m. So actually my own exam week, but i thought of making a video like this. Now i am going to use a windows pc for the entire week and if you guys, don’t, know i’m used to using my macbook ever since lenovo sent me there aio3. I have been testing it out major one because in a garment pair, starting today, i’m going to use it for the entire week it’s going to be my only device. I don’t know why my camera has trouble focusing on computers, it’s um huge compared to my laptop. So this is my workspace for now i’m going on partner and please don’t look there. This is the computer itself. This is the entire computer. Now, basically, since it’s, like a io and i’ll, put the specs here and along meeting keyboard needing a mouse and all my other things, are there i’m not going to use those for the entire duration of this challenge? So my own? Actually, i just put chrome because i’m used to using chrome and then discord and then the engine, so actually i haven’t told you guys koningen up lately today is actually the first day of our exam week. Um Music what’s a challenge if it’s not a challenge. So now i’m gon na rest long doubles. Um next example will be 1 pm Music, hello guys i actually just woke up gradually now Music. I look so dark. Music, hey guys, so today is day two of the challenge.

Actually, that was my first example for today. I took it this morning atm and lana. I am so far so good. I just have to have my lunch. Luna let’s, say 1 pm my examination and i will still be using the lenovo pcs Music for today and right now. It’S 2. 30 p.m. Mega. If i can borrow my little sister’s, webcam Music, nothing cool you normal, nothing, sunset, okay, the ring light is so right from this camera. Anyways script go for my video, so this is what it looks like. This is the setup. So this will be my script. Fabulous. The pulmonary disease or copd, which we will be discussing today for the symptoms of copd. This includes breathing difficulty, oh my goodness, so that took me like an hour plus Music um Music. I am Music, hello, everyone so right now, it’s 10, 49, 10, 50 am now and illegal. We just finished our thesis mock defense practice, mary and the man i’m checking something for our event. This coming may 31 by the time you’re watching this video. That was done. Creative zoho so i’m checking the powerpoint and contamination script for the powerpoint. Please, Music, Applause, Music, hey, Music, Music in your your group, you know! So if you group one of the groups – performance, Music, Music, it wasn’t fake – and i couldn’t tell at the time – but i was my own soul – mate it’s like i forgot, i was fine.