Now the application works really nicely on the fire stake on the nvidia shield. You don’t need to use any kind of mouse toggle. No vpn and you can enjoy all of this great content, so do take a moment to hit that like button make sure you hit that subscribe button. So with all of that being said, let’s if you’re new to the channel – and you want to stay up to date with the latest tech tutorials, the latest fire stick android and android tv tips and tricks. Then please do subscribe, hit the notification bell. It’S, a small click from you, but it makes a big difference to me. Thank you. Now. The application in question is called discovery plus, and this was recently updated to add lots more free content to the application. Now, although you can sign up and sign up for a package in this video i’m, just going to show you what you can access absolutely free now, when you start the application for the first time, this is what you see say asks you do you want to Log into the application, or do you want to sign up now? If i click on sign up, it tells me to go to a website and then type in that code. So let’s do that now because, although you can access the application, you won’t be able to watch any of the free content until you sign in so let’s now jump over to my browser.

So i can just go to that link and click on create an account. I can now type in any details here. If i want so let’s go for. First name td, uk let’s enter in a valid email, but you can actually enter in any email that you like, but let’s go for centering some details and we can just confirm here what we can access. Absolutely free, so let’s go down. Let’S enter in this click. On agree and click on, submit and that’s now all done and it’s now asking you for that pairing code, so let’s jump back into my fire stick and the code is five, two one six, four three and click on activate this is now done. Let’S go back to my fire stick and we are straight into that content there so very, very easy to do, and you have to do that once and, as you saw guys new account, it doesn’t require any kind of payment, information, no credit cards or anything like That just a quick email address and password – and you can then go straight into the application so on the homepage, we can see some of the popular content that’s available, uh what’s, currently trending there’s, some of the original stuff in here now. Of course, most of these things are going to require some kind of subscription, although you may see some episodes for free now, the easiest way to find just free only content is, if you go to the left and click on categories, and we can see, there is Actually a dedicated section which says free now, all of the content in here all of the episodes all of the shows are absolutely free and i’m, also not using any kind of vpn.

So this is accessible for everybody. Now, if you are in united states, you may notice that you get lots more free content in here, but for the purpose of this video, let me just show you what i can get without any kind of vpn, so we can see some of the different shows At the top here then go catch up on quest lots of different things in here different episodes different shows, and then we have catch up on really quest red uh. He tv food network and we have some seasons down here as well. For example, here we can see uh the opposite of paradise: let’s click on that click on play; click on yes, and within a couple of seconds we are straight into that content, no adverts, no interruptions, and that is a fantastic hd picture and, as i always say, Uh on these official applications, one of the best things about them is the fact that, because they are official, you won’t see any kind of buffering when accessing this content. Let’S back out of that and lots of different episodes, you have some formula highlights some sports highlights. Other things in here, for example, let’s, go for this one here episode. One click on play; click on yes and again within a couple of seconds: no adverts. We are straight into that content and let’s back out that and the content in here is being constantly refreshed. Constantly added so what you see here today, if i open up this application tomorrow, you probably will see lots more content or lots of different content, and if you are in united states, i’m sure you’ll see more content in here, so yeah guys a pretty easy application.

Doesn’T need any kind of side loading, no mouse, toggle i’m, not using any vpn, although it does require registration, as you saw, it only takes a couple of seconds and you can now enjoy all of this content, absolutely free, so many episodes. So many shows that you can enjoy on all of your devices, so that’s all for this video guys. Many thanks for watching. I know you guys are always looking for more options, more legal streaming options, and i do think this application has some good stuff in there. So if you did find this video useful, then do give it a thumbs up. If you want to see more stuff like this, then please do subscribe and hit the notification bell. As always, i always appreciate your likes.