one pen at home and take the other one out or leave it in the bag. With the case then theres a remote with a quick kiss, which has a small screen that already got me super excited and wanted to test it out as soon as possible. In this small box, you find the cables Music, a glove im, not a huge fan of using gloves, but i know some people is Music Music, then theres, the guarantee and another cable that i immediately assume is for the quick case, controller which, which is also bluetooth, But you do have to charge it and a sticker.

Yes, first time, im giving a sticker and a box of a product, other brands should take notice of that now, something that i almost missed by accident, because i didnt see it before in the box. Is this its come with this pretty sweet looking bag? You can carry the thing without damaging it. Thats impressive. I never seen any other brand giveaway uh bag with the product, so you can carry around. This looks maybe too good to be true. Is this people sweet talking to me here lets find out as soon as i plugged it in this thing got me excited. I can pretty much program all the keys that i want and it will tell you on the screen. Whatever you write as a name for the buttons, also, you can change between the presets and you will know which preset is because of the colors on the controller. Of course, you can configure both pens, the thin and the thick with different pressures, exactly what you want and the most important setting ever the tablet adapting to the size of the screen, so the proportions of what youre drawing is actually what youre drawing something really really Important is that you can program sequences of the keys. For example, i wanted to have a button to create a new layer, but in the keyboard you need to press three keys for that and then press enter well. I program all the keys and then the enter key on the remote now for a new layer.

I just press one button, but only the test of time will say if this is something i can use normally because lets be honest. Habits tends to be really difficult to break if youre a person that multitasks using different software at a time dropping the remote to write something on the keyboard can be too much friction to keep using it. I already tasted some of that, but i do have to say looking at the buttons on the screen, so i know which one i was pressing made me: adapt really really fast way easier. This way the surface of the tablet feels soft and makes zero noise. Personally, i like a little bit of noise when i draw when im drawing but not a big deal, the pen is actually very light both of them and feels great on the grip. If you have used another tablet from different brands, you can really adapt fast, either with a thin pen or the sling one. Oh, something is really fun is that you can actually decide which color of the lights of the tablet to have. That is pretty nice. If you are into customization and want to match it with the colors of your own pc lights or something i did have a little bit of trouble at some point like sometimes the sensitivity of the tip will get stuck at certain points, but it felt more like A drivers problem instead of the hard work, no big deal im, pretty sure that will be fixed now, theres, something you may be asking yourself.

Is this worth it for the price? When i saw how much it cost, i thought makes sense ill. Tell you what ive been using tablet for years like years and today, the quality between all of them is kind of a standard, its hard to find a terrible tablet. These days, if i was going to give this product a package bundle, a competitive advantage is not so much on the tablet itself. The sensitivity and all that is pretty amazing dont, get me wrong, but now getting me to use the quick keys instead of the keyboard. No other brand has achieved that ever and having the case to carry things around and the small bag to protect. It really makes a difference. I usually go to war on a cafe from time to time and thats very important to me. A good thing about the remote using it made me feel more focused since i didnt want to go back and forth, dropping the controller to use the keys. I stayed only on photoshop for long periods of time and being able to program. The keys got me really. Creative with the sequences of buttons, i totally recommend this product and im super impressed by the quality. This is the tablet i will use from now on. I wish them luck and i cant wait to test more products from them. This is the final result of the painting have a nice day guys and if you are interested, there is a link in the description with a special deal for you on getting this product, please like and subscribe.